Tennis Ball Tricks For Relieving Overall Body Pain

Tennis Ball Tricks For Relieving Overall Body Pain

Tennis balls are not only reserved for dogs that want to play fetch and tennis players. The tennis ball is actually a fantastic tool to relieve chronic joint and muscle pain. Whether it is everyday wear and tear, chronic back pain from sitting eight hours a day, or knee pain from standing for long hours, you can help yourself feel better with a tennis ball.


Sometimes a chiropractic or massage therapy session isn’t financially feasible, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Go to any store and buy a few tennis balls; it’ll only cost you a few dollars. Use the following tennis ball massages to help get rid of overall body pain.


Note: If you feel that the pain is too uncomfortable during any of these massages, stop immediately and lie flat for a few minutes to rest.


Neck Pain:

A lot of pain in the body can be attributed to a sore neck. Knee pain, arm pain, or even wrist pain can stem from neck pain. To relax your neck muscles, lie on your back and place one tennis ball at the base of your skull. Rest here for a minute and then slowly move your head from side to side. Rest on each side for a minute.


Shoulder Pain:

Relieving shoulder pain is incredibly satisfying and you feel renewed. Lie on your back and bend your knees, placing the tennis ball between your shoulder blade and spine. If the tennis ball is between your left shoulder blade and spine, slowly cross your left arm over your body and move around, letting the tennis ball massage any knots or tender areas. Repeat this on the other side when ready.


Lower Back Pain:

Lower back pain is something that can be persistent, but you can also do some work to make it go away. A lot of lower back pain is caused by poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle, so it is beneficial to lie down on two tennis balls that are just above your butt on either side of your spine. Don’t place them on the spine. Move your hips from side to side to work your lower lumbar joints. Bend your knees and, using your feet, pull yourself towards your heels so that the tennis balls roll up your spine. Roll for a few minutes, stopping in tighter areas.


Hip Pain:

The hips can be a little tender because they often get ignored. Lie on the floor on your side and place the tennis ball just above you hip joint. Roll in a circular motion and repeat on the other hip. Make sure that you do not roll the tennis ball on your ribcage. This can be very uncomfortable and cause a rib injury.


Foot Pain:

Rolling your foot on a tennis ball is one of the easiest things to do to relieve foot pain. Stand up and use the wall for support. Place a tennis ball under the arch of your foot and roll back and forth or round and round for about a minute. Place the tennis ball wherever the pain is. Repeat on the other foot when finished.


Leg & Knee Pain:

Take a seat, people. Keep your back straight, extend one leg out, and bend one knee. Wedge a tennis ball right under the back of your knee and press the ball between your hamstring and calf for about ten seconds. Rest ten seconds and do this about eight or ten more times. You should be trying to squeeze the ball. Repeat on the other leg.


If you need some visual aid, watch the videos below.