Treat-Related Tricks For A Healthier Halloween

Treat-Related Tricks For A Healthier Halloween

Halloween has either been canceled, restricted, or modified in recent years as a result of COVID-19. Parties, events, and the classic trick-or-treating are now back in full swing, and people can’t wait to get their spooky on. Whether you visit pumpkin patches or walk home with a giant bucket of candy after trick-or-treating with the kids, you can easily veer off the healthy path. 

Chances are, you aren’t getting apple slices with almond butter in place of chocolate bars and sour candies. And most people just buy candy to have in the house or the office now, so these treats are more accessible than ever. The Halloween aisle at grocery stores is almost too tempting, and it can be hard to resist if you or your child has a sweet tooth. Now, candy shouldn’t be off limits; rather, it should be a treat that you enjoy in a mindful way. Sit down, put the sweet on the plate, and take your time to eat and enjoy it. When you stuff your face with candy, you overload the body with sugar and you don’t really enjoy the eating process. The following tips, however, can help you make this trick-or-treating season a little healthier

Not All Sugars Are Created Equal

Added sugars are much different from natural sugars that exist in whole foods. Food manufacturers will add sugars to foods, even the ones that are not particularly sweet. Added sugars help to satisfy your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Honey, brown or white sugar, and high fructose corn syrup are examples of unnatural sugars in processed foods. Natural sugars occur in whole foods like fruit, and they are beneficial for your health. If you don’t have pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, you don’t have to worry about natural sugars in whole foods. As for added sugars, you should limit your intake to less than 10% of your daily calories. That is the American Heart Association’s recommendation for maintaining a healthy body.

Take A Break From The Sauce

Although trick-or-treating may not be a thing for adults, the Halloween fun doesn’t stop when you reach adolescence. Many adults live for Halloween and the many festivities that are spooky-themed. For many adults, though, Halloween events and parties typically involve a lot of alcoholic beverages. Oftentimes, there is a cauldron of alcoholic punch or Halloween-inspired cocktails that entice you based on looks alone. Excessive drinking can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, which can cause dehydration and fatigue. Alcohol is also a source of empty calories, so all that drinking contributes to weight gain. Plus, most Halloween-themed cocktails are high in sugar, which can wreck your gut and make hangovers worse. Take a break from the sauce or limit your consumption, making water or sparkling waters your replacement beverages. 

Get Creative With Scary-Themed Healthy Foods

You can gain a lot of inspiration for art projects and recipes on Pinterest, especially for Halloween decor and recipes. There are many snacks and treats that are both spooky and healthy because they are made from whole foods with natural sugars. You can always transform healthy fruits and vegetables in a way that satisfies your sweet tooth. Take some time to whip up your own festive foods for Halloween parties by clicking here

Beware Of Overeating Sugar

It’s one of the easiest things to do, especially for children after coming home with a large amount of candy on Halloween. In the interest of health, limit yourself and your children from gorging on candy after trick-or-treating. Beware of getting tricked into a sugar rush! When you eat too many high-sugar foods, you increase the risk of obesity and weight gain, both of which are precursors to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Even if a sugar rush isn’t part of your daily life, one day of unusually high sugar intake can cause a short-term spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. This can lead to increased cravings, mood swings, dips in energy, and acute inflammation. If you or your children struggle with pacing your sugar intake, opt for treats that take longer to eat, for example, lollipops. 

Protect Your Teeth By Avoiding Certain Candies

Sugary snacks are loaded with preservatives, added sugars, and artificial colors and flavors that can ruin your blood sugar levels and your teeth. Eating a lot of candy in one sitting can make your next trip to the dentist more like a horror flick than a regular checkup. Sour candy is one of the major culprits when it comes to tooth decay. The highly acidic nature of these candies makes it easy for them to erode tooth enamel. Try to limit your consumption of gummy candies and sour candies because these can cause serious tooth problems. Plus, they can be very difficult to get out of your teeth, even if you floss and brush thoroughly.



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