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This Stretch Makes Your Knees Feel 10 Years Younger

The knees support roughly 80% of your bodyweight. Whether you are standing, walking, jumping, running, or lifting weights, you are consistently putting stress on your knees. This explains why so many people (1 in 5) experience knee pain at some point in life. While many people with knee pain believe that the best thing to do is nothing at all, it has actually been proven that keeping the joint(s) mobile is the best thing for rehabilitation.


What is one thing that we know is good for us, but may not necessarily do all the time? If your answer was, “Eat vegetables,” we are thrilled, but that is not the answer we were looking for. “Stretching” is the correct answer. Stretching is an excellent way to help improve mobility, relieve muscle pain, and a great way to keep your joints healthy.


When it comes to stretching, however, many people stretch incorrectly. A lot of people stretch too quickly, often times bouncing to “increase the stretch.” Sometimes people just end up stretching the wrong area of the body altogether. Stretching the knees, and legs for that matter, requires your back to be straight and immobile.


Stretch Your Calves:

If you have tight calves, it can lead to inward knee movement, which can cause pain. The standing calf stretch is very easy to do and can help prevent knee pain. Place the balls of your feet on the edge of a stair, small ledge, or curb and let your heels drop below the step. Hold this for 30 seconds and rest before repeating.


Hamstring Stretch:

The hamstrings run from your hips to your knees, so keeping them flexible can reduce knee pain. The common mistake, when it comes to a hamstring stretch, is to bend down and touch your toes. That stretches your back and other leg muscles more than anything. It is best to lie on your back in front of a doorway. Lay one leg through the doorway and raise the other leg up the wall; your butt should be touching the wall. Loop a belt or tension band around the ball of your foot and pull down. Stay there for 10-15 slow breaths before repeating on the other leg.


The Stretch To Make Your Knees Feel Younger:

Sit on a chair or couch. Start by folding a dishtowel in half and place it directly behind one of your knees, trying to get it as high up into the joint as possible. Put your heel on the edge of a chair and slowly contract your calf and hamstring. Repeat this on the other side. This exercise works to open up space in the knee, allowing better circulation in the joint and a decreased risk of joint inflammation.







Related Questions

  • Q: I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) about 10 years ago. I have used the medical drugs to no avail. I fell and fractured my tibia in 2005 and had a knee replacement in 2007. My ankles, knees, wrists and hands stay swollen with much stiffness in my legs, knees, ankles and hands. Additionally, I have gained weight. I would much rather not move around due to much pain in my knees and ankles. What do you recommend I do to get myself back into a healthy condition?


    I suggest you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX. After this kit, perform a daily regimen of: JOINT FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, and ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD (3 capsules each of each formula spread out throughout the day, not all together). Please read our â€ARTHRITIS†article as I feel it would be very beneficial for you. You CAN heal for this situation!

  • Q: I have using your products for a while now your vitamin and knee and joint formula so far I feel different but I still have a lot of my hair fallen out my head is so tender I don't even like to comb it an and I also have some dark spot on my foot which is pain full.


    Give our Hair, Skin, & Nails formula a try. This formula helps to provide necessary nutrients for the building process of proteins in hair.

    Use all-natural brands of shampoos and conditioners without harmful chemicals. These shamppos nourish the hair, instead of stripping the natural oils from it.

  • Q: I have pain in my knee joints, when I have to bend real low (like under the sink or pick up something. They hurt and get real stiff. But when walking I'm ok. I don’t wear heels alot. Can you suggest an herb or something over-the-counter. I want to lose weight and I would like something like a fat burner.



  • Q: My friend was running and heard a pop in his knee. Shortly after, there was tremendous pain and swelling. He also could not extend his leg fully, or bend it backwards past a certain degree. Nor, could he put his weight on it. An MRI revealed that his posterior cruciate ligament(which we were told is very rare)possibly has a complete tear, and would need major surgery eventually. Do you have any suggestions for ways to naturally heal this ligament? He is still experiencing pain after 1 month and the pain medicine (ibuprofen)is causing him to vomit.


    Sometimes, unnatural practices require unnatural approaches to healing, i.e. surgery, physical therapy, etc. Herbs can only assist in the repair but should not expected to do what only surgery and/or other modalities may be other to do (to undo the damage from running). Herbal wise, the person should consume large amounts of MSM Sulfur (9 capsules per day, or 3 capsules 3 times per day), Dherbs.com Joints Formula (3 capsules 2 times per day), and Dherbs.com Enzymes (3 capsules 2 times per day).

  • Q: My knees make noise when I walk up or down stairs. There is small pain associated with this noise, but the noise is annoying. I've done strength training for the quadriceps and calves, but this has not eliminated the noise. What product will assist with this issue?


