Congrats To The Dherbs 180 Challenge Round 2 Winners

Congrats To The Dherbs 180 Challenge Round 2 Winners

The second Dherbs 180 Challenge recently came to a close and the results nearly brought us to tears. After 40 days of cleansing and 20 days of maintaining the weight loss, we saw many success stories. Hundreds of people experienced significant weight loss, improved digestion, higher self-esteem, lower blood pressure, and have made permanent lifestyle changes for a healthier future.


After a voting process and much deliberation, the grand prize winners have been determined. Congratulations to our male winner, Gerry, who lost 24 pounds, and our female winner, Angela, who lost 47 pounds! These two individuals are proof that eating a plant-based diet, in conjunction with using the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse, can drastically improve your health and help you lose weight.


While there will not be another 180 Challenge this year, you can take part in next year’s 180 Challenge that will begin in January 2019. There will be some drastic improvements to the challenge, including more exercise tutorials, meal prep videos, and more! You have the power to lose weight, improve your health, and turn your life around; the 180 Challenge just gives you that extra encouragement.