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The Week Before You Cleanse: How to Get Ready


The Full Body Cleanse is a challenge. It is not impossible and making it through the full twenty days is not out of your reach. Don’t ever say that you can’t do it, because you can. All you need is commitment and a will to succeed. Commit to this twenty-day regimen and you’ll emerge a healthier, newer version of yourself.


Thousands and thousands of people, who have completed the Full Body Cleanse, have changed their health for the better. Some people have amazing, transformative experiences, losing anywhere from 10-30 pounds, while others eliminate cravings, improve sleep, boost energy levels, and feel healthier overall. All of us here at Dherbs have completed the Full Body Cleanse, so we know that it can be difficult at times. This is why we are providing you with a preparatory tips that you can do leading up to your cleanse.


Step 1: Find Great Recipes

If you eat the same salad every day during the Full Body Cleanse, you will either get bored, lose interest in raw foods, or worse, give up entirely. Making it through the cleanse requires you to step out of your comfort zone and get a little creative with raw foods. Collect your raw food recipes prior to cleansing so that you have them in your arsenal when you start.

A great resource for raw recipes is our Full Body Cleanse Approved recipe section. All of these recipes are acceptable to eat while you are cleansing, and we continually post recipes in that section every week. You also may want to see if there are any raw food restaurants in your area or near your workplace. This saves you the hassle of meal preparation and allows you to treat yourself to a prepared raw meal.


Step 2: Stock Up On Essential Ingredients

There are a lot of foods that you cannot eat while you are cleansing, but there are plenty of raw alternatives. Stock up on some of the following pantry items so that you are good to go.

  • Bragg Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Raw Coconut Aminos to replace soy sauce
  • Raw Almond Butter to replace peanut butter
  • Raw Agave Nectar or Stevia to replace honey, sugar, or sweeteners
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil to replace vegetable or canola oils
  • Herbal Teas to replace coffee
  • Sea salt to replace regular table salt


Step 3: Track Down a Blender

We feel that having a blender while you are cleansing is absolutely essential. Whether you are making smoothies in the morning, dressings for salads, raw soups, or various raw dips, the blender is something you will find yourself using a great deal. Track one down and you will be able to make a ton of recipes to keep you satiated. Blenders range in price and there are many affordable options that work fantastically.


Step 4: Be Prepared for Unexpected Challenges

There is going to come a time, or several times, when you are at work and you are suddenly starving. You might show up at a neighbor’s potluck party and there are only hotdogs and burgers. Succeeding on the Full Body Cleanse is all about planning. Make sure you always have some raw nuts or seeds, dried fruit (without preservatives or added sugars), or raw homemade energy bars at the ready. These things can help you avoid falling off the wagon or cheating while cleansing.


Step 5: Get Your Family’s Support

Before starting with the cleanse, sit down with your household and make sure they’re going to help you succeed. This might mean asking your spouse to make regular dinners for the kids or just for his/herself. It may mean asking your family to not purchase snacks that will tempt you during your cleanse. Lay your cards on the table so that you can succeed.


Step 6: Find a Friend

When you do the Full Body Cleanse with a friend or group of friends, you all can help each other stay on track. Cleansing with a partner or group can help you overcome obstacles and you can even trade recipes. You might even have a raw food party night!


Step 7: Switch to Decaf

Caffeine is not allowed on the Full Body Cleanse! You can’t drink coffee, soda, energy drinks, or caffeinated teas. If you rely on caffeine on a daily basis, we recommend switching to decaf coffee or drinking a cup of green tea in the mornings prior to the start of your cleanse. This will help you avoid caffeine withdrawal headaches.


Step 8: DO NOT Binge on Junk the Night Before

One of the worst things you can do to your body the day before the cleanse is to pig out on junk food. Don’t go out and get drunk, eat a pint of ice cream, or shovel down a double cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake. Your body will pay for it the next day because the cleanse is going to work to get all of those impurities out of your body.


Bonus: Trust the Process 

Like we said, the Full Body Cleanse isn’t easy. It requires you to rethink how you eat and be diligent about what you put in your body, which, of course, takes time and effort. Some days will be easier than others. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a raw food groove and other times you’ll be craving chips or steak. Never tell yourself that you are unable to finish the cleanse. Use the tips we have provided to help you through the cleanse, or give us a call to help you through a tough time. We are here to help. You may even want to put us on speed dial.


