The Best Raw Vegan Nutella For World Nutella Day

The Best Raw Vegan Nutella For World Nutella Day


Nutella, a sweet hazelnut spread, has become a worldwide sensation, so much so that it has received its own day. Some people put Nutella inside crepes and other like to spread it on flaky pastries. Well, there are those of us who are on raw diets and would like to enjoy Nutella. How do we do that?


Nutella is technically classified as a dessert topping, much like chocolate syrup. Because of this, a single serving of Nutella is two tablespoons, totaling up to 200 calories and packing 21 grams of fat. Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, wants to change that serving size to one tablespoon because about 60% of the people who eat Nutella slather it on toast for breakfast. As a plus for the company, the consumer would then think that Nutella had fewer calories, fat, and sugar per serving upon glancing at the label.


We want to bring a raw Nutella option to all of our cleansers! And that’s exactly what we are doing now. We have two recipes that do not have excess fat, calories, or sugars. They taste like the real deal without the negatives of regular Nutella. Try the following recipes below and let us know what you think. You may even like it more than the real thing!


Raw Vegan Nutella:


Sometimes you just need a little sweetness in your life, and this is the spread to satisfy that craving. It is not only inpreadably (haha!) delicious, but it also has a unique and island style flavor profile.

Click here to make the recipe.


Creamy Raw Chocolate Spread:


If you like chocolate hazelnut spread but you are on a raw food diet or don’t want all that refined sugar, this is the spread for you. It goes great on raw strawberries, or you can spread it between apple slices to make a healthy dessert sandwich.

Click here to make the recipe.