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Ways To Use Maple Syrup On National Maple Syrup Day

Maple syrup is a beloved condiment in America. While Canada is the largest maple syrup supplier (producing more than 5 million gallons each year), the Native Americans have been making maple syrup since before European settlers arrived in the early 1600s. When it comes to maple syrup production in America, Vermont is the number one supplier.


Tapping the Tree:

Sugar maple, red maple, or black maple trees are typically tapped for their sap, but there are other maple varieties. Tapping a maple tree does not permanently damage the tree, and only about 10% of the sap, which the tree produces over the year, is actually collected. Some trees have been tapped for over 150 years! The reason so many trees have to be tapped is because it takes about 30-50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup.


Benefits of Grade A Maple Syrup:

Pure maple syrup is much more than a breakfast table condiment. It can be used as a sweetener for smoothies, teas, energy bites, desserts, and more, but make sure to purchase 100% pure grade A maple syrup that is free of colorings and GMOs to ensure that you reap its nutrients. This type of maple syrup contains zinc, magnesium, riboflavin, manganese, potassium, calcium, and iron. A mere quarter cup of grade A maple syrup fulfills 41% of your recommended daily intake of zinc. Maple syrup also contains antioxidants that reportedly have antibacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.


When it comes to maple syrup nowadays, there are so many varieties that are chemically processed and filled with sugar. The best maple syrup to get is 100% pure, organic grade A maple syrup. We have a few recipes for you that include this type of maple syrup, so make some today and let us know how you like them.


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl:


If you don’t want to dine on pumpkin pie and want a healthier option, this pumpkin smoothie bowl is the recipe you’ve been searching for.

Click here to make the recipe.


Quick And Easy Raw Horchata:


This takes plant milk to a whole new level of deliciousness, with pronounced flavors of cinnamon and vanilla. Enjoy a fresh glass today!

Click here to make the recipe.


Fuji Apple Salad With A Maple Vinaigrette:


Get ready to experience love at first bite. It’s a mouthwatering salad that hits salty, sweet, crunchy, and herbaceous notes on the palate.

Click here to make the recipe.


An Easy Raw Vegan Cashew Yogurt:


This raw yogurt is probably one of the easiest raw breakfasts or snacks that you’ll ever make. Top it with fresh fruit to make it complete.

Click here to make the recipe.


Maple Pecan Pie Smoothie:


If you enjoy the taste of maple syrup and pecan pie, then you are in for an absolute treat with this smoothie. It’s a drinkable dessert!

Click here to make the recipe.






Related Questions

  • Q: I had a question about jaggery a natural sweetener. Do you know much about it? There is a company producing it in Kenya, because maple syrup is not available in Kenya. I do eat dates, but sometimes they are not available. Do you think this product is a good alternative?


    Greetings! If a thing is from a natural source (i.e. plant or fruit) we say GO FOR IT!!!!! Give it a try, Beloved!

  • Q: I'm a so-called diabetic, is it really okay to sweeten the tea with honey or maple syrup (these are no no's in the medical field!)? I'm not the best at swallowing pills-can I take the herbs out of the capsule and take it? I know this one sounds crazy, but I'm 32 and over a period of time, I have developed or formed rolls or dents on certain areas of my scalp. I guess it's hereditary-my father has them as well. I hate it! It's an eyesore to me. Is there anything natural for this? Lastly, could you say a prayer for me so that I may make a few wholesale deals (real estate) this month? I’m trying to create streams of income so that I may parolee' these monies into other things (i.e. health, prosperity, testimony to others).



  • Q: Is there any health benefit in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)?


    There aren't any benefits in consuming high fructose corn syrup. Because its an artificial food it's not good for the body. You cannot gain health benefits from foods that are not natural.

  • Q: I am a 49 year old black female with stage 4 Sarcoidosis with Pulmonary Aspergillosis. I would like to know if there is some type of supplement that will help me with this problem. I had read an article about boiling garlic until it turns into a syrup, but I misplaced the article. Are there items I can purchase at the herb store? I'm taking prescribed lung medicine called voriconazole and inhalers. Can you help me?


