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The 5 Best Exercises For Stronger Glutes

When people think of stronger, sexier glutes, what is the first exercise that comes to mind? If you guessed “squats,” then you are 100% correct. The truth is that spending your entire workout at the squat rack will not yield the results you desire. In order to form your rear like the brand ambassadors on Instagram, you need to target multiple muscle groups at once.


Most men and women are quad dominant, meaning that the quadriceps (front of your thighs) are more activated than other muscles in the lower half of your body during your workouts. One can blame this on the sedentary lifestyle, which causes people to sit for many hours a day. Hinging at the hip flexors causes them and the quadriceps to become tight, while the gluteus and hamstring muscles are stretched or sleeping. If it’s leg day and you want to build a better butt, targeting your quadriceps, which have been engaged all day, is not the optimal way to do so. You have to wake up your posterior muscles in order to balance your lower half, and we have the best exercises for you to do so.


Sumo Squat:

Okay, okay…we know that we said squats are not the go-to exercise for a better butt, but sumo squats are different. These squats help to keep tension in your gluteus muscles, targeting them more than your quadriceps. To begin, stand with your feet about a foot wider than shoulder-width apart. You can hold a dumbbell in between your legs, or you can do this exercise without weights. Keep your weight in your heels and slowly lower your bodyweight down without leaning forward. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, drive through your heels, engage your glutes, and return to the starting position. Do three sets of 10 reps.



Hip Thrust/Glute Bridge:

If you are new to this exercise, you will want to do it without weights. If you are familiar with this exercise, you can alter the positioning by resting your upper back against a bench with your butt on the ground, placing a barbell across your hips and thrusting upwards, using your glutes and hamstrings to lift the weight. But let’s focus on the beginner version of this exercise. To start, lay down on your back with your hands by your sides. Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground several inches from your butt. Drive through your heels and engage your gluteus muscles to thrust your pelvis towards the ceiling. Once you are at the peak of the exercise, lower yourself back down and repeat until you’ve finished your reps. Complete three sets of 8-10 reps.



Single Leg Deadlift:

This may become your favorite and least favorite exercise at the same time. The reason for this is because it targets the hamstrings and glutes, working to improve balance, strength, and pelvic stability. This exercise requires you to hold a light weight (10 pound dumbbells are sufficient) to help you balance. To begin, stand with your feet together and hold the weights in both hands, or the hand that corresponds to the leg you will keep on the ground. In a slow, fluid motion, extend your left leg back and bend your right leg ever so slightly. The goal is to hinge at the hip and keep your back straight as it becomes parallel to the ground. The point of extending your free leg behind you is for balance. Return to the upright position and finish your reps before switching to the other leg. Complete three sets of eight reps per leg.



Lying Hip Abduction:

This exercise focuses on the exterior of the upper leg, which does not receive a lot of attention. While this exercise is important, you also want to focus on engaging your inner thighs along with your glutes in the other exercises. Lie on either your right or left side with your hips stacked on top of each other. Keep your core and glutes engaged as you lift your top leg toward the ceiling until your leg is at a 45-degree angle. Be sure to stabilize the pelvis by bracing yourself with one forearm on the ground. Return your leg to the starting position and continue until you finish your reps. Complete three sets of 10 reps per leg.



Lateral Lunge:

This exercise focuses on strengthening the inner thighs, quads, and glutes. To begin, stand up straight with your feet hip-distance apart. Step your right leg out to the side and shift your bodyweight over your right leg to squat. Bend your knee, but don’t let your knee go beyond your toes. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Push off your right foot and bring it back to center. Repeat on the left leg to complete one set. Complete three sets of 10 reps.







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    Q: I have a problem with chest fat. I lift weights and exercise no results. The doctor say that surgery will fix it, but I do not want to go under the knife. what can I take to help me.


    Herbs can't help this condition if it is genetic. If the boobs are from weight gain, then release (lose) some weight. If not, then surgery (which we are against) is your only option.

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    Q: I’m wondering how to lose weight on my butt, abdomen, hips and thighs?


