A Legal “Performance Enhancing Drug”?

A Legal “Performance Enhancing Drug”?

Athletes are always striving to improve their performance on the court or field. Whether that means drinking Gatorade, consuming amino acid powders, or ingesting Deer Antler spray, athletes are always looking for the latest and greatest legal performance enhancer. Fortunately, the hype for an athletic performance booster that is perfectly legal and accessible is very much warranted.

Many studies have recently shown that beetroot juice can enhance athletic performance and increase cardiovascular health. Beetroot juice has a very high concentration of nitrates, which are known to increase blood flow and oxygen to your system through a process called vasodilatation. The consumption of nitrate creates a reaction that generates nitric oxide; nitric oxide is a main vasodilator that widens the blood vessels, increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles and activating your mitochondria to produce energy and extend endurance. The additional production of nitric oxide in your body is key, as working muscles require oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients when undergoing physical activity. Beetroot also contains many antioxidants, electrolytes, and polyphenols that can reduce your blood pressure provide additional pre-workout or post-workout benefits.

For athletes, your fast-twitch muscles used for explosive movements are often the least oxygenated, indicating that an increase in oxygen delivery to your muscles can be an advantage to athletes. Thus, supplementing with beetroot juice can be of significance in order for your muscles to produce speed, power, and cardiovascular endurance.