The Best Affordable Ways To Unwind And Relieve Stress

The Best Affordable Ways To Unwind And Relieve Stress

Feeling stressed lately? This is completely natural, especially since the holidays are right around the corner. End of the year projects, holiday travel plans, and New Year’s commitments can cause you to burn out. That’s why self-care is extra important during this time of year. In fact, influencers and wellness brands push self-care products and tips on you, which can induce stress. 

You may not have the funds for all of these products or services, but we have a little secret: you don’t need to spend a lot (or any) money to help relieve stress. Take a bubble bath, go for a walk, drink a cup of calming tea, journal, or dance it out at home. All of these things, in addition to the following affordable tips can help you unwind. 


Meditation is a free stress-relieving activity, but it can be difficult to get into. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place and five to 10 minutes of your day to start. There are plenty of free resources to help start you on the right path. If you don’t like quiet meditation, there are many free guided meditation videos to help lead you through the practice. 

Set Phone Limits

If you want to promote mindfulness and be more present in the moment, set phone limits for yourself. Spending less time looking at your screen, especially if you scroll endlessly and mindlessly, is highly beneficial for your mental health. Taking meaningful breaks from your phone is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. You can easily set screen time limits on your smartphone, or set reminders to put down your phone. 

Make Face Masks At Home

You don’t need to go to a luxury spa to pamper yourself, or give your facial skin a little boost. Hit the grocery store or look in your pantry because you already have the ingredients you need for a DIY face mask. Simple ingredients do wonders for your skin, for example, enhancing moisture, removing bacteria, and reducing excess oil. Click here for an excellent DIY face mask. 


One of the worst things you can do for your health is hold in your stress. You have to let it out! Journaling can be a great daily exercise to release all of the emotions you’re holding inside. You don’t have to craft an extensive memoir; rather, journaling can help you unleash your thoughts and analyze them. It is a cathartic exercise that will help declutter your mind.

Dance It Out

When in doubt, turn up the music and cut loose. If you are worried about people seeing you, don’t because this is a freeing exercise. That said, you can close all the blinds or curtains if you want total privacy while you dance your heart out. You don’t need dance lessons or rhythms to reap the benefits of this stress-relieving practice. Bust out your best dance moves to help you shake out the stress.

Go For A Walk

Sometimes, a trip around the block or a walk amongst the trees is all you need to clear your mind. Studies say that being outside in nature is a proven way to calm the mind. Unplugging from your distractions and being in the moment on your walk can help you notice little things you may otherwise pass by. Try your best to get to a park or nature trail, or relish in some casual people watching if you live in a dense city. 

Take A Bubble Bath

When all else fails, run that hot water to fill the tub and get ready for a relaxing soak. Light a few candles, add a bath bomb or bubbly soap, drop in some essential oils, or add some Epsom salts. All of these things are readily available to you and relatively affordable, not to mention beneficial for your skin. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can drop some eucalyptus essential oil to your shower flower to create a calming, somewhat steamy, aromatherapy experience.



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