We Have A Recipe Section For Cleansers

We Have A Recipe Section For Cleansers

The raw foods diet that accompanies all of our cleanses can seem limiting, but it is far from a boring diet. While there will undoubtedly be a lot of crunching on fruits and vegetables, most people who purchase our cleanses are unaware of the amazing raw food recipes that exist. From zucchini noodles tossed in a pesto sauce to strawberries filled with raw cheesecake, the possibilities are endless on a raw foods diet. Additionally, a lot of our customers think that they have to follow the sample menu in the instructional booklets that come with the cleanses. This is simply not the case.

The transition from the average American diet to the raw foods diet can be a drastic change, and we don’t want you to feel like you’re stranded on a deserted island scrounging for coconuts and leaves. Yes, the raw foods diet is unfamiliar territory for a lot of people, but raw foods provide the body with essential nutrients that aid the cleansing process. We aren’t trying to torture you with this diet; rather, we are attempting to change the way you think about food to promote a healthier future.

Disclaimer: You don’t have to keep eating the raw foods diet after you finish cleansing, even though you can if you so desire. Remember, though, that immediately returning to the unhealthy eating habits, which led you to cleanse in the first place, can negate the progress you made while cleansing.

To Access The Full Body Cleanse Approved Recipe Section

Step 1

Go to the www.dherbs.com website. Once you are on the home page, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the word “Recipes” located under the words “About Us” and “Blog.” See the image below with the red arrow.


Step 2

Click on “Recipes” and you will be taken to the recipe homepage. Note that this is the central hub for all of the recipes that we post. That doesn’t mean that all of these recipes are cleanse approved. On the right-hand side of the page you will see “Recipe Categories,” under which you will see “Full Body Cleanse Approved.” See the image below with the red arrow.


Step 3

Click on “Full Body Cleanse Approved” and you will be taken to the first page of our cleanse approved recipe section. Congratulations! You made it! Any of the recipes in this 40+ page recipe section are acceptable to eat while you are completing any of our cleanses.

If you want to go straight to the cleanse approved recipe section, click here.