    Please read the following article entitled Sarcoidosis, below are some recommendations, there is help for you Beloved!


    Product Link:
    Full Body Detox
    Blood & Lymphatic Formula
    Vitamin C Extract
    Electric Greens Cell Food
    Mucus Buster Formula

  • Q: Is sea salt and warm water a good natural laxative? If so how often do you recommend the use of sea salt for elimination? I was reading The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs and it gives this recommendation, along with drinking lemon water mixed with organic syrup and cayenne pepper. Is it safe to give myself an enema 2xs per day using a hot water bottle filled with fresh squeezed organic lemon and distilled water? Asking this because Bzod had me to listen to 88.3 today here in Cincinnati and the guy (Mike) was telling how he does this regularly and has great results.


    Yes, sea salt in water is a mild laxative!

    You can do it as often as you FEEL the need to drink or take it. 

    You can also consume the Master Cleanse (cayenne, maple syrup, lemon juice) if you choose. You can drink this as much as you like depending on how you feel.

    And yes, you can perform enemas 2X a day! Enemas are very helpful for health!

  • Q: I have scare tissue on my lungs, while the doctors doesn’t know anything to do for me except give me cough syrup with codeine, Immurane, and oxygen. I have never smoked and they don't know how my lungs got scared. So please can you help me so I can breath easy again.


    There are many reasons the lungs can get scarred including excess acidity from MUCUS buildup due to poor diet. I highly recommend that you begin with the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and follow this kit up with the LUNGS AND RESPIRATORY FORMULA, MUCUS BUSTER FORMULA, and RESPIRATORY INSPIRANT. Keep your head up! You can heal!

  • Q: My son has been evaluated as having both adhd and add. My son is eleven years old and can be very hyper at times. The doctors have experimented with ever kind of drug and they usually have him so zoned out he cant focus.He has a learning disability in reading (in the 6th grade on a 3rd grade level. Do you have anything to help him and also make him focus? I would love to see some improvements! I would like to see grades go up and behavior changes. Please help me if you can. Also, I see the same symptoms in my six year old. Please inform me. Thanks in advance.


    It's not the children but the outdated educational paradigms. The children are not the problem so why are we fixing what is not broken? Your children need stimulating things for their minds. They are perhaps Light children who have come here to do powerful things (healing, raising consciousness) and now they are trapped in the public fool system. Consider a consultation, Beloved! Drugging light beings is not the solution. But properly feeding their minds is! Peace and Love!

  • Q: Thanks for all of the information which is very beneficial I must say. My question to you is what's the best type of aloe vera juice to drink? Also I have heard that the gel from the plant can be mixed into a smoothie, is that true? Greetings! As far as the best brand I really wouldn't know as there are a few good brands on the market. Just make sure your aloe vera juice is at 99% pure and with no additives. Aloe gel can be added to a fruit smoothie though


    I personally wouldn't add it to a fruit smoothie.

  • Q: Hi, I am trying to find out if I can eat the following items while on my cleanse: - Oatmeal (breakfast) - egg whites - smoothies (can I use Smoothie King or Panet Smoothie or I have to make my own)


    The literature clearly states ONLY RAW FOODS (please see the article "WHAT IS RAW FOODS" in our articles section). You can make your own smoothies or purchase them. Your choice!

  • Q: I'm preparing to make the hemp seed infant milk recipe. Would I need to add Moringa Seed and/or Iodine Phosphate to your recipies? Also, could I freeze this Hemp seed milk and use later?


    Yes, add Moringa and Iodine Phosphate to it (for nutritional purposes). And yes, you could freeze it the milk and use later, though fresh is always best.

