These Are The Safest Holiday Activities For Your Family

These Are The Safest Holiday Activities For Your Family

The holidays are basically around the corner, but it’s hard to get excited about them when COVID-19 numbers are on the rise. Many county officials issued new safer-at-home orders to help keep people as safe as possible during the upcoming holidays. These orders don’t have to dampen your holiday experience, though. You can easily stay safe while enjoying fun activities with your family. 

Health is wealth, everyone, and there are ways to invite fun and joy into your holiday life without endangering your family. The responsible thing to do is avoid risky situations, and there are many outdoor activities that are perfectly safe, even fun! Many cities put on their creative hats to develop unique, fun experiences for people during the holidays. Stay safe and stay healthy while enjoying the following pandemic-safe activities with your family.

Skiing, Snowboarding, And Sledding

These classic winter activities are obviously for people who live in areas where it snows. Don your finest winter gear and brave the cold because these outdoor activities are some of the safest things you can do all winter. You are in layers, almost everyone wears a facial covering to keep their face warm anyways, and you are outside with the fresh mountain air. If you don’t snowboard or ski, find an uncrowded snowy hill and bust out the sled, or trashcan lid and get to sledding!

Viewing Outdoor Lights

Missing out on some classic holiday cheer? Most cities have ticketed events with special holiday light setups, but this will depend on city restrictions. Almost all of these events are walkable attractions, and the best part is that they are outdoors. You’ll have to check events in your city to see what’s offered. You can also go to a neighborhood tree lighting ceremony. This is also relatively low-risk, so long as you maintain distance from others and wear facial coverings. 

Holiday Drive-Thru

For people who are looking to remain in their cars and avoid all potential interactions with strangers, a holiday drive-thru is your best bet. This holiday activity is great for children because they design the attractions with children in mind. They often have video-projections with synchronized light shows and moving holiday pieces. Since everyone is itching to get out and do something, these events book up quickly, so you need your tickets like yesterday. 

Drive-In Movies

Yes, drive-in movies made a comeback in 2020. Before the coronavirus pandemic, movie-going seemed like a thing of the past. In corona times, people live for the drive-in movie events, which started during the summer. Purchase tickets for your car, drive to the venue, and enjoy the show. Just make sure that your car has FM radio so that you can tune in to the movie. Also, be sure to turn the engine on every now and again during the movie so that your car will start when it’s time to go. Most drive-in events actually have jumper cables for this exact reason.

Family Game Night

Ultimately, this is the safest recommendation on this list because there’s no need to leave the house. The way to keep it safe is to only include members of your immediate household. Inviting people from other households dramatically increases your risk of COVID-19 transmission. Pull out Twister, Trouble, Pictionary, Cranium, Throw Throw Burrito, or Cards Against Humanity. Whatever you do, don’t pull out Monopoly because that’s a surefire way to ruin relationships. It just never ends well.

Whatever you do, try to limit your time indoors with strangers. Don’t go waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap for Christmas photos or anything of the sort. Make the holidays about togetherness within your household. Make sure to take precautions when you venture out into the world because COVID-19 cases are climbing in the middle of cold and flu season. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday season. 



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