These Astrological Signs Make For The Best Power Couples

These Astrological Signs Make For The Best Power Couples

If you subscribe to astrology and are interested in your partner’s sign, you likely understand that the stars may influence compatibility. Some signs are more compatible than others, with some signs having the ability to reach power couple status. You may also know that the wrong sign may not gel with your lifestyle and personality. Who is the best match for your sign and what signs are the best for each other? Read on to find out. 

Power couples in the zodiac world may not always be your typical astrological matches. Earth signs go well with water signs and fire signs go well with air signs. What makes a true power couple, though? The belief is that a dynamic energy has to exist between the signs to inspire each person to reach goals. Your partner should bring something to the table that you don’t bring yourself. Not only does this create a great match within love, but also in the workplace. 

Leo And Virgo

A power couple to the core, Leo and Virgo help uplift each other to bring out the best in one another. Both signs are typically confident within their own working spheres, and they each have a desire to do something purposeful. Together, Leo and Virgo can create something big, because Leo has a strong vision and Virgo executes it. Leo can easily get Virgo in check, which is crucial because the Virgo sign tends to overthink things. At the same time, Leo has concrete ideals and creative goals, but may not always know how to put them into action. It is Virgo’s self-oriented detail that helps Leo’s dreams come true. 

Aries And Aquarius

It’s the dawning of the age of Aries and Aquarius, because there is never a dull moment between the two. This makes the relationship very exciting. Both signs are very adventurous and up for anything, so they tend to try new things and have a great time during the process. Other couples may grow tired of each other, but Aries and Aquarius never tire of each other’s company. They love doing things together as a unit, making them a powerful force. 

Virgo And Scorpio

Virgos are very analytical, critical, and dedicated to service. They are ruled by Mercury and have a mutable modality. Scorpios, on the other hand, have a fixed modality and tend to be deep, intense, and occasionally mysterious. Virgo and Scorpio do really well together because they create an unexpected magic that is somewhat of a healing mix. Both signs have a knack for interrogation and analysis, and they both love to see the various layers of things. Scorpio appreciates Virgo’s stamina and they build a solid foundation of trust, which is atypical for either sign. The power these two have on one another is truly special because if they agree on a vision, then it is set in stone.

Libra And Gemini

Intellectual connection is at the core of a relationship between a Gemini and Libra. The mind is very sexy and interesting to both of these signs. Both signs are mentally motivated, so they enjoy learning more and more about each other as the relationship progresses. Because these signs understand and appreciate each other, they make for an excellent match. That means that they work great together to achieve one common goal, all the while keeping the peace by offering knowledge, friendship, and understanding. 

Leo And Sagittarius

This is the motivational pairing that keeps on keeping on. Leo is a self-reliant and ambitious sign, so it’s natural that it would pair with a sign that is equally as strong. Sagittarius sign is equally motivational, very hopeful and forward-thinking. The power comes from the fact that these signs treat each other as king or queen, and they never settle for the bare minimum. They continually strive for the best, especially when it comes to each other’s happiness. 

Pisces And Scorpio

This is a very intuitive couple because these zodiac signs can get in each other’s minds and know what each other is thinking. It’s almost as if they think the same ideas or feelings themselves! Scorpio and Pisces aren’t just interested in intellect; they also have a thirst to understand the body and soul, learning what makes the other person tick. Because they want to know everything about each other, they create a powerful pair. They hold high respect for each other and they aren’t afraid of being romantic, no matter how over-the-top or mushy it is.



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