This Is How Dherbs CEO Helped Val Warner Lose 20 Pounds

This Is How Dherbs CEO Helped Val Warner Lose 20 Pounds

After going on Windy City Live for the first time, Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin talked with Val Warner about cleansing. Val wanted to slim down more, but she thought that she reached her plateau and that her body could shed any more weight. Well, A.D. convinced Val Warner to do the 20-day Full Body Cleanse and she took on the challenge.

Last month, Val and A.D. appeared on The Steve Harvey Show to reveal her transformation. It’s truly amazing how much A.D. was able to help her. He organized workouts to benefit her body type and coached her about what foods could help her on her weight loss journey. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself in the video below.

Cleansing has truly changed the way Val looks at food. She finds herself eating more fresh fruits and vegetables because she realized how amazing she while cleansing. We at Dherbs always hope that people learn to look at food a little differently after cleansing, and Val has done just that. Let her tell you about the foods she loves to eat now, even after the cleanse!



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