    1. Detox (FULL BODY DETOX), 2. Exercise, 3. Modify the diet (no meat, no dairy products, etc.)

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    Q: I recently completed the Full Body Detox, which I loved. Now, 2 months later, I am very interested in the weight release program. Last year, I lost 40 lbs in 8 months, in the most healthy way (good nutrition and exercise). This year, I slowly started gaining weight back, and 1 year later, I continue to gain weight much more quickly. I am still working out regularly, and eating well. Would you recommend the Weight Release Kit? I am looking to take off 20 lbs at the most. Is that realistic for this formula? However, I want to build muscle and strength as well. Can I maintain the results of the program with the directed nutrition plan, and add white meat for protein (chicken, turkey, tuna). I am also wondering if the formulas simply release excess weight, or can I expect to lose inches and lower my body fat percentage? Thanks for your time and dedication to natural health!


    Glad to hear about your success with the Full Body Detox!

    I would highly recommend the Weight Release Kit and Regimen. NO MEAT though! Try vegan alternatives if you must have something - but no meats!

    You will release weight (waste)! Your weight is nothing but waste!

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    Q: You list going to the gym and jogging as dangerous activities. I thought exercise was important and vital? Could you please explain your position a little further for me. I really enjoy your articles. They are very informative and thorough. I look forward to your response. Thanks!


    Exercise is great, but the healthy exercises include Pilates, yoga, tai-chi, qi chong, stretching, swimming, etc. Jogging is okay if on sand, dirt, or grass. If on cement/asphalt - DANGEROUS (destroys the bones and uterus in women). The gym is okay but weight lifting and other exercises are dangerous and destroy connective tissue.

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    Q: I would like to know the safest and the FASTEST way to loss weight. I have tried almost everything, like exercise, but I always overdue myself, or it just doesn't work. My height is 5'6", weight is 180.6, and my age is 15. Im a 10th grader at my school, and I'm tried of being put down by everyone I meet. And my family is moving soon, and I'm afraid of what my new classmates will say. So I was wondering what you would advise.


    I am sorry to hear of your plight. There are many ways to lose weight fast. Not all of them healthy. In fact most are not. 

    The three best ways to lose weight are

    1: High raw/high carb/low fat/nutrient dense diet plan

    2: Juice fasting/detoxing/cleansing (average 1 pound per day loss)

    3: Staying active


    Three books that may help you out get onto the right path (until I get mine published) are

    1: "The beauty detox solution" by Snyder

    2: "Crazy sexy diet" by Karr

    3: "The paradigm diet" by Dave


    I run my own online health/nutrition/fitness coaching company called "The Vegan Effect" I have helped many lose tons of weight. My one client lost 50 lbs in 60 days!! I would love the chance to work with you. My program is essentially a course in health that empowers people to reach all their lifes goals. If my program is something that you would like to participate in let me know. I do a free initial consultation over skype. 

    As far as juice fasting is concerned, although it is incredibly effective please do your research, watch "Fat, sick, and nearly dead", consult a nutritonal professional, and make sure you can juice your own juice. Do not attempt juice fasting on store bought juice.

    Let me know if there is anything else you need to know. I hope my answers were sufficient enough. 


    -Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I want to start the raw food diet, but do not want to lose weight has i am under weight already. I need tips to gain or at least maintain my weight. I do lift weights as part of my exercise routine.


    Thanks for the question,

    Losing "weight" on a raw foods diet is a definite probability. But the weight might be excess fat and water retention due to detoxing. By weight I am assuming you are talking about muscle. It is not that complicated to keep muscle while on a raw food diet. The Vegan Effect diet program I created is 60-90 percent raw. Raw before dinner if that helps. I allow myself one cooked meal a day. For the most part the diet is a Low fat/high carb/high fruit/high alkaline diet. 

    The most important thing to remember is getting enough calories. My athletes (including raw body builders) typically eat 1000 calories of fruit for breakfast in the form of a green smoothie. Usually post workout. You need to eat roughly 3000 calories to maintain or grow muscle mass. Some of my mass building athletes eat as much as 5000 calories. Albeit at a higher fat ratio than our standard 70/10/20 carb/fat/protein ratios. 

    Please refer to my blog on building muscle ona vegan diet found here: http://the-vegan-effect.healthcoach1.integrativenutrition.com/blog/2012/05/building-muscle-on-vegan-diet

    There is a raw organic food bar with 22 grams of protien that can be found here http://www.organicfoodbar.com/products/. *Note: I am not affiliated with them nor do I sell any supplements*. It is however a great bridge to meals. 

    Besides getting enough calories make sure you are getting around 20 grams of protein 5 times a day to maintain muscle mass. Sprouting beans, nut butters, seeds, and nuts help.

