The Dherbs 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Healthy Gift Ideas

The Dherbs 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Healthy Gift Ideas

What are some classic holiday gift ideas? Most people have exhausted socks or ties for dads, beard products for brothers, fuzzy scarves for mom, and makeup for sisters. It’s time to think outside the box and head in a healthier direction. Let’s forget about repeat gifts and attempt to give gifts that improve the lives of others. 

Often times, the best gift is something that the person will use, or something that will support a healthier lifestyle. Living as healthy as possible is more important than ever before, given the current coronavirus pandemic. Whether you decide on resistance bands for at-home workouts or homemade face scrubs to clear up skin, choose something that focuses on improving the person’s overall wellness. Our wellness team got together and assembled a list of eight healthy gift ideas to give this holiday season.

Homemade Or Customized Face Masks

Since face masks have become an essential accessory nowadays, why not get creative with them? There are many online tutorials that detail how to make simple masks. You can choose the fabric, paint or get creative with custom embroidery, or make fun patterns. Just make sure that the masks are two to three layers for optimum protection. Click here to view the best face mask materials. 

Portable Air Cleaner

This is an item that is also fitting with the times in which we’re living. A portable air cleaner helps remove pollutants and certain viruses from the air in your home, making the air you breathe better for you and others. This is a great gift for apartment dwellers, who may be worried about harmful aerosols. One will cost $100+ so it is an investment, but it’s worth it.

Protein Shaker Bottle

These are relatively affordable and extremely useful. Shaker bottles work for mixing protein powder in a liquid, electrolyte powder in a liquid, or a pre-workout supplement in a liquid. Essentially, these are great for any powder that mixes in with a liquid. The little metal ball breaks up the powder when you shake it to avoid clumping. You can even get a bottle that has a separate storage compartment for the powder, so you don’t have to mix it in the liquid right away.

DIY Skin Care Products

If you are trying to conserve money this holiday season, opt for homemade skin care products for the ones you love. You can whip up a DIY body butter, face mask, moisturizer, lip balm, or whatever you think people will like. Give the gift of non-toxic skin care products that actually improve the health of the skin instead of contaminating it with chemical store bought products.

Health Tracking Device

From the FitBit to the Whoop strap, there are endless devices that help people track their health. People can monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, recovery, steps, and calories burned with these devices. If the person plans to get started on a healthier path come the New Year, this is an excellent gift to help them on their wellness journey.

All-Weather Running Shoes

You have to really know the person before you splurge on a pair of all-weather athletic shoes. Do they run? Will they run if it rains? If the person is gung-ho about running no matter the weather, all-weather athletic shoes are great. They’ll keep feet dry n matter the forecast. Most of these shoes also have reflective materials, which are great for evening or nighttime runs.

Weighted Blanket

Do you want the person to feel like they’re being hugged at all times? Give them a weighted blanket. Everyone should get one of these. Several studies found that they help relieve stress, anxiety symptoms, and they work to improve sleep. Everyone could do with better sleep, right? Right. If you don’t think a weighted blanket is a good idea, try a furry blanket that is perfect for cozying up inside during the colder months. 

Manuka Honey

There isn’t a bad thing to say about Manuka honey, except for the price tag. On the other hand, you’re paying for a quality product that has numerous health benefits. According to scientific studies, Manuka honey can soothe sore throats, improve digestion, reduce acne or accelerate wound healing when applied to the skin, and promote oral health. The person you get this for will love you forever.