The 7 Best Foods To Eat For A Healthy Prostate

The 7 Best Foods To Eat For A Healthy Prostate

As men grow older, prostate health becomes a more talked about subject. The prostate filters and removes toxins for sperm protection, but it cannot do its job efficiently if there is an overabundance of toxins in the body. Toxin accumulation in the body may be one of the more common causes of higher rates of prostate cancer, and it can affect DHT production, and DHT is responsible for reduced sex drive in older men. It’s advisable for men over the age of 40 to talk with their doctors and start adjusting their lifestyles to think about ways to help keep the prostate healthy. Since prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second leading cause of cancer death in men, catching it early is the best way to take action.

A man can have prostate cancer that is not lethal, but it can interfere with the quality of his life. Most commonly, men with prostate cancer experience complications with sexual activity or develop urinary control issues. A high percentage of men may experience an enlarged prostate and have similar complications, but it is not prostate cancer. If you have an enlarged prostate, you can still use the following foods to maintain prostate health.


Oregano is much more powerful than the flavor it adds to pasta or pizza sauces. While there are antioxidant and antibacterial properties in oregano, carvacrol is one of its main components that has cancer-fighting effects. While tests are still being done on carvacrol, preliminary results show that it is an anti-cancer agent that is effective at killing prostate cancer cells.


Not only are avocados rich in magnesium, which is an essential mineral in your body, they are also superfoods that can help reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and contain beta-sitosterol, which can boost the immune system, improve urine flow, and decrease inflammation in the prostate. Additional studies show that avocados can help fight the early stages of prostate cancer.


Every person should have more turmeric in his or her diet. It has potent anti-inflammatory properties and several studies have found that it has the ability to fight off cancer cells. The active ingredient, curcumin, may inhibit cancerous growths in the prostate gland. Because curcumin helps decrease inflammation, tumor cells have a harder time metastasizing. Let it be known that this is not a cancer-curing food, but it does play a positive role in prevention.

Sesame Seeds

Yes, those little seeds that are sprinkled on sushi rolls and everything bagels have high levels of zinc. Since men with enlarged prostates or prostate cancer tend to have low zinc levels, having proper zinc levels can help prevent early damage to the prostate. You can also eat pumpkin seeds to boost your zinc levels, which ultimately aids your immune system. You have to eat about 1/4 cup of sesame seeds for 2.8 milligrams of zinc, just FYI.

Saw Palmetto

This plant has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years. More recently, research has revealed that the plant’s berries may improve urinary tract health, increase libido, and increase sperm production. Saw palmetto also helps to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. You can make teas, blend it in smoothies, or find saw palmetto in herbal supplements.

Bell Peppers

Citrus fruits often steal the show when it comes to vitamin C, which may help fight BPH, but bell peppers actually have higher amounts of it. You can also get vitamin C from other veggies like dark leafy greens or broccoli. Mixing up your sources of vitamin C may help to improve your prostate’s health.

Green Tea

Green tea has an abundance of antioxidants and should be incorporated into your diet, especially if you want to improve the health of your prostate. EGCG is the specific antioxidant in green tea that may actually help kill cancer cells in the prostate. Additionally, green tea inhibits enzymes that fuel cancer growth. Men with prostate cancer can drink green tea to help decrease cancerous tissue and promote overall health.

In addition to these foods that benefit the prostate, you can consume flaxseed oil, thyme oil, stinging nettle, pyguem, ginger, tomatoes, or take a natural supplement to improve the health of your prostate.



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