The Dos And Don’ts Of Cleansing

The Dos And Don’ts Of Cleansing

Starting the Full Body Cleanse journey is your first step on the road to a healthier body. The body regularly accumulates a variety of toxins and waste, both from food and the environment. By cleansing the body, you help it naturally get rid of waste, helping to hit the reset button on your health.

What Is The Full Body Cleanse?

The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is a 20-day program that works to cleanse the body’s major organs and systems. It consists of six different herbal formulas, and you take five capsules from each of those formulas every day of the cleanse. The cleanse also requires you to modify your diet, focusing only on raw vegan foods that you do not cook. The Full Body Cleanse is first and foremost a product that helps to cleanse the body, even though many people use it as a weight loss tool. Weight loss is simply a benefit of cleansing, along with better immune function, mental clarity, reduced cravings, clearer skin, and enhanced energy levels. 

As many of you know, a car needs regular tune-ups to make sure it runs optimally. Think of the body in the same way. You need to flush the fluids and clean out the major working elements to help the body carry out its regular filtering and self-cleansing functions. In order to do that, you have to cleanse correctly, which is why we’ve detailed the dos and don’ts of cleansing below. 

The Dos

Follow The Diet

Follow the raw vegan diet and don’t stray from it. The raw vegan diet means that you can only eat raw fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds. You cannot eat cooked foods, meat, seafood, poultry, dairy products, processed foods, caffeine, sodas, etc. Too often do people try to cheat on the cleanse with these foods, inhibiting the cleansing process. The raw diet aids the cleansing formulas and provides the body with essential nutrients. 

Eat When You’re Hungry

You don’t have to starve yourself while cleansing! You can eat as much food as you like, so long as you adhere to the raw vegan diet. If you’re hungry, eat so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. Great snacks between meals include a handful of raw nuts, apple slices with raw almond butter, homemade energy bites, or celery sticks and guacamole.

Take The Capsules Correctly

There are 100 capsules in each bottle that comes in the cleanse. That means that there are enough to have five capsules from each bottle every day of the 20-day cleanse. Portion them out the night before in the pill box so that you don’t have to carry the bottles around all day. Make sure that you take them in the correct order, which is detailed in the instructional booklet. 

Engage In Light Exercise

This is not a mandatory requirement for cleansing, but exercising can help promote weight loss if that is your ultimate goal. Aerobic or low-impact cardiovascular exercises are the best, but you can also engage in light weightlifting. Just keep in mind that the raw diet typically reduces your caloric intake, which may mean that you have to alter your traditional workouts. 

Trust The Process

There’s not much more to say than that! The Full Body Cleanse can be difficult, but if you persevere to succeed, you won’t regret it.

The Don’ts

Don’t Go To Parties

We hate to say this, but you should avoid gatherings and dinners with friend groups or family during your cleanse. Going to a restaurant that doesn’t have any raw meals can be torture. Once the food starts arriving at the table, you may want to eat anything and everything in sight. If you have a raw restaurant in your city, treat yourself to a night out there, especially if you have a cleansing partner.

Don’t Veer From The Diet

It’s very easy to slip up on the diet, but you can dig deep and find that determination to stick with it. The most difficult stage is the first three days. Once you find your footing and recipes you enjoy, though, it’s easy to get into a rhythm. Don’t forget that we have a cleanse approved recipe section that gets updated weekly. Click here to view those recipes. 

Don’t Juice For The Whole Cleanse

There’s a lot of hype around juicing, but we don’t recommend you do it for the entirety of the cleanse. The body requires fiber to have regular bowel movements, and you can’t get that via juicing. Smoothies are a better, more fibrous option. If you want to juice, don’t juice for more than three days at a time. 

Don’t Fast

You have to eat in order to eliminate waste. Failure to eat can cause the body to retain water, fat, and excess fluids. The body needs sustenance and nutrients to replenish the major organs and systems. Should you want to partake in a fast or intermittent fasting post cleanse, that is your decision to make. 

Don’t Give Up If You Cheat

Nobody is perfect. It’s very common for people to slip up on the raw vegan diet, as it drastically differs from the Standard American Diet. If you do eat something that is not cleanse-approved, don’t dwell on this slip-up. Acknowledge the mistake and get back on the horse to progress with a positive attitude and more determination to finish successfully. 

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