The Top 5 Food And Nutrition Trends To Expect In 2022

The Top 5 Food And Nutrition Trends To Expect In 2022

It’s safe to say that nothing in this world is certain, especially after a two-year pandemic, supply chain shortages, and new coronavirus variants. Despite all of this, the world prevailed and people are excited to see what happens next, especially in the world of food and nutrition. There are many exciting innovations coming to the market, and health experts have a few predictions you can look forward to.

More and more people seem to understand how their eating habits affect both everyday and long-term healthy. Because of this realization, many health experts predict that these decisions will shape food and nutrition trends in 2022. Continue reading to see what you can look forward to in the health world next year. 

More Superfood Lattes

From mushroom coffee and adaptogen add-ins to turmeric lattes, it’s safe to say that people enjoy superfood additions to their morning coffees. Matcha sales grew 5% over the past year and online searchers for turmeric lattes grew 39%. The superfood latte market continues to grow, offering readymade mixes to easily make these drinks at home. Dietitians only see this trend growing into 2022, especially since more people are aware of the health benefits these drinks offer. You don’t have to hop on the mushroom spirulina coffee train, but you can expect to see new and exciting creations.

More Brain Food

Eating for your brain or mental health was paramount during the last couple years, especially with increasing rates of anxiety and depression. More research also came out surrounding the connection between mental health and diet. Many dietitians believe this trend comes from a growing interest in self-care and more awareness about mental health. People also have an interest in longevity and mental acuity, two things that require optimal nutritional intake. You’ll most likely see more articles and diets focused on keeping you sharp and preventing cognitive decline.

More Immunity Support

If the pandemic taught people anything, it was the importance of the immune system. Not only did this become a trend in 2021, but it will also continue to evolve in 2022, with more people focusing on immune-optimizing foods and supplements. In order to develop immune resilience, you have to train and maintain peak immune system performance. This is why experts foresee a larger emphasis on vitamins C & D, in addition to quercetin, all of which benefit immune function. Ginger turmeric shots, green drinks, and other immune-friendly options will definitely receive more attention in 2022.

More Kelp And Seaweed

Kelp and seaweed have existed in various cuisines and cultures for quite some time. The reason that you can expect to see an increase in kelp- or seaweed-integrated foods is because of the environmental factor. Farming kelp pulls carbon out of the atmosphere, and it’s also a nutrient-dense, plant-based food. According to 2021 statistics, kelp and seaweed articles and recipes increased 54%.

More Interest In Gut Health

Probiotic supplements, fermented foods, kombucha, and other gut-friendly foods will continue to grow well into 2022. The interest in gut health extends beyond the average person. In fact, the medical community has a great interest in the gut-lung axis. Like many other parts of the body, the lungs have their own microbiome, but it’s not as diverse as the one in the gut. New research, however, revealed a connection between gut microbiome and the lungs, also known as the gut-lung axis. A healthy gut benefits the immune system, but it may also be essential for fighting off infections in the lungs as well. A new study found a connection between gut health and lung health. Five probiotic strands were able to reduce symptoms of viral upper respiratory tract infections by 27%, according to clinical trials. This opens the door to probiotics and prebiotics benefiting the lungs and other organs. 



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