Supercharge Your Mornings With These Fatigue-Fighting Hacks

Supercharge Your Mornings With These Fatigue-Fighting Hacks

Waking up is hard (first world problems, right?), and we’ve all had those mornings when we feel like mindless zombies. No matter what you do to boost your energy, you feel like you are trudging through mud. Rather than over-caffeinating yourself and to ultimately feel jittery and anxious, there are little hacks that give you a natural energy boost. 

Some people are meant for mornings. They thrive when the sun rises and it’s almost like they can do ten productive things before noon. Well, you too can be that person who doesn’t feel a single ounce of fatigue in the morning. How can you do that, you ask? When you use the following fatigue-fighting hacks, you’ll feel supercharged and ready to take on the day.

Drink Water When You Wake Up:

Too often do people head to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee for their first morning beverage. While coffee has caffeine, it actually dehydrates the body, and fatigue is one of the primary symptoms of dehydration. When you wake up, drink a glass of water to rehydrate the body. You’ll notice that you improve cognition and move with a little more pep in your step after drinking water. 

Don’t Drink As Much Coffee:

As we previously mentioned, starting your morning with a cup of coffee can lead to grogginess and increased fatigue later in the day. One review of 41 studies found that people who drank energy drinks experienced more fatigue the following day. One study even found that participants felt more tired after drinking lots of caffeine during the day. Reduce your coffee intake and you may find that your mornings are a little more energized.

Don’t Hit The Snooze Button:

One of the most common habits that induces fatigue is setting multiple alarms or snoozing the alarm multiple times. When you do this, you spend the last half hour or so of your sleep in what researchers call “fragmented sleep.” This can affect your ability to perform well throughout the day, and you wake up feeling groggy. Instead, try setting one alarm for 90 minutes before you want to get up, and one alarm for when you actually want to get up. In this 90-minute snooze, you’ll be able to cycle through a full sleep cycle. This means that you’ll wake up after your REM sleep state and you’ll feel more refreshed and lively when you rise. 

Steer Clear Of Sugar:

How easy is it to eat sugar in the morning? From sugary fruit juices and cereals to toaster pastries and coffee creamers, sugar is all too common in breakfast foods, but it shouldn’t be there. When you eat sugar in the morning, you spike your blood sugar and that leads to a crash later on. You’ll feel less fatigued if you avoid sugary foods in the morning. If you consume sugar, opt for natural sugars by eating fresh fruit.

Make Sure To Eat Breakfast:

As we just advised, do not eat a sugary meal to start your day. When you skip the meal altogether, though, you can experience bouts of exhaustion or fatigue throughout the day. Give your body the fuel it needs and it’ll run like you just changed the fluids in your car. Balance your nutrients in the morning by focusing on whole grains, nuts, vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and lean proteins. 

Stretch It Out:

When you stretch in the morning, it just feels different and better. The reason for this is because your muscles become paralyzed (atonia) in REM sleep. When you reactivate them through stretching in the morning, the body releases energy-boosting endorphins. If you have the time, engage in a short 20-minute yoga sequence when you get up. You’ll notice that you feel energized and have unlimited brain power.

Go Outside:

There’s no better way to activate your brain and boost serotonin levels than to exit your front or back door and be in the outside world. Additionally, being outside in the sun can zap you awake and get rid of any fatigue you have. Researchers say that sunlight makes you feel more alive. Whether you go on a walk, stretch in your backyard, or take the time to water your plants, being outside in the morning is one of the best ways to wake up without fatigue.