The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

More and more people are drinking tea nowadays. In fact, tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, water being the front-runner. When it comes to drinking tea, different teas have more health benefits than others. One of the best teas that you’ll ever come across is Ceylon tea. It works to regulate blood pressure, support cardiovascular health, and benefit weight loss.

Ceylon was the name of Sri Lanka before the British gave it independence in 1972. Seeds from the original tea plant were planted around 1824 with no intent for commercial farming. Sri Lanka has an amazing climate and soil for growing this tea and it comes in three varieties: green, black, and white. Many people mistake Ceylon tea for regular black tea, but black Ceylon tea has a nuttier, pungent flavor. It actually has an incredible amount of antioxidants because the tea leaves are not fermented.

Praised for the high polyphenolic content, try drinking Ceylon tea every day for the best benefits, the top five of which are detailed below.

Protects The Heart

Containing measurable amounts of potassium, which functions as a vasodilator, Ceylon tea helps to relax tension in blood vessels and arteries. This helps to naturally decrease blood pressure and ultimately reduce strain on the heart. Starting each day with a cup of Ceylon tea gives you as much potassium as eating a banana.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Who doesn’t like having soft skin? Most people are too lazy to work to make their skin softer. Rather than going through a timely beauty routine, add a cup of Ceylon tea to your daily routine. The antioxidants in Ceylon tea work to prevent oxidative stress and reduce collagen loss. Maintaining healthy collagen cells works to fight premature aging and promote blemish-free skin.

Fights Cancerous Cells

Due to the various antioxidants, Ceylon tea can be helpful in eliminating cancerous cells. The beneficial antioxidants in Ceylon tea work to, as mentioned before, fight free radicals that damage DNA.

Helps With Weight Loss

Not only does Ceylon tea taste great, but it also aids with the weight loss process. It works to boost the metabolism, which makes your body burn fat at a faster rate. Drinking this tea also works to give you an energy boost! If you change other aspects of your diet and workout regimen, you’ll only make the most of the tea’s benefits.

Boosts The Immune System

Keeping your immune system strong is paramount for keeping foreign invaders and pathogens from compromising overall health. Additionally, the antioxidants work to protect you from infections. Even consuming one cup of Ceylon tea each day can help the body continually fight off bacteria. Sip to your health!