This Wind-Powered Invention Can Produce Clean Water Everyday

This Wind-Powered Invention Can Produce Clean Water Everyday

Water is an essential element for every person on the planet. Millions of people around the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. The luxury of getting water from the tap or even washing dishes with clean water is not available to everyone, but that could change with the WaterSeer.


The WaterSeer, which was developed by VICI labs along with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, was designed to provide clean water to people without clean water sources. This device is fairly simple, using wind energy as a power source. The WaterSeer “pulls” moisture from the air and condenses it into water.


This isn’t the first invention to use condensation as a method for collecting water, but previous devices used diesel or a lot of energy. Some even used chemicals that harmed the environment. The WaterSeer uses the above ground turbine to send air downwards into a condensation chamber as it spins. The condensation chamber, which is buried underground, is cooled by the surrounding earth, ultimately condensing the water vapor into liquid. The water collects in a reservoir and it can be extracted by using a hose and water pump.



The developing team is generating pre-orders that can support the company’s “buy one give one” model. This will ensure that for every WaterSeer purchased, a family in a developing part of the world will get one as well. The price for one of these devices is only $134.