These Foods Will Help You Have More Fun In The Bedroom

These Foods Will Help You Have More Fun In The Bedroom

When things start to slow down in the bedroom, people naturally want to counteract the downward turn and reignite the passion. You can easily take action and kickstart your sex life by focusing on foods that function as aphrodisiacs. The foods in this article help spark the romance between you and your partner. Continue reading to see what’s on the menu.


Figs are sweet, succulent, and have been sexualized throughout history because they help to enhance libido. Both men and women can benefit from consuming figs because they are rich in amino acids, which help to improve sexual function. Some studies determined that figs are natural aphrodisiacs. Consume them dried or fresh to reap the benefits.


Attention men: if you are failing to perform in the bedroom, spinach could be the right vegetable for you. The high magnesium levels help to increase blood flow by reducing blood vessel inflammation, which improves circulation. Guys who include spinach on their dinner plate can help increase blood flow to sexual organs for better performance in the bedroom.


Has your sex life hit a dry spell? It’s time to add avocados to your diet because they help bring a fiery passion to the bedroom. Avocados are rich in vitamin B6, which helps to boost libido and put a little more pep in your step. Additionally, avocados contain vitamin E, a necessary antioxidant that promotes healthier blood flow to increase sex drive.


In addition to the mood enhancing benefits, pomegranates contain powerful polyphenols that enhance blood flow to the heart. How does this help? Not only does this help you stay engaged in the passion for longer, but it also keeps you in the mood. If you haven’t noticed by now, healthy blood flow is necessary for late night fun to ensue.


There is something enchanting about the musky scent of truffles. It’s weird, but studies show that this musk helps turn you on. The alpha-androstenol compound in truffles acts as a pheromone, which is the scent that humans detect on other humans, increasing attraction. Even though they are pricey, get your hands on some real truffles to get things going.

Chili Pepper

Isn’t it fitting that a spicy food made it on a list of foods that spice things up in the bedroom? Red chilies are known for their ability to boost metabolism, but they rarely get attention for their sexual benefits. Some of these benefits relate to the physical response that results from eating spicy food. Heart rate increases and you begin to sweat. Do you see where we are going with this?


Even though it makes your pee smell weird, asparagus is great for late night bedroom activity. The phallic shape of asparagus spears may have something to do with the aphrodisiac status. Asparagus contains vitamin B6, which helps increase arousal and contributes to more intense orgasms for men and women.


Strawberries are sexy, plain and simple, but they also taste great and benefit your health in more ways than one. They contain high levels of zinc, which helps you last longer in the bedroom. Zinc works to boost testosterone levels, which can improve sexual performance. Make sure to enjoy this healthy dessert before you get to the real dessert.

In conclusion, the foods you eat can either dampen or enhance libido. A poor diet can lead to numerous health complications, so it is best consume healthier foods for a healthier sex life. Erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and vaginal dryness are all linked to poor diet, so eat the right foods to help improve sexual function.