The Adventures Of V-Man: A Visit To Zen Wellness LA

The Adventures Of V-Man: A Visit To Zen Wellness LA

In the latest episode of The Adventures of V-Man, I, Vinnie, went to Zen Wellness LA to receive chiropractic care and somatic trauma therapy. Millions of people around the world praise chiropractic therapy for its benefits, and I include myself in that category. It’s truly a wonderful care option if you experience poor posture, neck or back pain, or need help recovering from an injury. While I’m very familiar with chiropractic care, I was unaware of somatic trauma therapy. I headed out on my adventure to Zen Wellness LA to experience both therapies. 

What Is Zen Wellness LA?

Owned and operated by women, Zen Wellness LA is located in the neighborhood of Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA. The women at this facility offer a variety of services, including chiropractic care, somatic trauma therapy, prenatal massage, massage therapy, pediatric chiropractic, yoga, and pilates physical therapy. You can also experience infrared sauna, postpartum care, and purchase Usana supplements. 

Now, I must confess that do have an existing chiropractic relationship with Dr. Bobbi Jones, one of the chiropractors at Zen Wellness LA. She’s my favorite chiropractor in the city, and I make an appointment with her whenever I’m out of alignment. Needless to say, I was very excited to do an episode of The Adventures of V-Man with her. 

The Chiropractic Treatment

When I arrived at Zen Wellness LA, Dr. Jones greeted me and welcomed me into the chiropractic room, after the receptionist took my temperature, of course. They are very safe and have enhanced their safety measures in response to COVID-19. Dr. Jones asked me if I had any pain or sore areas. I was experiencing some tension in my lower back and neck, which is common for me. She actually knows that about me and does wonderful adjustments to address those areas. 

I lay face down on the chiropractic table and Dr. Jones felt up and down my spine to identify where I was exactly out of alignment. One of the points of chiropractic care is to help the spine maintain proper alignment. Many people fear this therapy because of the cracks, but let me assure you that Dr. Jones is an experienced professional and knows her way around a spine. I’m addicted to the popping sounds! She started with quick, pressing adjustments in my mid and upper back. She was just getting warmed up, though. Following those adjustments, she made her way to my neck, which made an excellent pop that was audible for even the camera guy. I think I even heard the receptionist in the other room say, “Holy moly.”

I flipped over onto my back and she continued to adjust my neck because different positioning allows for new adjustments to take place. Then Dr. Jones did my favorite adjustment: the lower back adjustment. She instructed me to lay on my side, with my top leg bent and bottom leg extended, close to the edge of the table. People are scared of this adjustment and have a natural tendency to resist it, but trust me when I say that it is magnificent. The relief you feel is immediate and Dr. Jones was able to successfully adjust that area. It made me so happy. I felt taller and more even. 

Somatic Trauma Therapy

Once we finished the chiropractic therapy, we went straight into the somatic trauma therapy session. This therapy intends to help people cope or deal with traumatic experiences that happened in the past. As Dr. Jones explained, the beautiful thing about this therapy is that you don’t have to vocalize the trauma. Through questions, guided meditation, gentle massage, and touch, it’s possible for the person to overcome past traumas. In the very least, it helps people say, “I experienced trauma,” without it triggering negative emotions. 

I lay on my back and Dr. Jones asked me to think of a traumatic experience or anxious moment I experienced in the past. Once I landed on a memory, she asked me a series of questions, all the while gently massaging my face, chest, shoulders, and arms. Listen, folks, that massage portion was relaxing in and of itself, and that’s a big part of helping the person relax when thinking about that traumatic moment. When I answered her questions, she asked me to repeat my answers while thinking of other positive memories. She had me wiggle my toes, take big inhales, and release the stress through my exhales. It was a very unique experience and it was comforting having her on my side as I journeyed through that traumatic moment in my life. 

Once again, she never asked what my experience was because she didn’t need to know it to perform the therapy. If any one of you have trauma that you would like to address without talking about it, this is an amazingly helpful way to overcome that trauma. 

I can’t express how thankful I am to Dr. Jones for the healing work she does on a regular basis. She’s truly a special person with great energy. If you are in Los Angeles, CA and are in need of chiropractic care, massage therapy, or somatic trauma therapy, go to see her at Zen Wellness LA. You can learn more about the business by visiting the website below. Give them a call because they book up quickly!

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