Related Questions

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    Q: Hello……I have received my full body cleanse……I am making plans and preparing to start the cleanse next week…..I am viewing the information in the booklet…..I googled the activated charcoal……there has been different reports on it……IS THIS SAFE FOR ME ….To drink this………….….and where can I find recipes that I can put together….during this cleanse that will HELP me make all the necessary adjustments to my diet…….that will assist in the process of this cleanse……..and detox…..thank you for your response…..Thank you for your response….Mrs Marsh

    A: The charcoal is safe for you to consume, it's a major part of the detox program that helps pull out heavy metal toxins and drugs from your body. There are raw food recipes on our website, please look on the left side and find the "recipe" link. Be sure that you're only consuming meals that are indicated as raw. You can also find recipes from other raw food restaurants and health food stores.

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    Q: First of all, I will like to say thanks for such wonderful product. I truly believe that I am blessed to come across this site. My concern is this: I bought the FULL BODY DETOX this is my third and final week on it, yet, I have not had regular bowel movement daily. At times, I may have a movement once a day and after few days have another. One of my excitements was, to lose some weight as well as cleanse myself. What do I need to do? My next step is to buy the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I am waiting for your advice as to what step to take next before buying it. Thanks for your kindness and willingness to listen.


    Lack of bowel movements means your colon is compacted. It may take some time but the herbs will regulate it. Drink more water, drink BOWEL MOVER TEA and also drink prune juice (especially at night before bed). I suggest you perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE next followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I am glad you enjoy Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: A friend of mine purchased the Full Body Cleanse for me but I am a little hesitant about starting the cleanse. I am afraid that I won't be able to go through with it and that maybe I am doing it for all the wrong reasons.I used to weight 140 pounds in high school, but after I went away to college stress and poor eating habits I gained 50 pounds.I have tried a few different things and when I did not notice results I stopped them. Will it be different this time? Will I actually lose weight? I was also considering trying The Female Cleanse after the Full Body Cleanse. Would that also help with weight loss?


    If you follow the diet and take the herbs as recommended you will 100% loose weight. Not only will you be expelling toxins from your system with help of the herbs but you will also be adapting to a raw vegan diet. The diet alone will help you loose weight.
    The Female Cleanse is not design for weigh loss. If weight is what you are focused on then you should perform the Weight Release Cleanse, once you have performed the Full Body Cleanse that is. Never hesitate to call us at 866-434-3727, we would be more than pleased to walk you and guide you through the process.

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    Q: Yes indeed, the Full Body Cleanse Program truly works. I am so very glad that I persevered through the program. I took it like a champ after my first two initial days and the more my body expelled, the easier it was for me to complete the program. I look and feel wonderful!! I have to tell you that I really appreciate you and all the inspiration that I have received from the Dherbs staff. You are all top quality, just like your products. I'll be looking out for the weight loss regimen because I know your company doesn't half-step. Therefore, I'm bound to have results with following the instructions. I will always be one of your regular customers, as well as a walking testimony to all I meet.


    Thank you, we appreciate your kind words.

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    Q: I'm doing the Full Body Cleanse and I have a few questions about it: I get tired of drinking just the distilled water and I'd like to drink the herbal teas, but I don't like it by itself. Would it mess things up to add a pack or two of Splenda to my tea or maybe honey? I can't stand the salads with the olive oil or apple cider vinegar or the lemon juice as dressing and it makes me gag. I have To have some sort of salad dressing. What kind would be suitable? Do I look for sugar-free? Or organic and natural? I found one that is organic and natural, but it has 3 grams of sugar in it. Without eating all my whole grained breads and other fiber, I haven't had much of a bowel movement in 3 days, should I wait a while yet? (I had surgery on my bowels and always had to take fiber tablets and eat lots of grains to get my bowels to move.) I haven't done the enemas yet, (low on money) should I try that? Or should I resume my fiber tablets I normally take? Any type of fiber I could add to my fruit smoothies in the morning? I want to also do the female cleanse. Is it ok to do that immediately after I finish the full body cleanse or should I wait for a little while? Thank you for all your help, I feel much better than I did before and I just started this detox a week ago, lost 10 pounds, too, woohoooooo! Thank you


    1. Instead of splenda, use agave, stevia, or grade b maple syrup as a sweetener.

    2. In re Salad Dressing, an organic and natural one is great. You can also check our website for salad dressing recipes.

    3. The fiber pills are not part of the cleanse, so we wouldn't advise those. Fruit is you best choice of fiber so look into eating more papaya, mango, figs, etc. And yes, colonics (and enemas) would greatly help you - undoubtedly!

    4. You can do the Female Cleanse right after you finish detoxing. There's no need to wait!

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    Q: I heard amazing things about your products! I wanted to know what if any are the differences in the FULL Body Cleanse and the 10 day cleanse? Do they both work at cleansing the full body? Is the 10 day the same as the 20 day Full Body Cleanse? I wanted to try it out and tell all my friends and family.

