The Adventures Of V-Man: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The Adventures Of V-Man: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the therapy people don’t realize they need. Although it isn’t a modern therapy, it has risen to popularity within recent years. A handful of celebrities and athletes regularly enter hyperbaric chambers to maintain optimal body function. During the therapy, a person enters a vacuum of pure oxygen flow with increased atmospheric pressure to promote oxygenation into the body’s tissues. 

In the latest episode of The Adventures of V-Man, our content writer, Vinnie, entered the hyperbaric chamber. He was fortunate enough to go to Beverly Hills Hyperbaric Center, located in West Los Angeles, CA, to try out the therapy. If you watch the accompanying video, you’ll notice that the therapy is quite relaxing. It’s not like last adventure when Vinnie jumped in an ice bath (click here to watch). Vinnie will tell you more about the therapy below. 

Who Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For?

Historically, hyperbaric oxygen therapy was used as an alternative treatment to over-the-counter drugs and invasive procedures. The military developed it to treat deep-sea divers in the field who suffered from “the bends.” The pressurized atmosphere and inhalation of pure oxygen promoted widespread healing throughout the body. To this day people still use it for that reason, but they also use it to oxygenate the body’s tissues to promote wound healing and cell regeneration. It’s a therapy that can be used to remedy lyme disease, but anyone can use it to expedite recovery or enhance cellular function.

I feel like the film team on my latest adventure was very hesitant to do this therapy. Supposedly, Michael Jackson slept in a hyperbaric chamber every night, and that scared them. Professional athletes like Tim Tebow and Terrell Owens notoriously received hyperbaric therapy. And it was evident that it’s a very popular therapy among celebrities when we arrived at Beverly Hills Hyperbaric Center. Pictures of all the famous athletes and actors that received hyperbaric oxygen therapy at the facility adorned the the walls. Maybe I’ll be on that wall one day…

Beverly Hills Hyperbaric Center

Upon arriving at the facility, I was greeted by Gonzo, who gave me the full rundown of everything there was to know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. His enthusiasm about the therapy and its benefits was infectious. If the chamber was a car and he was the salesman, he would’ve had an easy sale with me. I was excited and ready to slide into the glass tube that looked like a space pod from the future. 

The chamber is essentially a glass tube with a bed that slides out on a track. For someone who is claustrophobic, it looks very intimidating, and the thought of being in a tight, enclosed space is frightening. According to Gonzo and Dr. Barry, who gave an interview after the therapy, many people who have claustrophobia have no issues with the therapy. The benefits outweigh the fear of being in the chamber, which is very comfortable. 

Going In The Hyperbaric Chamber

Before I entered the chamber, Gonzo gave me a piece of gum to chew. The reason for this is to aid with popping ears as the pressure changes in the chamber. I lay on the bed, Gonzo pushed the bed in the chamber, and sealed the door behind me. I had a blanket, a couple pillows, and the ability to watch whatever Netflix show/movie I wanted. Gonzo communicated with me via a little communication system in the chamber. He was a very attentive assistant who made sure I was comfortable throughout the therapy. 

I was thankful he gave me the gum because it helps tremendously when trying to pop your ears. The initial 10-12 minutes feel like taking off on an airplane. As Dr. Barry later explained, the atmospheric pressure changes so the person can breathe pure oxygen. Oxygen only comprises about 21% of the regular atmosphere, but breathing pure oxygen allows the body to absorb it at a rapid rate. Of course, you don’t feel this, but it’s happening. As Dr. Barry said, “It feels like nothing is happening, and it’s the easiest therapy to do.”

That sentiment may cause skeptics to avoid this therapy, but many studies have proven its efficacy for treating various health ailments. For instance, Dr. Barry knew of someone who was completely cured of lyme disease after receiving consecutive treatments. The pressurized oxygen penetrates deep tissues and plasma, which stimulates the production of healing chemicals. Essentially, this therapy helps the body heal itself from the inside out. And all I had to do was watch Netflix for this healing to take place!


It’s interesting to participate in a therapy that doesn’t seem to do anything in the moment. You can take a nap, watch a movie, or read in the chamber, so it’s not as involved as chiropractic or stretch therapy. Don’t think that this therapy is a complete waste of time because it has amazing benefits for your insides. A high percentage of people have poor circulation, but this therapy is a great way to enhance blood flow, which is one way it accelerates healing. If you want instantaneous relief or a therapy that you feel in the moment, this is not for you. For people who need help recovering from an illness or injury, regular sessions may accelerate your recovery. If you live in the Los Angeles area, visit Beverly Hills Hyperbaric Center. Dr. Barry will take care of you!



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