    Product Links:
    Moringa Seed Extract
    Iodine Extract

  • Q: First off, thank you so much for your responses to my questions regarding my husband heart murmur and weed smoking. Secondly...I am on my third day of the Full Body Detox & it is challenging and invigorating at the same time. My newest question is...how can I make the fruit smoothie that you recommended for drinking in the morning? & can you send my a recipe?


    A few recipes are in the Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual.

    Use 1 cup of fruit juice (of your liking), 1 cup of frozen fruit (i.e. banana, strawberries, mango, etc.), 1 cup of ice (optional). Blend for about 30 seconds! Drink and enjoy!

  • Q: I WANTED TO KNOW HOW DO YOU MAKE A SMOOTHIE ON full body cleanse? And can you not mix any of the food combined if it says not to?


    You can check our website for numerous great smoothie recipes.

    Ideally, to make a smoothie, use a base (some kind of fruit juice, water, or nut milk), add some frozen fruit or non-frozen fruit (your favorite fruit), add a little ice and BLEND (for about 1 minute)! Wa la ... you have a fruit smoothie!

  • Q: I want to make some natural shampoo, and every recipe asks for nettles. Where I can get dried nettles, and what plants are they? Also, where can I get MSM to use in my shampoo?


    Try a local herb store in your city, or look for mail order. Try Mountain Rose Herbs (on the Inter-net).

  • Q: I want to make some natural shampoo, and every recipe asks for nettles. Where I can get dried nettles, and what plants are they? Where can I get MSM to use in my shampoo?


    Try a local herb store in your city or look for mail order. Try Mountain Rose Herbs (on the Inter-net).

  • Q: I was reading an article from this herbalist valeriesaxion.com, she talked about this tree that cures cancer. The name of this tree is called Graviola, other name Sour Sop tree. What your opinion on this?


    Sour Sop is a very power plant (herb). I highly recommend it.

  • Q: I was told to use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for my spider veins will it make them go away.


    Please consider our VEINS formula, CIRCUL-AID formula, and our CARDIO-VASCULAR formula for spider veins. Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) won't do much good for spider veins.

  • Q: What's the best way to start on a vegan/raw food diet? I am not sure what to eat to make sure I would get a nutritious diet-you may not be able to go into that much detail but how can I get sample meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner incorporating this type of diet-perhaps there is somewhere on the web I find something like this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


    If I do say myself, the best way to start a raw food diet is to be coached by me. I run a 6 month health coaching program that is 60-90 percent raw and 100 percent vegan/gluten free/ allergy free. You can find out more about my program at www.theveganeffect.com. I am running a special of half off my program if you sign up before march 1st. 

    Here are some other tips to get started.

    1: Join a raw food meetup group or community. Surround yourself with supportive people who can point you in the right direction. Try meetup.org or 30bananasaday.com 

    2: Read books like "beauty detox solution" by snyder, "80/10/10" by Dr. Graham., or "The Paradigm diet" by Adam Dave

    3: Start simple with breakfast. Always start your day with a green smoothie. read "Green smoothie revolution" by forget authors name at the moment. heh.

    A sample meal plan would be.

    Breakfast: Green smoothie

    Bridge: raw bar, handful of nuts or seeds, or fruit

    Lunch: Raw wraps made from collard greens. use a base of tahini, hummus, or nut butter. Fill with sprouts and colorful veggies

    Bridge: raw bar, handful nuts or seeds, or fruit

    Dinner: Raw pasta with a large salad

    Snack: Sorbet 


    Hope that answers your question,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT VLC BMI

  • Q: I have the alternative diet and lifestyle manual and want to make sure that this applies to the respiratory condition as well. Can I have the rice bread with no gluten or wheat? or rice pasta being that I have sarcoid? Can I eat cold water fish or venison in small portions along with veggies? What about rice or soy milk or protein whey shake for breakfast once or twice a week? Thank you once again my breathing has improved greatly and I have ordered many more supplies to maintain what I have accomplished thus far due to your regimen. I am not a vegetarian so I want to make sure it is okay to have white meats. I will do whatever I have to do to live. I love and appreciate everything you have done to change and help me to heal myself.