    A: The 10 Day Express cleanse focuses more so on the detoxification of your blood, liver and colon. The tea that's included in the 10 day cleanse helps cleanse all of your other organs. The 20 day Full Body cleanse includes the formulas that detoxes all of your major organs including the blood, liver, heart, kidney's and colon. The first 10 days of the 20 day cleanse is geared towards detoxing your body, the last 10 days help alkaline the body.

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    Q: I have used many of your products - the full body cleanse, the female cleanse, and I completed the respiratory cleanse last month. I felt great during the cleanse; when I got off of it, I didn't feel that I was eliminating as easily or consistently. I had purchased the Intestinal Cleanser and the Bowel Motion and started taking them together in the evenings, but I missed a few days due to travel. I noticed that I felt horrible during the days that I was taking it (and felt better when I was off of it).....my stomach felt bloated and cramped and I had headaches and low energy. I am wondering if the combination is too strong for me. Do you recommend taking only the Bowel Mover, or are you supposed to take both? Is it possible that I have a digestion problem? I also had purchased the Thyroid herbs. Is it okay to take those at the same time, or should I wait?


    Read our article HEALING CRISIS!

    Herbs don't cause any health problems. They help you to heal from them. You were experiencing healing crisis, which can be unpleasant; but your body doesn't care. it just wants to heal itself.

    I suggest you take these herbs at night right before you go to bed (which is the best time to do so anyway).

    And yes, you can take the Thyroid formula ... but take it in the morning!

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: I just started the Full Body Cleanse today! I reviewed the recipe section for ideas but I'm either allergic to the fruit or don't care for the vegetable. Based upon the Full Cleanse process, are there any other food combination or recipes I can do? I made the veggie shake but it was 'spicy' not sure why? Is there anything else I can add? I appreciate any guidance you can provide.


    Could you explain a little further? What do you mean by allergic to the fruit? Do you have certain fruit allergies or getting a reaction to the fruit? 

    Changes in your body are going to occur. Know that your body builds up a culture of bacteria designed to digest your current diet. Your taste buds may have been hijacked by high fat, high sugar, high salt, chemically processed foods. It will take 3 days or more to begin the chance in culture. You will find as your body cleanses your taste buds will be significantly different.

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    A: You can maintain your heath after doing the cleanse by keeping a healthy balanced diet. After cleansing, your palette, cravings and taste for foods that aren't good for the body can change. The instructional booklet for the Full Body Cleanse provides more insight on how to maintain your results and health after cleansing.

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    Q: Is there such thing as, cleansing too much? From May - July I did a 40 day cleanse. The cleanse was pretty much ridding my diet of refined sugar, flour, alcohol, and animal product for much of the time. I just recently finished the Total Body Cleanse, and will be finishing my series of cleanses with the Total Woman's Cleanse. I personally feel fine, but people keep warning me about over cleansing. Also, bringing up the issue of your body being stripped of the good bacteria (along with the bad). But, I"ve taken probiotic pills (1-2) virtually everyday througout all of my cleanses. Should I be concerned with overcleansing? After this initial year of hard core cleansing, I plan to cleanse maybe once or twice a year. What are you thoughts on probiotics? Like I mentioned, I am taking pills. But I'd like to find foods that provide all that I need so I don't have to take pills.


    Many people are concerned about what happens to the beneficial intestinal flora after colonics are performed. Personally, I think many people put too much energy into worrying about something so inconsequential. If you're really worried about the beneficial intestinal flora after your colonic, you could always take a few capsules of acidophilus (acidophilus bifidus) or a liquid form of acidophilus (dairy-free, of course). I have never taken an acidophilus product after a colonic. I know Nature and my body too well. I know that my body naturally produces everything sold by man in a bottle, and that is purchased from a health food store, including beneficial flora or bacteria. I simply drink a minimum of 4 ounces of vegetable juice after my colonic sessions. If you're into carrot juice, carrot juice is just as effective as acidophilus in restoring good bacteria in the intestines. Juiced cantaloupe is even better than carrot juice in restoring the beneficial flora. Other natural substances that will help the body to repopulate beneficial flora or good bacteria in the intestines include: Blue Green algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, Irish Moss, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Ginger, Cloves, Cayenne, Black Walnut Hull, and Carrot powder. Stop listening to these naysayers and keep doing YOU! You're on the right path!

