The Best Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas To Get People This Year

The Best Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas To Get People This Year

Are you trying to figure out what to get a friend or family member this holiday season? Time is running out and picking the right gifts is a difficult challenge, especially since you don’t want to get them something unoriginal. A gift should be useful and something that relates to their lifestyle, activities, or hobbies. We’ve stepped outside the box of a pair of shoes, or a packaging of a new shirt or wallet, and have some great healthy holiday gift ideas for everyone.

When it comes to healthy gifts, you have to think which gifts are going to best suit the people you are buying them for. Are they trying to be more active, or are they taking yoga classes? Perhaps they are into food and would benefit from cookbooks or kitchenware. Whatever you choose to get people, we hope the following gift ideas give you some inspiration. Happy shopping!

#1: Vegetable Spiralizer

This is an easy-to-use kitchen tool that can help you get creative and healthy with your meals. You can make zucchini or cucumber noodles, or thin potato curls that you can season and bake in the oven for healthy fries. Most spiralizers come with a little book that gives you ideas too! We recommend getting the spiralizer with the crank arm because the handheld ones can be quite difficult. It should only set you back about $15, so it won’t break your bank.

#2: Spa Package

While the holidays are intended for familial time, socializing with friends, and attending office parties or holiday soirees, it is often a relief to allow for some quality alone time. As you may know, stress levels can run high during the end of the year, and there’s no better way to unwind than at the spa. You can even gift someone a massage so that they can lower stress and feel more relaxed. Pssst…this is a great gift for moms, or even for yourself! You deserve it!

#3: Homemade Beauty Gifts

We understand that spa packages can be a little pricey, putting them out of reach if you are sticking to a tight budget. Don’t overextend your finances to make a spa package happen when you can make your own beauty gifts. Be it a face mask, sugar scrub, lip balm, or bath bomb, homemade beauty projects are cost effective and made with natural ingredients. Click here for a helpful DIY beauty product list.

#4: Indoor Herb/Vegetable Garden

Having fresh vegetables or herbs in your kitchen can inspire you to cook healthier and more natural meals. Green onions, parsley, cilantro, basil, celery, or a variety of sprouts are great indoor veggies & herbs that you can grow in pots in your windowsill. But think about the person you are getting these seeds or plants for. Do they garden and will they keep the plants alive? Consider a little succulent terrarium or bedroom plant that requires little maintenance.

#5: Dog Light or Light-up Leash

Some of your friends might be dog lovers, almost to the point where they treat them like their own children. Since it gets dark quite early in the winter months, a dog light to strap on the collar or a light-up leash is great because it won’t stop them from taking their canine friends out for evening walks.

#6: Fruit/Vegetable of the Month Club

Sometimes, people are daunted by the produce section in a grocery store, or they may just skip over it altogether. Getting a subscription to a fruit/vegetable of the month club is a great gift because the company delivers healthy, fresh produce straight to the person’s door. These services are readily available in many cities and provide delicious seasonal produce! If the person is not a cook, consider purchasing a week’s worth of meals from a meal delivery service. Some have prepared meals, while other supply the ingredients and instructions to easily make gourmet dishes.

#7: Athletic/Yoga Attire

It is quite common for people to have a New Year’s resolution to get fit or live a healthier lifestyle. Athletic wear or yoga attire may give them that extra push to really take control of their physical health. And even if they don’t get into fitness right away, athletic wear is some of the comfiest clothing to just wear around the house. Wearing cool athletic clothing also makes you look like you just came from the gym, even if you didn’t!

#8: The Dherbs 180 Challenge

This may not be the new, sleek laptop someone has been eyeing, but it is a way to completely turn a person’s life around. If you do end up purchasing the 180 Challenge, it can be great to buy one for yourself to do it with the person. This way he or she will have a partner to tackle health and weight loss goals. There are a lot of special perks that accompany the challenge so check it out for more info below.



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