The Adventures of V-Man: Bio-Charging, Chiropractic, And Laser Therapy

The Adventures of V-Man: Bio-Charging, Chiropractic, And Laser Therapy

On the last episode of the Dherbs Adventures of V-Man series, our content writer, Vinnie, visited Transformational Healing Universe in West Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Har Hari Khalsa, DC, was gracious enough to give us in depth treatments at his facility. The last article and video covered PEMF therapy and light therapy, but this article and video document three different therapies: chiropractic care, the BioCharger, and laser therapy. What are these futuristic sounding therapies, you ask? Let Vinnie give you the full rundown.

Chiropractic Therapy

Most people know what chiropractic therapy is. Some people agree with it and some people think it’s completely unhealthy for the body. My mother is a chiropractor, so I have a biased opinion and believe that it is completely necessary for keeping the body aligned. The primary reason people don’t like chiropractic therapy is the scary popping sounds that result from adjustments. For me, I love the cracks; I may even venture to say that I love them too much. 

Dr. Khalsa is a chiropractor by trade, and he has a very interesting tool that helps pinpoint where adjustments need to be made. It’s a tool that hooks up to a computer. He sat me on a chair and focused on the three areas of my spine separately. He started with my cervical (upper spine), then thoracic (middle spine), and finally the lumbar (lower spine above the sacrum). The tool feels either side of each vertebra and it registers what is out of alignment in the computer. Dr. Khalsa showed me what was out of whack and then quickly pulsed the machine, similar to a percussive massager like the Theragun, on the vertebrae that needed adjusting. In doing so, it completes the adjustment without the forceful motion that chiropractors typically use.  

I’m a slave to the cracking sound, so if there’s no “pop,” then I don’t feel like I got adjusted. This type of adjustment, however, is fantastic for people who resist the adjustment or hate the cracking sound. Despite my feelings on the matter, it does complete the adjustment to help align the spine. 

The BioCharger

When I walked into the room with the BioCharger, I felt like I was walking into the future, despite the fact that the machine looks like a Tesla coil from the past. The BioCharger helps to stimulate the body’s energy to enhance athletic performance in a noninvasive way. Dr. Khalsa explained that many athletes, including professional surfers John John Florence and Kelly Slater, use this treatment to accelerate recovery. The primary purpose of this device is to identify cells in the body that have weak vibrations. The BioCharger emits vibrations and frequencies that activate those weaker cells, helping them act like other active cells in the body. 

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The interesting thing about the BioCharger is that you can program it to address a specific ailment or area of the body. For example, if you have arthritis in your knees, then you can help activate the weaker cells in the knee joints. Now, I’m a pretty active person and experience pain from time to time, but I don’t know that this therapy helped me. Perhaps it is the type of therapy that requires multiple sessions, but I can’t say that I felt relief after sitting next to the BioCharger. It was wild and futuristic, but I don’t know if I’d try it again.

Summus Laser Therapy

This sounds pretty awesome, right? Don’t worry, it’s not laser hair removal and no hairs were harmed in the filming of this episode of the Adventures of V-Man. The Summus Medical Laser is a therapeutic instrument that uses laser energy to help reduce inflammation in the body. Dr. Khalsa said that he broke his foot a while back and he was able to decrease the swelling and pain and accelerate the healing process by using this laser every day. The heat helps to promote blood circulation to the area where the laser is directed. The laser uses red and near-infrared wavelengths to penetrate the deep tissues of the body. 

Dr. Khalsa asked if I had any problem areas. I told him that I experience occasional ringing in my ears as a result of playing in bands for years. Playing music brings me joy, but also high-pitched frequencies when it’s very quiet. To help provide improved metabolic cell activity and increased circulation to my ears, Dr. Khalsa directed the laser around each ear. It felt very warm, but not uncomfortable by any means. You can only use the laser for a short period of time, otherwise it becomes unhealthy. He spent about three minutes on each ear.

It’s important to note that both the Summus Laser and BioCharger therapies are more beneficial when you continue to use them. These therapies do not provide instantaneous relief; rather, as with many alternative remedies, continued use will bring the most benefits. 

The Summus Laser therapy concluded our time with Dr. Khalsa at Transformational Healing Universe. He was incredibly knowledgable, generous with his time, and has some very unique therapies to help people with a variety of ailments. The light therapy and PEMF therapy from the last article were my two favorite therapies because they are quite powerful and pull you out of your own way so you can truly experience the therapy. 

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