The 5 Most Common Causes Of Frizzy Hair

The 5 Most Common Causes Of Frizzy Hair

It isn’t out of the ordinary to see people with messy hairstyles. In fact, one could make the argument that unkempt hair is a trend. Could messy hair be the epitome of looking effortlessly attractive? That is a matter of personal preference and we can’t influence your decision. What we can do is endorse the fact that frizzy hair can be a bit much to handle. 

Frizzy hair can be very annoying, but it isn’t something you should simply ignore or pass off as normal. Not everyone is aware of what causes frizzy hair, meaning most people are in the dark about the best ways to manage it. The best way to address a problem is by finding the root cause, otherwise you are simply putting a bandage on the situation in hopes that it resolves itself. 

What Is Frizzy Hair? 

What in the name of frizz is frizzy hair? Well, if you look at a single strand of hair, it may not look frizzy, but all of your hair combined may appear frizzy and unkempt. Why is this the case? According to hair experts, frizz doesn’t take over every single strand of hair. It is often caused by hair cuticle flare-ups, which causes hair to raise up and out. What you’re left with is a rough and frizzy surface texture that allows moisture to enter and swell the hair strands. Frizz is subjective and can look different on different hair types. That means that taming it and styling hair may require a different approach for everyone. This article, however, is focused on why hair starts to frizz, and you can read on to learn more about the causes. 


Going from the dry desert to a very humid area may cause your strands to frizz, especially if you aren’t used to styling your hair for different weather. A humid environment causes hair cuticles to absorb water, which swells up the hair. Moisture from the environment gets absorbed into the cortex (the long fibers at the core of each strand, and this is very problematic for curly or wavy hair. You cannot completely avoid humidity, but you can do your best to learn styling tips to manage frizz in humid environments. 

Harsh Hair Care Products

The natural oils that exist on your hair smooth it out and may prevent your hair from frizzing. Harsh hair care products actually strip your hair of its natural oils. Some of these harsh hair care products include perms, hair dyes, products containing sulfates, and products that contain alcohol. Bleaching, coloring, or excessive lightening with formulas that are too strong, or contain ammonia contents, can damage your hair’s surface. These products can make your hair feel rough to the touch, robbing it of natural shine and creative frizz. 

Friction From Towels Or Pillowcases

Do you wake up with frizzy hair? The material of your pillowcase may be the culprit. Rough fabrics can actually cause your hair to frizz up, as is true for drying your hair with harsh towels. Hair stylists use silk pillowcases and microfiber hair towels to help mitigate friction, which is the big culprit for frizz for people with wavy or curly hair. 

You Have It Naturally

Natural frizz is a real thing, as some hair types are just more prone to frizz than others. Natural waves and curls have a certain degree of frizz because hair strands bend and twist in natural ways. Because of that, cuticles may not lie as flat, which makes it harder to keep the frizz down. Although strands of these hair types may be more susceptible to frizz, they don’t have to remain frizzy. There are many natural frizz remedies that can help tame the mane. You may find that leave-in conditioning products are highly beneficial at fighting the frizz. 

Heat Damage

Let’s say that your hair gets frizzy despite the climate, your use of anti-frizz products, or the right styling method. Heat damage is most likely the reason behind your frizz, especially if you notice frizz in the areas you iron or blow dry the most. For example, if you regularly straighten your bangs and you notice that they frizz up, then heat damage is the culprit. Heat styling isn’t necessarily off limits, but frizz is an indication that you may be going overboard, so just keep that in mind.



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