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    Q: I know 2 people that have used the full body cleanse and the Anti Viral Kit and are now herpes free. I have recently purchased the Full Body Cleanse as well as the Anti Viral Kit. I started the Full Body Cleanse 2 days ago and I am already starting to have a breakout. Actually it is only my second outbreak ever (I had my first 4 months ago). Is it normal to have an outbreak during the detox this quick? My next question, your food guide says that you can eat raw food only during the detox. Would it be unacceptable to eat sashimi while taking the kit?



    Breakout means healing! The body is discharging via the skin, the largest channel of elimination. Keep up with the cleanse to achieve best results.

    Sashimi is not permitted in a raw foods diet, as it is fish. Read the article WHAT IS RAW FOODS on our site under ARTICLES.

    Additional food recipes are listed in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual.

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    Q: I have completed the Pancreas Cleanse, and I'm finishing up the Full Body Detox, I'm very disappointed! Reason being, I thought I would have dropped a lot of the extra weight, and I didn't. I did all raw foods, and started preparing raw snacks, made with nuts and dried fruits. In fact, I think I was eating too many raw nuts. I'm still working to help my body heal from the diabetes, but not sure where to go from here. I still want to lose 35 lbs, and I will continue to eat raw at least 85% to 90%, but I need help with supplements. Where do I go from here? By the way is their any reason why, I lost more weight on the Pancreas Cleanse, instead of the Full Body Detox?


    Too many raw nuts could cause a feeling of being bloated, but nuts are pretty good to eat while detoxing. Most people don't have a problem with nuts, while cleansing. Okay, so you have diabetes and the weight is from the diabetes association, correct? It is ideal to first perform the Full Body Detox, followed by the Pancreas Cleanse. If you don't release the full 35 pounds of weight with these 2 kits, you then perform either the 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanse, or the Weight Release Cleanse. Also, whether cleansing or not, drink 2 cups of Pancreas Tea daily. If the weight (waste), is due to the diabetes then your body responded to the contents of the Pancreas Cleanse (because your body needed it), and this is a sign that you should only be performing the Pancreas Cleanse, and not the other cleanses I named above.

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    10 Day Supreme Colon Cleanse
    Pancreas Tea
    Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen
    Pancreas Cleanse and Regimen

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    Q: I've been taking the Full Body Cleanse for almost 2 weeks. In general, I feel much better. My question is if I can eat spirulina. and/or Ultimate Meal (mainly is Quinoa, millet, brown rice, yellow pea protein, spirulina and another natural ingredients) as breakfast or lunch. In case you do not know Ultimate Meal you can see it at www.ultimatelife.com Thank you. Ricardo. Your customer service rep told me after full body detox is good to take cholesterol formula. Is enough or Do I need to take lose weight tabs? after the full body cleanse? I am taking care of my diet and exercise 3 -4 times a week 2 hours each with stationary bike or tread mill and exercises with weights.


    Spirulina and Ultimate Meal are excellent supplementary products to take in order for your body to receive an adequate amount of protein while on the cleanse.

    Yes, take Cholesterol Formula (and Intestinal Cleanser) after you complete the cleanse. These products will serve as a transitionary period as your body slowly accustoms to returning back to normal routines.

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    Q: I read the food chart for the FULL BODY DETOX. Is it ok to eat the cream of wheat while detoxing? I'm confused because on the food chart it mentioned alot of different foods, but it tell you the best thing to do is a all raw food diet such as salads and fruit, smoothies... I also plan to do the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN right after the FULL BODY DETOX and that requires a all raw food diet as well. So that means 2 months of strictly raw foods right? :( Its tough but I am determined too get rid of this hsv1 & hsv 2


    I suggest you read the article â€WHAT IS RAW FOODS†as it will help you to understand what to eat and what not to eat on the FULL BODY DETOX. Yes, all raw foods for 2 months (to the best of your ability, Beloved). YOU CAN DO IT, BELOVED! Did you read our "GENITAL HERPES" article?

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    Q: Hello, I am toward the end of Full Body Cleanse. I got my period 3 days ago..very strange thing happened. I used to have very heavy period with big blood clots...but I don't have this at all this time!! What is this mean? Does this mean that my blood is cleansing? I am happy...but I need to know what is going on. I have a fibroid. I bought fibroid formula so that I can take them after Full Body Cleanse.


    Your menstrual cycle is regulating itself as impurities and toxins are removed. Now that you are near the end of your cleanse, your body is returning to its normal, optimal state, which includes your menstrual cycle and symptoms.