    It's not a product alone that can help you. It's a message to you from your body. Knees denote RIGIDITY in life. You need to bend, go with the flow in life. Bend - be flexible!

  • Q: Do you have any herbal recommendations for hearing a grinding noise from your knees while walking or running? I'm thinking that the cartilage must be wearing down. There is no pain associated with it, just concern. Will the Joint Aid help? Thanks


    Yes, the Joint Aid can be very beneficial in restoring joint flexibility and mobility. Also, MSM Sulfur can help cushion your knee joints to help prevent the grinding.

  • Q: I am working towards healing my knees of chronic pain. Played football thru college and now its difficult to run without pain. Is this a mucus issue or inflammation issue in my knees? What is the best herb for this?


    We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse. It helps reduce the amount of inflammation and mucus in the body that often leads to joint issues. After detoxing, your body starts to function better, as it gives the body the reset it needs. We suggest taking the MSM Sulfur and Joint Aid after the Full Body Cleanse. These two supplements help repair bone and joint health.

    Full Body Cleanse - https://www.dherbs.com/store/full-body-cleanse-p-1.html

    Joint Aid - https://www.dherbs.com/store/joint-aid-p-42.html

    Calcium Formula - https://www.dherbs.com/store/calcium-formula-p-12.html

    MSM Sulfur - https://www.dherbs.com/store/msm-sulfur-p-49.html A

  • Q: I had knee surgery approximately a year ago for a torn and flipped meniscus. Currently, I am running, swimming and cycling and experiencing stiffness, and swelling in my right knee. Do you have any herbs to reducing the swelling in my right knee?



  • Q: I suffer from joint pain in my shoulder, elbow, back and neck. I don’t know if it is arthritis or what. do you have a product for severe joint pain?


    Yes, I would recommend JOINT FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, and ACID BUSTER formulas. Also, read our article on â€ARTHRITISâ€.

  • Q: How do charkas heal the body? What would be a good chakra for chronic knee pain? What chakra would be good for depression?


    Chakras do not heal the body! Chakras are a part of the body, and you can heal through the chakra. Chakras are energy centers and you can perform energy work on the chakras to help the physical body heal as well as the emotional and mental and spiritual aspects of the body or person to heal. For knee pain, I would recommend the following Dherbs.Com formulas: FULL BODY DETOX JOINT FORMULA MSM SULFUR CALCIUM FORMULA For depression, great formulas would include: NERVES FORMULA ELATION INSPIRANT SIXTH CHAKRA ANTI-DEPRESSION ELIXIR These can be found in our â€ON-LINE STORE†Please visit. I go a little into the subject of depression in my â€SUICIDE†article. Please read it!

  • Q: I have a challenge; I have waste in joints and or tissue in my right knee. It’s painful and I can't sleep well at night nor walk without pain. What is causing inflammation?



  • Q: My husband is experiencing severe lower back pain, and numbness in his leg. He has already had a series of epidural shots in his spine, and the pain is still there. He has been a body builder, and a healthy eater in the past. He is retired Army and thinks alot of the pain is due old injuries. I do not see any herbs for severe back pain. He is on Flexerol, 800 ml of motrin, and I believe next they will suggest surgery (fuse the bones together). Can you tell us what may help his back?


    It appears his condition is self-inflicted and not degenerative in nature, so herbs exclusively would not be of great help; only partial help. The drugs are making his condition worse. I would suggest he give the Full Body Detox, a try so as to purify his body so REAL healing can begin. The pain may always exist, but it could be contained. He should also see a chiropractic. Being honest too, what he is experiencing is the effect of his cause (what he did to his body under the guise of what he thought was the right thing to do in bodybuilding, and eating what he thought was healthy food). Detox first! But if he can't give up the drugs, I wouldn't recommend detoxing as herbs and drugs don't mix!

    Can I Take Medication With My Herbs?

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox

  • Q: I had recently been taking ibuprofen for joint pain and stopped after about 4 mos as I noticed it, or something else has caused my ankles and feet to swell preventing me from wearing my cowboy boots. I have taken a glucose tolerance test that showed I was breaking down sugar(s) properly. Is there anything you can recommend to reduce the swelling I'm experiencing?


    Try HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, JOINT FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, and ACID BUSTER formulas. Also, start soaking in hot water and 2 boxes of sea salt (daily).

  • Q: I"m writing to ask about how to COMPLETELY get rid of stretch marks from my stomach, from childbirth of course. Also, how to dissolve cellulite from stomach by next Summer 2009.


    Please read our articles on "STRETCH MARKS" and "CELLULITE" that you can find in our articles section.

