The Best DIY After Sun Lotion

The Best DIY After Sun Lotion

Beach trips, days at the lake, and backyard barbecues are synonymous with two things: summer and sunburns. If you don’t protect your skin, it can burn within 30 minutes of being out in the sun. And if you’ve suffered a bad sunburn, then you understand how miserable it can be. It is possible that some of your efforts to protect your skin fall through the cracks, and you end up with a sunburn. Fortunately, you can soothe sunburnt skin with the after sun lotion in this article. 

We want to be clear and say that this after sun lotion is not a miracle cure. It will not make your sunburn vanish within an hour, nor will it undo the damage done to your skin. It can, however, provide some relief and replenish your skin with moisture. Additionally, this after sun lotion may accelerate your recovery, hydrating your skin in the process. As a quick note, try to stay out of the sun while recovering from a sunburn

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera and sunburns go together like peanut butter and jelly. For thousands of years, different civilizations have used aloe vera to treat various skin conditions, such as burns and minor wounds. Some people refer to aloe vera as the “burn plant” because it is highly effective at soothing burns and sunburns. However, when applying aloe vera topically, it can quickly evaporate from the skin, so you may not absorb all of the medicinal properties. For this reason, it can be beneficial to mix it with something that provides a barrier to lock moisture into the skin. That brings us to the next ingredient.

Shea Butter

A go-to in many DIY beauty recipes, shea butter provides excellent moisturizing properties and other noteworthy benefits. If you have dull or dry skin, shea butter can help it retain moisture by forming a protective layer on the skin’s surface. That ultimately reduces water loss and keeps the skin more supple and hydrated. Shea butter also contains vitamins A and E, both of which contribute to a more youthful appearance. Who doesn’t want that? Lastly, shea butter works to promote cell regeneration, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Coconut Oil

If you apply coconut oil to the skin after some time in the sun, it can provide a cooling feeling and may even relieve sunburn symptoms. The saturated fats in coconut oil are excellent for moisturizing the skin. Plus, dermatologists agree that coconut oil aids every aspect of a sunburn. Not only does it have a soothing feel after application, but it also deeply hydrates the skin to repair damage done by the sun. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Great for calming the intensity of a sunburn, lavender essential oil is gentle enough for you to topically apply it with a carrier oil on damaged skin. Because of the linalool and linalyl acetate content, lavender essential oil works to reduce the pain of a severe sunburn. Lavender essential oil also contains antibacterial, carminative, and anti-fungal properties, all of which help to accelerate the healing process of a sunburn. 

DIY After Sun Lotion


  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoons organic aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon rosehip oil
  • 30 drops lavender essential oil


  • You will need a stand mixer or a hand mixer to make this recipe. 
  • Break up the shea butter into small chunks and place in the mixer. Whip on high for 20 seconds and then stop to scrape down the sides. 
  • Add the coconut oil and whip for 20 seconds before stopping to scrape down the sides. Add the aloe vera gel and then whip for another 20 seconds. 
  • Repeat this process when you add the rosehip oil and then the lavender essential oil, adding them one at a time and then mixing well. The after sun lotion should be creamy and easy to remove with a silicone spatula. 
  • Store in a glass jar in a cool, dry place. Apply to sunburnt skin without being too aggressive. It’s best to apply the lotion after a cold shower.

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