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    Q: I just completed the Full Body Cleanse about two weeks ago and started the Pancreas Formula for my pancreas... I don?t have the money for the full kit but after the Full Body Cleanse I?ve notice my blood averaging +-200.....it had reached a low of 124 during detox. I bought cromium and have used it since the onset of detox at about 1200 mcg per day! My Pancreas is a piece of crap!!!!! I haven?t had ANY thing with added sugar or artificial, just green tea with stevia to sweeten it. NO Treats! The only regular food I get now is like lean cuisine type once or twice a day with fresh vegetables or fresh made Veg juice....I had went from 327lbs to 289lbs during detox but since I?ve went back up settling at about 296 and stable. I have cut everything I love out of my life! No Sugar, No Milk Products. About 6 ounces of meat A WEEK eat mostly live vegetables yet I see a Pancreas that needs to be punished for ruining my life!!!!! I try to help it and this is what it does for me! I don?t know what to do next.


    If you can't afford the full kit or kits, order and drink some of our Herbal Teas to help maintain the pancreas in its normal healthy secretion. Cinnamon Tea can also provide additional benefits.

    We also recommend a daily pancreas regimen of: Pancreas Aid, Pancreas Formula, and Sugar Control.

    Your vegetable juice should consist of GREEN BEAN (Snap pea) and/or BRUSSEL SPROUTS, to help maintain pancreatic health.


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    Q: I completed FULL BODY DETOX and the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I went to get a full STD test including HIV the 1st week in July. My results were normal, but I called the doctor back to make sure herpes was included in the tests she ran and her nurse said I will need to come back in for that additional test. Since I finished the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN I still include fruits/veggies in my daily meals and I moderate other foods, but I totally cut out beef, Pork and I have some chicken, but primarily I will eat fish if I have the urge for meat. Now that I have to go back to get additional test for herpes I am nervous because I thought she covered all std tests the first time and I was happy that everything was normal like my pap smear, blood work, etc. I am really scared? If the results are not what I am looking for what do I need to do? Do I need to do the FULL BODY DETOX again? Or just order the anti-viral kit or just the anti-viral capsules? I am trying to stay positive but doctor visits are not my happiest moments!


    Being nervous is a sign of doubt and doubt is the subconscious will to fail. The best thing you could do is think positive and feel secure right now in the moment!

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    Q: I am doing the the Full Body Detox, the Anti Viral Cleanse, and then the 10 Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse. I am trying to fully heal form so called HIV. I started seeing brown spots on my palm, and bottom of my feet. I am trying not to freak out. I am drinking distilled, and alkaline water. Also eating salads, smoothies(not diary), and fresh fruits. I plan on going to find a sauna and get my Charka balance. What else can I do to make these spots go away?


    Don't put too much emphasis on getting rid of HIV! Focus on optimal health, and well-being. Get your mind right! Recommended reading, The Mental Science Manual e-book. Subconsciously, and subtly you have already freaked out, and your body knows it. Relax! Chill Out! Focus on healing! Not on disease! You can and will heal! Keep the faith!

    Product Links:
    The Mental Science Manual

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    Q: I completed my Full Body Cleanse a week ago. During my detoxfication period I noticed at night (while sleeping) my body would become very hot and I was sweating in my sleep. This behavior continued 2 weeks after I finished the detox. Can you tell me what might cause this?


    You were experiencing HYPERTHERMIA whereby the body raises it owns heat level or temperature to induce sweating which is very therapeutic, as sweating is a form of excreting via the skin, a form of elimination.

    Remember, the skin is the largest organ of elimination. The body will use the skin when the other channels need a rest (due to their healing, which takes place during the detox).

    Your body also chose this way of eliminating so as to help your skin by helping your pores to open up and breathe. If this lasted 2 weeks after your detox, this is a sign that your skin needs attention ( i.e. hot baths with 1 box of sea salt added per every bath). Watch what you use/put on your skin, i.e. mineral oil, powder/talc, etc.

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    Q: I am in need of cleansing my body and weight removal! (Removal and not loss because I don't want to find it again)! I need to remove about 80 pounds of unhealthy weight from my body and would like to do so in a natural way. I looked at both your Female Cleanse and the Full Body Cleanse, but don't know which is a better option for me to follow right now? I eat a lot of organic foods, I juice (some) but need to increase my water intake (A LOT). I don't drink much soda at all and when I do it is organic carbonated lemonade. I realize carbonated drinks are not good for us and limit how much I drink. My body lets me know when I have eaten something that is not good for me by causing my hands and feet to swell. To reduce this I drink water. I am allergic to wheat and try to stay away from it as much as possible. I have few ailments and have started working out again (cardio and weight training). I also looked at your weight loss products, but thought I should maybe detox first. What do you think? Any assistance you can offer on your products and which ones I should take is of great appreciation.

    A: The best thing for you is the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse will allow you to remove unwanted weight, while also optimizing your entier body so that you can maintain that weight and live a healthier lifestyle.