    I run a 6 month online health coahcing program that includes lessons on sports nutrition and include a individualized fitness plan. I am currently running a ridiculous half off special to fill spots. If you are interested visit www.theveganeffect.com and contact me there.


    Hope this helps

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT VLC BMI

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    Q: My friend was running and heard a pop in his knee. Shortly after, there was tremendous pain and swelling. He also could not extend his leg fully, or bend it backwards past a certain degree. Nor, could he put his weight on it. An MRI revealed that his posterior cruciate ligament(which we were told is very rare)possibly has a complete tear, and would need major surgery eventually. Do you have any suggestions for ways to naturally heal this ligament? He is still experiencing pain after 1 month and the pain medicine (ibuprofen)is causing him to vomit.


    Sometimes, unnatural practices require unnatural approaches to healing, i.e. surgery, physical therapy, etc. Herbs can only assist in the repair but should not expected to do what only surgery and/or other modalities may be other to do (to undo the damage from running). Herbal wise, the person should consume large amounts of MSM Sulfur (9 capsules per day, or 3 capsules 3 times per day), Dherbs.com Joints Formula (3 capsules 2 times per day), and Dherbs.com Enzymes (3 capsules 2 times per day).

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    Q: I have pain in my knee joints, when I have to bend real low (like under the sink or pick up something. They hurt and get real stiff. But when walking I'm ok. I don’t wear heels alot. Can you suggest an herb or something over-the-counter. I want to lose weight and I would like something like a fat burner.



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    Q: I am very excited about your product and I wonder if there is help for me? and if so where should I start? I am 46 years old with a desire to be active but I am overweight by 70-80 pounds. I have been told I have a lumbar sprain and should exercise to ease the pain. I have been told that I have fibro arthritis, my joints in fingers elbows hurt all the time. My feet hurt, my legs hurt with touch. I have a weak pelvic bottom and feel that I have the body of an older woman. Can you please help me to be the woman I deserve to be and live healthier for my children?



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    Q: Dherbs, I am experiencing some degree of headaches on my forehead on the left side. I have had about four surgeries for this thinking its related to my sinus, but no relief. I recently started to get some headaches on the back of my head, and neck pains. I took an MRI, and I am not sure of the result the doctor said it seem to be some abnormality on the back of my head may be from birth, he refered me to a nurogolist. Give me some advice on what I can do with herbs, I have already taken your Total Male Cleanse, your Weight Release Cleanse, the Full Body Detox, and just about to finish your Respiratory Cleanse, about 8 more days to go after I have your 10 Day Supreme Cleanse to start next week give me some advice on what course to take alternatively.


    How long have you been experiencing the headaches? You've taken some powerful cleanses thus far. Regardless of what cleanse, start drinking Headache Tea daily. I make it, and add maple syrup, lemon juice, and chill it. This helps for my headaches which are sporadic.

    Product Links:

    Headaches Tea

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    Q: What do you have for stiffness? Hands that cannot close, and feet that cannot walk on their own much less to stand up. She is in a wheelchair, and the stiffness comes from the shoulder all the way down to her hands, and even her legs. The weather does not help either, it gets worst especially like today as the snow, and the low temperature hits low. What can you recommend to help me?


    It very well may be a condition of excess lactic acid, from diet built up over the years. Lactic acid causes stiffness in the body. Have her soak daily for about 1 hour in warm water, and 2-3 boxes of sea salt (or 78 ounces of sea salt). Can this person perform the Full body Detox? This person should drink vegetable juice daily. A raw foods diet would be best to get some immediate results.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox

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    Q: For several years, I have a pins and needles feeling all over including burning. I feel light- headed frequently and feels like I would fall to the floor if I don't concentrate on keeping myself steady. I have lower back pain (center) that does not relent. My foot feels like there is current running in my feet all the time and my pinkie on my right hand feel numb. My neuro tested me for MS and it came back negative. I have been to several doctors and no one can tell me what it is or help me with my symptoms. They have resorted to calling my condition "stress". I do feel anxious most times and lack optimism. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your response.


    You are in need of a full body cleansing. I recommend you try our FULL BODY DETOX. Also, start drinking NERVES TEA (which you can drink while Detoxing).

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    Q: I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago and looking back, I see how I opened myself to contract the dis-ease. I have been symptom and medication free since October 2007, due to a major lifestyle change. STRESSFREE!!! The joints in my hands and feet are still paining me, especially my feet (no cute shoes for me). Although I prefer to be barefoot, (maybe I should move to a warmer climate), I need to get rid of these pains in my joints. I would like to know what could be the message that I'm obviously missing and is manifesting as joint pain?


