Turn Back Time With These Anti-Aging Oils

Turn Back Time With These Anti-Aging Oils

Have you looked in the mirror lately, only to see that your skin does not look as young as it once did? That is the curse of time, folks, but you do not have to feel ashamed. Aging is a natural part of life, but it can hurt your soul to see wrinkles or fine lines. Fortunately, there are nourishing ingredients that can help give your skin a healthy, youthful glow. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on these items, either!

Most people spin a lot of plates at once, so they don’t have time (or can’t afford) monthly facials and other self-care luxuries. What if you didn’t have to leave your house to nourish your skin with magical elixirs? Could you get behind that wheel? If so, then you need to familiarize yourself with various oils that help give your skin a nice dewy glow. The thought of putting oil on the skin might seem strange, but certain oils can actually help clean out pores, moisturize, and prevent the skin from producing excess oil.

What Does The Skin Crave After Age 40?

Your skin craves different things as you go through life. During adolescence and into your 20s, you do your best to control oil production and breakouts. Once you reach your 30s, collagen and elastin levels start to decline. That causes skin to lose its plumpness without proper hydration

When you hit your 40s, you may see wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots. Dryness around the eyes, neck, and lips is quite common, and your complexion craves nourishment to fight off environmental damage. After age 50, the skin becomes thinner and more prone to irritation. Your goals during this time are to minimize loss of firmness and prolong cell turnover. You want to prevent moisture loss at all costs. 

Benefits Of Using Natural Oils

Oils help provide essential nutrients that protect the skin from dehydration. Some of the key benefits of using oils include:

  • Sealing in moisture to prevent dryness
  • Helping other products penetrate the skin more easily
  • Absorbing into the skin without leaving a greasy appearance
  • Increasing collagen production to increase firmness
  • Soothing inflammation and irritation
  • Delivering antioxidants to help reverse signs of aging

There is ongoing research focused on the ability of plant-based oils to benefit from the skin inside and out. They are not as harmful as many commercial skin care products, which can adversely affect the skin. When choosing plant-based oils for the skin, it is better to select cold-pressed varieties because they contain more vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Continue reading to learn about the top four anti-aging oils

Argan Oil

Many beauty experts refer to argan oil as “liquid gold.” Argan oil provides a large amount of vitamin E and fatty acids, and it absorbs quickly into the skin, which helps improve elasticity. A 2015 study found that argan oil improved skin firmness and elasticity after 60 consecutive days of application. Study authors noticed a visible difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Rosehip Seed Oil

Naturally rich in vitamins A, C, and other antioxidants, rosehip seed oil can do wonders for the skin. Researchers note that it exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and cell-regenerating properties, all of which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, dark spots, and wrinkles. One study found that rosehip seed oil was able to significantly fade surgical and burn scars in 180 patients. It also stopped premature aging and helped restore skin tone. 

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural sebum, which helps to balance dryness or oiliness. It may help to improve skin texture and tone because of the vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties. In several dermatological tests, jojoba oil demonstrated an ability to increase the skin’s suppleness, the effects of which were effective as time passed. Continued use of jojoba oil helped to reduce superficial facial lines. 

Castor Oil

One of the great things about castor oil is that it is able to deeply penetrate the skin with fatty acids, helping to smooth out fine lines. Studies show that it may help fade scars and dark spots, which researchers attribute to the large presence of antioxidants. The antibacterial properties in castor oil can help clear up acne and moisturize dry, flaky skin.

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