These 3 Foods May Reduce Wrinkles And Dark Spots

These 3 Foods May Reduce Wrinkles And Dark Spots

If you eat certain foods, especially unhealthy foods, you probably know how they affect your body. Perhaps your stomach hurts more if you eat a lot of fried foods. Maybe you feel more bloated after consuming a lot of pasta. The foods you eat influence your digestive health, but research shows that there is a link between nutrition and skin health. 

Researchers already know that the gut-skin axis influences skin inflammation management. If you eat more pro-inflammatory foods, the skin can age more quickly. High-glycemic foods can trigger acne flare-ups, especially in people who are genetically predisposed to acne. Eating too many sugary foods can lead to fragmented or hardened collagen, which weakens the skin’s foundation and increases the risk of premature aging. 

Learning about the foods that negatively affect the skin is just as important as figuring out which ones promote healthy skin. When you focus on consuming foods with skin-enhancing nutrients, you may notice more youthful skin. If you want to promote smoother, softer, and firmer skin, add the following three foods to your diet.


If you enjoy the tropical sweetness of mango, consider your skin lucky! As long as you consume mangos in moderation, they may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. One study monitored the effects of consuming either a half-cup of mangos or a cup and a half of mangos, four times per week for 16 weeks. At the end of the study, researchers found that there was a reduction in wrinkle severity with the half-cup of mangos. The study authors attributed that to the carotenoid and flavonoid content of mangos. In the one and a half cup serving, however, the appearance of wrinkles increased. That is likely because of the higher sugar content. 


If you need a midday snack to keep you full between meals, almonds are a great option. Not only do they satiate you, but they may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In a prospective randomized controlled study, dermatologists found that snacking on almonds helped ease dark spots and wrinkles. A separate study consisting of post-menopausal women examined almond consumption on several skin parameters. Study results suggested that daily almond consumption was able to reduce wrinkle severity and facial pigment intensity. In fact, daily almond consumption for 16 weeks showed a 16% reduction in wrinkles, compared to a controlled group. Dark spots reduced by 20%. Study authors attribute this quality to the antioxidant compounds in almonds, such as vitamin E. 


The thing to note about salmon is that you want to purchase wild caught salmon, not farm-raised salmon. Does salmon reign supreme when it comes to omega-3 content? Although it does not top the omega-3 charts, it does have a high content, which is good news for your skin, heart, and brain. Studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids decrease UV-induced skin stress, enhance skin hydration, and provide photo-protection. The fatty acids are just the tip of the beneficial iceberg, though. Salmon contains lots of antioxidants, including an impressive one called astaxanthin. According to research, astaxanthin improves skin hydration, elasticity, and texture. It may also help reduce fine lines and age spots. 

In a randomized controlled trial with 46 healthy female participants, researchers monitored a group that took astaxanthin capsules and a group that took placebo pills. In the astaxanthin group, researchers noted decreased wrinkle parameters in comparison to the placebo group. Another trial found that astaxanthin supplements helped reduce wrinkles after 16 weeks. 

In conclusion, what you eat influences how your skin looks as you age, for better or for worse. Although we are not advocating an all-or-nothing diet, keep in mind that the more you know about food, the healthier, and sexier, your body can be. Eat things that bring you joy, but know how different foods affect you.

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