These Signs Indicate That Your Bra Is Too Tight

These Signs Indicate That Your Bra Is Too Tight

Did you know that about 70% of women wear a bra size that is too small for them? It may not seem like a big deal, but an ill-fitting bra can increase chest or rib pain, general discomfort, irritated skin, or completely restrict certain movements. The goal is to be comfortable, but bras, along with tight jeans, may not always make the list of comfortable clothing items. If taking off your bra has become the highlight of your day, you’re probably wearing the wrong bra size

Women who get into the habit of wearing the wrong bra size commonly experience similar symptoms. Underwire may poke at your chest, straps may dig into your shoulders, and the band may cause rib pain. While these are not life-threatening symptoms, they can lead to other symptoms that include headaches, backaches, or even shortness of breath. All of those symptoms can make any woman want to unlock her bra strap immediately.

Wearing a bra that fits correctly can be a life-changing experience. A well-fitting bra will allow for maximum mobility and optimal bodily functions. In fact, many chiropractors say that ill-fitting bras increase the need for regular adjustments to realign the spine. Ideally, the band should rest at the bottom of your shoulder blades and all of your breast tissue should fit in the cup. That means no spillage out of the top or the bottom. Once you find the perfect bra, which can be a challenge, you may spare yourself from the following symptoms. 

Upper Body Pain

One of the most common bra-related issues is that the cup is too small and the band is too loose. An unsupportive and uncomfortable bra can increase the risk of shoulder and back pain. To compensate for a loose band, many women tighten the straps too much, which strains the shoulders. Listen up, ladies, shoulder indentions are not normal and your bra shouldn’t cause shoulder pain. Relying on the straps for support is a mistake because you really want support from the band. 


Chafing is a common issue with different types of bras, but many women report the most chafing after wearing sports bras. Movement causes friction between the skin and fabric, and a bra that’s too tight can rub the skin in an uncomfortable way. Tight clothing often increases irritation and the inflammation of hair follicles, according to dermatologists. Regular irritation makes it easier for bacteria on the skin to penetrate hair follicles, which causes infection. If your bra is the right fit and you still experience chafing or irritation, consider a bra with a wider band.


If there’s more boob out of the bra than in the bra, one thing is crystal clear: it’s too small for you. There’s no reason that your breasts should not fit snuggly within the cups, nor should the underwire should sit on the breasts. You may need to move up to a cup size that offers more support, less movement, and a smoother look under your clothes. A fitted underwire should trace the root of your breasts and lie flat on the ribcage. No woman wants the quad-boob look!

The Band Squeezes Your Back

There’s no reason that the band should squeeze the life out of your back. This could mean that your band is either too tight or too high up on your back. Since the band is where support comes from, it’s integral to choose the right style and size. Tighter does not equate to a better bra; rather, it typically means that you need a more supportive style with a thicker band. 

Regular Adjusting

You know that there’s a problem with your bra if you pull, tug, and constantly readjust it throughout the day. There are a few reasons that call for regular adjustments. It’s very possible that the style is wrong, but the cups may be too small or too big. Lastly, the band may be too big. If a bra shifts with every movement you make, it’s time to find a bra that fits in order to address these issues. 

Pain Under Your Breasts

If you ever experience a line under your boobs, especially if it’s red or itchy, then something may be up with the underwire. Older bras that have worn fabric that exposes the underwire should be thrown out. The skin under the breasts is very sensitive and should not be directly exposed to wire. If this is not the case, the underwire may not properly fit the chest and is moving around too much. This causes friction and irritation, two things no woman should experience while wearing a bra.



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