Suppression Is Not A Cure For Optimal Health

Suppression Is Not A Cure For Optimal Health

You cannot cure a disease, illness, or emotional or health condition by suppressing it. Suppressing an issue is like sweeping it under the rug; you know it’s there but you don’t have to look at it or deal with it. Why would you want to suppress something? It only contributes to the problem and makes it worse.

Let’s say you have intense cravings for food and you want to suppress your appetite. You may not want to deal with the root cause of these cravings, which may be a spiritual void or hormonal imbalance. Instead, you tend to keep the cause alive and only suppress the symptom, which means that you are not healing the issue.

One cannot heal by merely addressing the symptom. For example, a lot of people take headache medication to get rid of headaches. The medication doesn’t address the cause of the headaches; rather, it keeps the cause stewing beneath the surface, so to speak. The headaches keep coming back and you can’t figure out why.

Weight Loss

Roughly 80% of losing weight has to do with your diet. This means that you have to cut back on certain foods in order to achieve your weight loss goals. It is also beneficial to control your portions. All this translates to controlling your appetite, but having an appetite is natural. So what do you do? A lot of people are addicted to sugar, salt, or unhealthy snacks. This can be due to high stress levels. Keep stress levels down naturally by eating magnesium rich foods like avocados, brazil nuts, almonds, spinach, or bananas.

If you are a food addict, eating satisfies the addiction, much like drinking satisfies an alcoholic. There is a way to not eat so much, though, and that can be established by creating balanced levels in the body. Eating a diet comprised of meat, meat products, refined sugars, dairy products, processed foods, junk food, fried food, artificial flavors, and a lot of salt can cause your bodily levels to go haywire. Steer clear of these foods and concentrate on plant-based foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

This diet will help you towards your ideal weight. When the body is healthy, you don’t feel the need for those unhealthy foods you used to eat. Don’t resort to an appetite suppressant because that can cause other damage in the body. You won’t be tackling the true reasons for your weight problem by suppressing the appetite. You’ll only develop an appetite for something else that you may not be aware of.

You cannot heal yourself from any disease or situation by resorting to suppression. Address the cause to move forward and establish a healthier version of yourself.

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