The Adventures Of V-Man: Acupuncture

The Adventures Of V-Man: Acupuncture

You know what they say about acupuncture, right? It’s a jab well done! Alrighty then, thank you for indulging that pun. Now we can proceed with a legitimate adventure that was truly a unique experience for Vinnie, our content writer. 

In the latest episode of The Adventures of V-Man, Vinnie went to Soma Acupuncture to receive an acupuncture therapy session. Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny, thin needles through the skin at specific points. It’s a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that works to enhance overall wellness. People also use acupuncture to balance the flow of energy, also known as chi or qi. Western practitioners of acupuncture believe that it helps to stimulate nerves, connective tissues, and muscles, aiding with pain and stress relief. 

The Philosophy Behind Acupuncture

The Chinese philosophy of acupuncture can be complicated, in that it isn’t necessarily based on science and medicine. The belief is that the human body is filled by chi, which flows to all the right places if a person is in good physical health. When a person is not in good physical health, chi is inhibited and cannot properly flow throughout the body. By relaxing the body with needles in specific acupuncture points, chi flows better and mental and physical health improve. Acupuncture’s purpose is to help patients achieve balance, providing relief from many ailments. 

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I have no idea if internal balance was achieved after I received acupuncture therapy. What I can tell you, is that I was in a state of complete relaxation. It was as though the therapist, Sarika Connor, cast a spell on me. Let it be known that no witchcraft of any kind was performed during this therapy. The cameraman, however, was very nervous the entire time because he has a fear of needles. Connor tried to show him how painless it was, but he declined the offer. 

Soma Acupuncture

Soma Acupuncture is a mere stone’s throw away from the Dherbs office building, which is one of the primary reasons we chose to reach out to it. Supporting local businesses and shedding a light on them is a beautiful thing! Connor is such a lovely and lively personality and has a deep passion for her practice. She was in a terrible car accident and improved her condition by receiving regular acupuncture sessions. She was able to regain full range of motion in her shoulder, so she decided to switch professions and become a licensed acupuncture therapist. If it could help her that much, she thought she could use it to help so many others. 

Upon arriving at the facility, we talked about whether or not I had specific pain or sore areas in my body. At the time, I experienced some knee pain in my right knee, so she catered the session to benefit that area. I received acupuncture once before, but there was no discussion of my personal ailments, or aches and pains. It was like a general once-over that didn’t benefit me. Connor took the time to ask me about my health and tailor the session to fit my needs. 

The Treatment

It’s completely understandable to have a fear of needles, but acupuncture needles are so tiny that you barely feel them enter the skin. The sensation is like a small prick that lasts for half a second. The craziest thing happened, though, when she placed a needle in the center of my forehead and one in each ear. That combo put me into a completely relaxed state and I felt like I could instantly fall asleep. 

Then I was jolted into the present when she hooked some of the needles up to an electrical stem machine. It uses electrical pulses to mimic the signals that come from neurons, which are cells in the nervous system. The goal is to target muscles or nerves. In my case, Connor targeted my right knee. One of the needles did fall out and when she re-inserted it back into my shin, I felt the electrical pulse shoot up my entire right side. I laughed nervously because of the intensity. Connor apologized and tried her best to hold in her laughter. There’s nothing wrong with laughing at my pain, people. After that, I drifted off into a state of half-sleep/half-wake, a limbo or relaxation. 


When the therapy was over, I felt as though there was more mobility in my right knee. It was also less painful from when I first walked into Soma Acupuncture. It’s an incredible feeling to receive immediate gratification in regards to therapies. It’s like the relief I got when I received chiropractic therapy from Dr. Bobbi Jones at Zen Wellness LA. Because of the improvement within the timespan of the therapy, I believe that people are more inclined to return and receive regular treatments. 

Acupuncture is an easily accessible therapy that can benefit almost anyone. Whether you are dealing with stress, sore joints, or recovering from an injury, acupuncture may provide some much-needed relief. Make sure you discuss your situation with the acupuncture therapist so that they know how to treat you during the session. If you live in the Los Angeles area, contact Sarika Connor at Soma Wellness because she’s very attentive and informed about her profession. Tell her that V-Man from Dherbs sent you! Happy needling!

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