    The joints deal with bending and the metaphysical message the joints convey is being too rigid, too stiff or stubborn. Learn to bend in many respects. Let go! Go with the flow. This applies to some area of your life (life issues).

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    Q: Thanks so much for all the wonderful info! I had a chance to look at some of your products and I like what I see. There is so much good stuff here. I just finished a 60 day sugar/fat cleanse. I basically cut out all diary, white sugar, flour, pasta, etc (I was already eating a veggie diet) I did very well with the cleanse and I want to keep it going. I lost almost 20 pounds, but I started eating a little differently, since I had some events for the past couple weeks and the weight started coming back on. I'm aware that I have a slow metabolism, but I do exercise (4 to 5x a week) and I generally eat pretty well. I have about another 40 pounds I want to loose and continue to be healthy and energetic. Also, my husband and I are also trying to have our first child. Do you have any suggestions?


    We would recommend that you give our Full Body Cleanse a try. It will help you lose additional weight and rejuvenate your body. Once completed, try the Fertility Kit, which is a 20 Day program and regimen that consists of herbs, elixirs, affirmations, inhaler, and dietary program to help naturally enhance fertility.

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    Q: Started Dherbs 20day detox four days ago, experiencing discomfort (numbness) in the back of legs and thighs when sitting or lying down. Will this go away or do I need to take magnesium or something else?

    A: Experiencing numbness while cleansing is not a detox symptom. If you're currently taking medication or experiencing health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure, it could be contributing to the numbness. Numbness is commonly related to poor circulation in the body. Your body might be telling you that it needs more activity. We suggest engaging in light cardio and consuming foods within the diet that helps with circulation in addition to foods that have a high source of magnesium. Please feel free to give us a call at 866 434 3727 if you still need assistance or if the issue progresses. Raw foods that are high in magnesium include all dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and Swiss chard, sesame seeds, Brazil Nuts, avocado, bananas, cashews, almonds and more. Foods that help circulation include cayenne pepper, oranges, sunflower seeds, ginger, garlic, Goji Berries, Watermelon and avocados.

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    Q: I've been taking the Full Body Cleanse for almost 2 weeks. In general, I feel much better. My question is if I can eat spirulina. and/or Ultimate Meal (mainly is Quinoa, millet, brown rice, yellow pea protein, spirulina and another natural ingredients) as breakfast or lunch. In case you do not know Ultimate Meal you can see it at www.ultimatelife.com Thank you. Ricardo. Your customer service rep told me after full body detox is good to take cholesterol formula. Is enough or Do I need to take lose weight tabs? after the full body cleanse? I am taking care of my diet and exercise 3 -4 times a week 2 hours each with stationary bike or tread mill and exercises with weights.


    Spirulina and Ultimate Meal are excellent supplementary products to take in order for your body to receive an adequate amount of protein while on the cleanse.

    Yes, take Cholesterol Formula (and Intestinal Cleanser) after you complete the cleanse. These products will serve as a transitionary period as your body slowly accustoms to returning back to normal routines.

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    Q: Hi, I need insight into these challenges that I going through, my hands are swollen, the bottom of my feet hurt, my chest feels tight, Sometimes I can't keep food on my stomach, and I have headaches often. My left leg has been broken, one time I went roller skating and it bothered me all day long. When I drink cold water it feels like it’s cutting inside my stomach. Doctors have not helped me. All I have been taking is one chemical after another. I'm in so much pain it is hard for me to work, stand on my feet, and sleep at night. Doctors have not helped me I am in need of true healing.



