AD Dolphin Helps His Close Friend Improve Her Health

AD Dolphin Helps His Close Friend Improve Her Health

The CEO of Dherbs Inc., A.D. Dolphin, will appeared on Steve TV on Tuesday, May 21st, 2019, with one of his close friends, Monique, to reveal her health transformation. Life recently took a toll on Monique, and her health suffered because of what she had to go through. Using the Full Body Cleanse, A.D. helped Monique rejuvenate her health and get her in shape to a weight she has not been in a long time.


As a mother of three, Monique has never put herself or her health first. While she has had success in her professional career as a PR specialist, she recently had to put a pin in her career because her kids were experiencing health complications. She dropped everything to be strong for her children ever step of the way, and she completely disregarded her health as a result. She contacted A.D., who she has known for many years, because she knew he could help her revamp her health.


A.D. did not hesitate to help a friend in need, and began coaching Monique as she embarked on a mission to get her health back on track. The Full Body Cleanse helped Monique restore healthy eating habits, and A.D. helped implement regular exercise into her daily schedule.


Watch the video (below) to see Monique’s transformation. It is truly an emotional, inspiring interview.

Photo Credit: Steve TV/NBC