Stressed Out? Here’s How To Bust Stress In 5 Minutes

Stressed Out? Here’s How To Bust Stress In 5 Minutes

Restorative yoga, spending quality time with friends, proper sleep, and breathing exercises can all keep stress levels down. Unfortunately, Cobra pose isn’t going to counteract stress that stems from missing a flight or realizing you have a leak in your home. The unexpected stress is the worst because it takes time to return to neutral. Is there an effective way to calm stress levels in the moment?

You know the feeling of stress: your heart races, palms sweat, and you begin to feel overwhelmed. It can feel as though the hole your in keeps getting deeper and deeper with no chance of ever climbing out. Lucky for you, there are many ways to effectively manage stress. Many health experts agree that it’s important to acknowledge and utilize coping strategies. The last thing you want is for stress to become chronic, which can take an even bigger toll on your mental and physical health. It’s possible for chronic stress to lead to low energy and headaches, but also more serious conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. 

When stress starts to boil over, you need techniques to beat it quickly. Keep cortisol levels down by employing the following tips, which should help you bust stress in about five minutes. 

Step Outside

According to psychologists, one of the quickest ways to reduce stress is by stepping outside and seeing a little bit of nature. Several studies back this point up as well. A September 2014 study found that people who looked at images of trees reported lower levels of stress. This is because natural environments tend to capture your attention, all the while eliciting feelings of pleasure. There’s a sense of wonderment that you feel when you are in or looking at nature. 

Take A Break From Your Phone

So many people are glued to their devices nowadays. Constantly checking Instagram, email, text messages, and other notifications is very addictive. This addiction can stress you out, which is why it’s necessary to take a break from your phone every now and again. Focus on yourself, close your eyes, and turn your thoughts to something that you are thankful for. Experts say that focusing on gratitude also helps to increase levels of happiness.

Inhale Essential Oils Via A Diffuser

Aromatherapy can greatly benefit mental and emotional health. In times of stress, it’s common for many people to turn to essential oils for relief. People with insomnia, anxiety, and depression benefit from inhaling the scents of essential oils. Popular essential oils that may counteract high stress include bergamot, frankincense, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, orange blossom, and vetiver. A diffuser is the best way to release calming scents into a room. If you do not have one, apply three drops of your chosen essential oil to a cotton ball and breathe it in deeply 10 times. 

Use A Meditation App

Meditation can be a useful tool to help invite peace, calm, and balance into your life. That’s why meditation may help combat stress in a timely fashion. You can meditate wherever you are, but a quiet, serene place tends to be the best choice. Additionally, it can be beneficial to meditate with the aid of an app or video. Most offer guided meditation practices that are excellent for anyone who is new to meditation. A 2019 study monitored college students who used the Calm meditation app. The results indicated that the students who who used the meditation app for eight weeks, 38 minutes per week, reported reduced levels of stress.

Listen To A Relaxing Song

There is a strong connection between listening to music and experiencing relaxation. Emmeline Edwards, Ph.D, Director of the Division of Extramural Research at the National Institutes of Health, said that music therapy helps promote relaxation. Experts say that the auditory cortex is connected with other areas of the brain that connect to the reward system. Additionally, the auditory cortex connects to the centers for motivation and emotion regulation. Some music may help people deal with stress-related disorders like anxiety and mild depression. Next time you experience stress, throw on your favorite relaxing song to see if it helps. 

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