    The manual applies when you are FINISHED with a cleanse or kit. Follow the regimen's diet. It clearly states NO COOKED FOOD. You are asking us about cooked food here. Stick to the diet plan and you will be alright! You are asking about foods no good for your condition. Whey is crap. Meat is no good. Grains are no good for you as well. They all produce too much mucus!

  • Q: I am on my 3rd day of the fully body cleansing. I am definitely doing this to lose weight. I am a 52 year old, black, Christian, wife, mother to 21 and 14 year old girls, legal secretary who is 450 lbs. I am to the point now where if I don't do this I'm going to be housebound. I can barely move some days that is why I started this because I feel so unhealthy. I have a question about the nuts. I got all gun-ho and ordered $135.00 worth of organic nuts from nuts.com. I got raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews and mixed them all up together (well I purchased 2 lbs of each but I only mixed up 1 lb of each together). Anyway, I was reading about how much calories are in nuts. Should I not pay attention to that because I was consuming a lot of calories in the first place or do I have to watch how many nuts I eat? I have put some nuts in a sandwich bags and basically filled it up and that is supposed to be my nuts ration for the day. I am also eating fruits and vegetables. So far the fruit have been grapes, grapefruit, red apples, pears, green apples and bananas. The vegetables have all been in a salad: tomatoes, celery spinach leaves, carrots, mixed in balsamic vinaigrette. I only ate the salad Monday night all the other times I have just eaten the fruit and nuts. I am also consuming approximately 75-100 oz of water. Sorry I’m long winded I just wanted you to get the entire picture.


    Thanks for the question, I can definitely help you.


    I am currently writing an eBook for www.dherbs.com called "Losing weight the healthy way." I have been a weight loss counselor for many years. I am also a health coach, personal trainer, bodymind nutritionist, and a vegan lifestyle coach. 


    When it comes to weight loss most programs want you to lose weight to get healthy. My mindset is to get healthy and lose weight. 


    In my health/fitness/nutrition coaching program www.theveganeffect.com I use a lowfat/high carb/ high raw/ nutrient dense/ high alkaline diet to achieve long term weight loss success. So far I am 100 percent in getting clients long lasting weight loss. If you are interested in my program please fill out the health history form on the side of the web page. We could have a free 1 hour initial consultation over skype to see how I can best help you.


    Nuts are best kept to a minimum if you use them at all. Nuts are extremely high in fat and have the opposite omega 3- omega 6 ratio that is optimal for health. Seeds are best as far as ratios are concerned. Also nuts are truly easy to over eat and cause your nutrient ratios to be off.


    A healthy vegan diet is a high raw fruitarian diet. 


    Breakfast: green smoothie. (500-1000 calories of fruits blended with a handful of greens and water)

    Bridge: Dates and strawberries (500 calories) 

    Lunch: Salad with low sugar fruits (cucumber, tomato, squash, bell peppers) topped with fruit, beans, psuedo grains, 

    Bridge: 2-3 apples

    Dinner: Raw wraps (collard greens) with low sugar fruit and tahini

    Snack: Sorbet


    Hope this helps

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

  • Q: I'm a 47-year-old male 218lbs. I'm a type 2 diabetic with my levels under control. I have no sexual desire at all. After my yearly physical I found out my testosterone level is 277, kind of low right? That thought process is just not available to get aroused. I can get an erection but can't keep it. Would you also suggest a blood sugar program? It's causing my relationship not to move into the getting married goal.


    I would suggest our Pancreas Kit and Regimen! You don't want diabetes under control. You want it GONE! At least I would think. If you have diabetes under control, you still have it! How else could you CONTROL it if it wasn't there or in existence?

    Next, I recommend you give the Total Male Cleanse a try. Good maintenance herbs for your sexual dysfunction include Jackrabbit formula, Male Hormonal Formula, Prostate formula, and Circu-laid formula.

    Cheer up, Beloved! There is help for you.