A.D. Dolphin Talks About His Favorite Cleansing Success Stories

A.D. Dolphin Talks About His Favorite Cleansing Success Stories

When you work in the world of health and wellness, you are privy to many inspirational success stories. That is very true for A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc., who has personally helped and witnessed people transform their lives in a matter of weeks and months. Even before his many talk show appearances, Dolphin saw people get off medications, lower blood pressure, and completely change their appearance with the aid of his herbal supplement products. 

Since the company’s inception, the Full Body Cleanse, the company’s flagship product, has been spread via word of mouth. It was hard to widely spread these success stories until Dolphin was able to share them on platforms such as Steve TV, Windy City Live, The Doctors, and more. There was one special appearance on Steve TV, during which Dolphin was able to recap some truly magnificent transformations, showing viewers that it is possible to achieve optimal health when a plan is in place.

What Are Some Of The Most Memorable Success Stories?

Some people may look at the Full Body Cleanse and think that it is just another weight loss product. While one of the benefits is weight loss, the cleanse is designed to rejuvenate the body and shock it into a healthy state that most people haven’t experienced in a long time. 

One of the first examples of this was when Pastor Hosea dropped over 130 pounds and made his body healthy enough to donate a kidney to his wife (click here for video). Another one of Dolphin’s favorite moments was when Melody Trice accompanied him on Steve TV to share her story (click here for story). Her weight loss results floored the audience and viewers, but she was most proud of the fact that she would no longer have to rely on blood pressure or diabetes medications to keep her body functioning. What about the mother of two who was finally able to shed 50+ lbs of stubborn postpartum weight? She shocked the country when she revealed her brand new body! How amazing is that?!

How Did These People Do It?

There’s no sugarcoating the fact that the Full Body Cleanse demands hard work to achieve the results you desire. If getting healthy was easy, then everyone would do it. If optimal health came in the form of a single pill, everyone would buy it. Nothing that is worth achieving comes easy, which is why Dherbs doesn’t leave its customers high and dry. And that is a promise that Dolphin has held true since the start of the company. 

Dherbs’ representatives are constantly on the phones with customers, talking them through strategies or meal options that will make cleansing easier for them. In the case of the examples in this article, which Dolphin shared on Steve TV, he personally reached out to the people to give them a motivational boost, which propelled them through the finish line and beyond. 

If you have a success story and want to share it with A.D. Dolphin or the Dherbs team, please email info@dherbs.com. Learning how people are able to transform their lives never gets old and it inspires Dolphin to keep helping all the people he can. Let’s make the future a healthier place by being healthy now!



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