The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For The Holidays

The Best Essential Oil Diffuser Blends For The Holidays

Depending on where you live, snowfall is well underway. Perhaps you are living your best life in the sunshine with beautiful holiday decorations that replicate a wintery vibe. No matter where you live or how much you decorate, you can take your holidays to the next level with some diffuser blends. Diffusing essential oils that are specific to the holiday season can enhance the spirit of holiday gatherings and activities. Have the room smell like a fresh Christmas tree lot while wrapping presents, for example!

Essential oils that remind you of the holidays typically have woody, citrusy, spicy, and refreshing aromas. Using oils that give off these scents can blend synergistically to your environment, enriching your holiday experience. Additionally, you may find that they brighten your space, elevate your mood, and comfort your soul. Continue reading to learn about some amazing essential oil blends for the holidays. 

Safety First

Using essential oils for parties and entertaining is great, but there are a few safety rules to take note of prior to using them. Keep the following in mind, particularly when it comes to diffusing essential oils in public gatherings:

  • Inhaling essential oils can be harmful for certain groups and animals. Some of these groups include babies (especially six months or younger), children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, pets, and people with allergies or hypertension. 
  • If your guest list includes anyone from the previously mentioned groups, it’s better not to diffuse essential oils at your event. 
  • If you are diffusing essential oils, make sure that they are 100% pure varieties. You don’t want to skimp on essential oils because they may contain artificial fragrances, which can harm your health. 
  • If you use an electric diffuser, only run the diffuser for little increments of time. Consider diffusing an hour before people arrive and then plug it in again after a couple hours. That will keep the aroma subtle and not overpowering. 
  • Don’t diffuse in the kitchen or around food, snacks, and drinks. 

Choosing The Right Essential Oils For The Holidays

Pairing essential oils to put in a diffuser is not specific to the holiday season. This is a year-round practice that you can do, but certain essential oils evoke a festive, merry atmosphere. Pine, cedarwood, spruce, fir, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg essential oils have different aromas reminiscent of different parts of the holiday season. Spruce and fir essential oils give off woody aromas, while clove and nutmeg essential oils give off aromas that smell like snickerdoodle or gingerbread cookies.

Citrus essential oils are also very popular to use during the holidays because citrus fruits are in season. Sweet orange and lemon essential oils offer a festive, bright balance to diffuser blends. You can also incorporate the cool, frosty scents of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Last, but most certainly not least, you have the two holiday classics: frankincense and myrrh essential oils. Learn how to use all of these in the following diffuser blends. 

Candy Cane Celebration

A scrumptious blend of winter wonderland is exactly what this blend is! Think of powdery snow and the smell of the classic holiday candy. 


  • 2 drops wintergreen essential oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 2 drops cinnamon essential oil

Winter Spice Blend

Do the scents of these essential oils embody the holiday season? That’s up to you to decide! This blend enriches your space whether you put up decorations or not. It truly is the perfect blend for sipping cocoa with loved ones, decorating the tree with kids, or doing any holiday activity at home.


  • 1 drop ginger essential oil
  • 1 drop silver fir essential oil
  • 3 drops bergamot essential oil
  • 1 drop cassia essential oil

Cleansing Holiday Blend

Highlighted by the sweetness of patchouli essential oil, this blend exhibits floral and woody notes. It has a light, pleasant, and cleansing aroma that refreshes your space during the holidays


  • 4 drops patchouli essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop cinnamon bark essential oil

Wiseman’s Blend

Get into the classic Christmas spirit with this warming blending of frankincense and myrrh essential oils. Consider adding two drops of sweet orange essential oil to this blend in order to add a bright citrusy note. 


  • 3 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 3 drops myrrh essential oil

Spiced Cider Blend

A warm, apple-infused drink with the perfect amount of sugar and spice is perfect for the holiday season. If you love the aroma of spiced cider but don’t enjoy the flavor, this is the blend for you. It has the quintessential cider notes because it calls for ginger, sweet orange, and cinnamon essential oils.


  • 3 drops ginger essential oil
  • 3 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 1 drop cinnamon essential oil

Gingerbread House Blend

Would the holidays be complete without a trademark gingerbread house? Instead of making a mess with gingerbread, icing, and candy, diffuse this blend of earthy aromas to indulge your senses.


  • 2 drops ginger essential oil
  • 1 drop clove essential oil
  • 1 drop cardamom essential oil
  • 2 drops cinnamon essential oil



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