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    Q: I am taking nexium 2Mg to prevent vomiting. Now I am having headaches at both sides of my temples mouth waters up as though preparing to throw up but muscles do not respond. Resulting in a feeling of sour stomach nausea and a constant hot pulsating pain that is even worse at night. Here is a list but complete list of all known symptoms and circumstances: 1975-1977 weight 110 lbs 1982 diagnosed hyperthyroidism weight 98 lbs. proprylthyoruracil taken also radio active iodine no follow-up treatment only herbal teas cleaning regular diet no pork or by products 1983 pregnant 110lbs. June 1983 March weight 210lbs. Newborn weight 4lbs. 14ounces 1985 weight 135lbs. 1986 April wt. 205lbs newborn at 6lbs. 12ounces 1993 weight 130lbs 1994 September wt. 195lbs newborn at 7lbs. 9ounce 1997 colonics chlorophyll 2000 miscarriage 2002 miscarriage 2003 weight 175lbs. 2006 weight 195lbs 2007 February colonics no additives March hypothyroidism diagnosis weight at 215lbs Synthroid taken approx. 2wks abdominal pains / stop taking synthriod pain subsides / lower dosage taken approx. 1wk / intensified pain with nausea & vomiting tried Armour Thyroid Extract & Herbal equivalent with same results / Stop all Meds. & herbs/Pain has intensified prilosec does not help 2007 May emergency room visit all test normal Bill: $10,000 No insurance / weight 215lbs. 2007 October 26 - 31 stomach will not hold food or water without vomiting 2007 October31 Emergency Room Visit/all test normal detect minor stomach irritation/Follow -up prescription :Gastroenterologist Weight 224lbs height 5'4 New Hospital Bill undetermined Employment Pending Problem : paid $324 for individual insurance coverage from Beech / Aetna Now they are nowhere to be found. ACH revolks has been put on my account to keep that bogus insurance associate from using my account information and to recover that which they have already taken. Nexium was prescribed for the last 6 months I have been experiencing nothing but intensifying pain and sleepless nights being awakened by pain or frequent calls to urinate. At times I look as though I am 9 months pregnant. I have infrequent bowel movements and hardly any food in my stomach. I am constantly experiencing hunger pains so I just drank a lot of water. Now my stomach won't event take water without making me nauseated. All the little cleansing diets has robed me of my strength the smallest of task feels like a chore . If you can't help me I'll understand. The pain is mainly in middle of chest and in my back between the shoulder blade it burns and causes my whole abdominals and diaphragm to swell. It feels like an acidic chemical in my chest shoot out almost like, (if you could imagine) a spray bottle. It sprays like tiny streams of a burning like chemical into the breast, muscles in my upper and lower back tightens, my spine burns and my diaphragm feels like it is on fire and it starts to literally vibrate and trimmer in pain. I am in constant pain.


    I highly suggest you first perform our Full Body Detox (maybe twice, back to back). After the Full Body Detox, I would suggest you try our Weight Release kit and regimen which will help you to regulate your weight. Consider a vegan and raw foods diet. Order our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual and check out these diets and how to incorporate them into your life.

    After your cleanses, your daily regimen should consist of: Thyroid Formula, Electric Greens, Weight Loss (Release) Formula, Bowel Mover, and HYPERLINK "http://www.dherbs.com/store/rainforest-tonic-tea-p-289.html" Rainforest tea.

    No drugs will really help your condition. I don't recommend medication but it's your choice in the end!

    For pain, we have a Headache and Pain (Bio-salicin) formula which works well with MSM Sulfur (of which you need to take 9-15 capsules per day, maybe 3-5 capsules three times a day).

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    Q: Nothing is stopping me except the lack of a workable plan of action, which I am in the process of putting on paper. There is a question that I've wanted to ask you for a while. Do you have or can you put together a sample daily menu of food choices based on what you eat, or what your research has shown to be good? I do have a couple of conditions I want to cure.... I have arthritis in my neck and upper back caused by a whip lash, and I have high blood pressure that I take medication to control. I read the article about controlling disease, and I am interested in curing these conditions. I have started an exercise regimen, and need a diet plan to go along with it. I want to lose weight as part of my healing.

    A: You may want to start with the Full Body Cleanse to begin your healing. In regards to a dietplan, check out the Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual. This manual has a lot of suggesstions and recommendations for a vegan-based, raw foods diet that you will want to accompany your cleanse. When performing the cleanse, following the guidelines of this diet is integral in achieving the results you desire.

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    Q: What type of exercise is good for working out while on the Full Body Detox program? I'm afraid I won't have much energy and stamina for a high impact workout on a raw food diet. Any suggestions???


    Thanks for the question,


    Exercises recommended:

    ·        Yoga

    ·        Light resistance training

    ·        Walking

    ·        Biking

    ·        Swimming

    ·        Trampoline

    ·        Pilates

    ·        Aerobics 


    It's best to keep exercise to a minimum. When you exercise your body pulls blood away from your core and into your limbs (fight or flight response). That directs blood away from your healing response. Also high impact or weight training requires more calories and more protein which will over work the organs that should be using their energy healing.


    Hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC