Use These Restorative Yoga Poses For Immediate Stress Relief

Use These Restorative Yoga Poses For Immediate Stress Relief

When you are grounded, open, and have your mind and body at ease, you can show up for yourself and others. Don’t you want to feel like that and be your best self? Everyone wants to feel that way, but stress can get in the way, causing you to feel uncomfortable, scattered, and out of whack. 

What Is Restorative Yoga?

Suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels, restorative yoga is a restful practice that involves spending more time in various poses. Restorative yoga also involves props, including yoga blocks, bolsters, and blankets, all of which help maximize comfort and relaxation. Because it promotes restfulness and relaxation, restorative yoga emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga that is often lost in a regular session. Use the props to support your body and you will be able to effortlessly hold the postures. 

Before you get started, you will need four blocks, two blankets, and one bolster. If you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you can incorporate an eye pillow. Don’t worry if you don’t have those props because you can supplement with items in your home. Firm pillows, couch cushions, and other similar items are great substitutes for the listed yoga props. 

Restorative Twist

Gather your energy and help quiet your mind in this pose. The support under your belly offers a soothing effect, alleviating feelings of worry. Place two yoga blocks on your mat, with the first block on its lowest height and the second a little higher. Place the bolster over the two blocks, creating a slope from the ground to the second block. Snuggle your right hip at the base of the bolster, bending your knees to the left side. Slowly lower your torso onto the bolster and tuck your arms under the bolster between the blocks. You can turn your head toward or away from your knees and enjoy this position on each side for up to five minutes. 

Supine Bound Angle

The soft support of the bolster allows you to sink into this pose and release physical tension in your shoulders and back. Letting your hips fall to the sides make this pose more expansive and restorative. Leave the blocks and bolster set up exactly the same way as the restorative twist pose. Place a folded blanket at the top of the bolster to support your head. Sit up straight with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, ensuring that the lower back is right up against the bottom of the bolster. Place blocks on either side of your legs and let your knees fall to the sides to rest on the blocks. Lean back and feel the support of the bolster and blanket. You may need to do some adjusting, but once you get comfortable, remain in this pose for five to 15 minutes. 

Legs Up Pose

No need to find a wall for this pose! Not only does this pose help to improve circulation, but it also helps to restore a sense of harmony between the mind and body. Lie flat on your back and lift up your hips to slide a yoga block under your sacrum lengthwise. Extend one leg up at a time so that they are stretched toward the ceiling. You can bend your knees a bit if the stretch along your hamstrings is too intense. Enjoy this pose for up to five minutes. 


This pose is all about relaxation because it allows you the opportunity to absorb the healing benefits of the practice. During this pose, we encourage you to explore the parts of your body where you can release tension. Place a blanket in a low fold at the top of your mat. Lie flat on your back so that your head is supported by the blanket. Slide a bolster under your knees and place a folded blanket over your belly. You have the option to place an eye pillow over your eyes at this point. Make sure that you are warm, covering up with socks or extra layers if necessary. Rest here for as long as you like.



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