The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Health-Conscious Moms

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Health-Conscious Moms

It’s hard to purchase a special gift for your mother on Mother’s Day. A bouquet of flowers and a personalized card is always a lovely gesture, but sometimes you need to change up your gift game. After all, you are giving a gift to the woman who brought you into this world. All mothers deserve the very best, but it’s still difficult to shop for them. 

One thing that we can all agree on is that all mothers deserve as much self care as possible. They don’t always go out of the way to pamper themselves, which means that you have to give them the time and gift for that to happen. Perhaps your mother is a yogi who loves a good sun salutation. An anti-slip, cushioned yoga mat may be the best gift to give her. Other moms may cry when they open an envelope with a massage gift certificate inside. 

No matter if your mom is into healthy cooking, aromatherapy, or other forms of health, this article has all the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Moms may not go out of their way to buy these gifts on their own, leaving the door wide open for all of you, husbands, sons, and daughters.

Quality Tea

As a quick disclaimer: don’t go buy cheap boxes of tea bags at the grocery store and think that that is special. Consider an elegant, herbal tea variety pack that helps to lower stress levels. It’s no secret that all moms experience a lot of stress every day, so help her wind down to a calmer state. You can even turn the gift into a fun night of tea tasting. On a related note, consider purchasing a tea tasting outing if that is available in your city.

A New Fitness Tracker

Some moms can’t let a day go by without reaching the goal of 10,000 steps. Those neighborhood strolls or treadmill jogs keep moms motivated, fit, and healthy. In addition to monitoring steps, many new fitness trackers log sleep, activity, recovery, calories burned, and more. Some can even go 10 days without charging!

Cold & Hot Eye Mask

This may be one of the best self-care gifts that you can get a mother. The trials of motherhood can result in a lot of tired mornings with puffy eyes and dark circles. A hot and cold eye mask tends to have reusable ice gels that can help control puffiness, but it also works as a heat pad. The back and forth combo of hot and cold is the perfect remedy to restore a mother’s eyes to perfection. 

An At-Home Massage

Some mothers say that they are too busy to drive out of their way to a massage place. Bring the masseuse to your mother with an at-home massage. Let your mother experience true relaxation and give her a tranquil break. You can even accompany this gift with a soothing candle, body butter, or other skin care items like face masks and moisturizers. 

Bath Bombs

Is there a mom who doesn’t deserve a relaxing soak in the tub? While there are many stores that sell bath bombs nowadays, it’s very easy to make your own. In fact, we have a great bath bomb recipe (click here to learn how to make them) that can often mean more as gifts. We always say that nothing beats a homemade gift!

A Diffuser

Whether the goal is to relieve anxiety, promote sounder sleep, or invigorate the soul, a diffuser can help get the job done. It’s wise to accompany this gift with a set of essential oils, so consider making that duo a tag-team Mother’s Day gift. She can keep it by the bed, place it on the kitchen countertop, or have it in the living room. One thing is for certain: she’ll feel her best when the diffuser is emitting the scents of essential oils.

A Day At The Spa

Even though the country is not completely out of the woods in regards to COVID-19, many spas are currently open. There are stricter guidelines in place and many facilities have modified options with reduced capacity. Consider making this gift a surprise! Get in the car together, drop her off, and pick her up when she’s fully relaxed. 

The Gift Of Time

Moms can always use more of one thing and one thing only: time. They devote all of their time and energy to caring for everyone, but turn that around and spend Mother’s Day taking of them. Make a special meal and allow her to relax. Go grocery shopping or have groceries delivered to the house. Finally, prepare a fun activity that will keep the kids entertained so that mom can relax and not worry about anything.

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