  • Q: I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago and looking back, I see how I opened myself to contract the dis-ease. I have been symptom and medication free since October 2007, due to a major lifestyle change. STRESSFREE!!! The joints in my hands and feet are still paining me, especially my feet (no cute shoes for me). Although I prefer to be barefoot, (maybe I should move to a warmer climate), I need to get rid of these pains in my joints. I would like to know what could be the message that I'm obviously missing and is manifesting as joint pain?


    The joints deal with bending and the metaphysical message the joints convey is being too rigid, too stiff or stubborn. Learn to bend in many respects. Let go! Go with the flow. This applies to some area of your life (life issues).

  • Q: I had 2 jaw bone (cavitations) surgeries, from holistic dentist, a dentist I went to prior caused major trauma to the bone and 3 days later my whole face was on fire, this has been 3 years since this happened, he might have pushed the infection I had in my system through the nerves, I am a whole lot better but still experience pain, pressure and fogginess in my head causing me not to think straight at times, pain behind my ears and in lower jaw, as well as discomfort and pressure. I would like to know what product would be good for this, the brain and heart circulation herb? I pretty much have to stay on a raw food diet to maintain my health but this is not totally getting rid of the problem, there is inflammation and pain in my jaws if I eat the wrong thing. Could you please guide me in the right direction?


    Herbs to try: BRAIN TUNER, NERVES FORMULA, MSM SULFUR, and HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA. Also, purchase OXY-DROPS for your drinking water (10-20 drops per glass).

  • Q: I gave birth six weeks ago, and in addition to stretch marks, I have all kinds of nasty looking things all over my skin. Do I need to do a cleanse, and if so what should I use?


    YES! I would recommend you perform the Full Body Detox as soon as possible. I am also recommending you use our Oz-Oil (rubbing on your skin everyday after showering or bathing.

    The Alternative Diet & Lifestyle and Full body Detox Manuals are also recommended for the bathing therapies they offer.

  • Q: My father (age 56 who's between healthy and sick. jogs every morning, but doesn't eat healthy) has pain traveling from knee, back to shoulder, I, myself am very health conscious! but I can't put my finger on this one! His (history) no high blood pressure, non-diabetic, no history of heart attics, stroke etc... but loves to eat sweets.. cakes, cookies, milk, ice cream, etc....I believe this could be a combination of many things, like yeast build up, gas, arteries clogged. Can you help me?


    The best way to find out is have your father (or someone on his behalf) to schedule a health consultation so we can get at the root of the problem. While there could be a host of things causing the problem on the physical level, I'm more interested at getting at the emotional root of the problems. Product-wise, I would have your father start with the FULL BODY DETOX.

  • Q: I had been having horrible pain in my abdominal area, I went to the doctor they did and ultra sound and found a small cyst on my left ovary. Now the pain has extended to my back. I'm going to order the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE when I get the dough...what can I get now to help with the pain and dissolve the cyst naturally. Thank you for your time. Peace


    The best thing you can do is CHANGE your diet and start eating healthy right now. Order FEMALE HEALTH TEA and begin with diet and drinking tea until you can obtain the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE and FULL BODY DETOX. There is help for you, Beloved!

  • Q: I am listening to you on Rainbow soul talking about cellulite and stretch marks and it sounds as if you have just given up on the black female race like there is no help for big women.


    Dherbs.com: I haven't given up on big Black women at all. The fact is that most big Black women BLACK discipline and will not do what is necessary. The simple fact that they blew up in the first place says a lot (i.e. poor self-esteem, low self-image, unhappiness, undisciplined, etc.)

    That is another story though cause I'm not big AT ALL!! but I am a black female.

    Dherbs.com: I'm writing an article soon on Black women and obesity: causes/origins, dangers, and solutions. Now does this sound like I have given up????

    ANYWAY - my question to you is - Since January 8, 2007 I stopped eating meat and I saw a tremendous result in my complaint areas.

    Dherbs.com: Good for you!

    Now I'm pregnant and read that protein develops the babies brain so I started eating meat until I have the baby.

    Dherbs.com: LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! I greatly disagree with this, but it's your choice. I have 3 vegan-vegetarian children. Their mothers didn't eat meat during their pregnancies. You don't have to worry about the development of your baby's brain. The body intelligence has that covered. Meat is not protein unless you eat it raw (but the WHOLE animal must be eaten)!!!

    Is it safe to drink protein shakes to replace the protein instead of eating meat?

    Dherbs.com: You can't get bio-protein from protein shakes. Protein shakes are made from waste products (i.e. radiated soy, whey, etc.). If you really want natural proteon, check out our Bio-Protein we sell. It's 100% all-natural. But remember, protein is in every natural food you eat. How do herbivore animals in the wild get their protein since they don't eat meat???

    Meat for protein is a great conspiracy and propaganda tactic. Read Dherbs articles "PROTEIN PROPAGANDA" and "THE DANGERS OF EATING MEAT."

    Regardless of how you view me, thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!