Dherbs CEO Helps Brides To Be With Weight Loss Challenge

Dherbs CEO Helps Brides To Be With Weight Loss Challenge

A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs Inc., appeared on the Steve Harvey Show Tuesday April 17, 2017, to help four brides achieve their weight loss goals. How is A.D. going to help these women lose all that unwanted weight? Using the Dherbs 20-Day Full Body Cleanse, A.D. believes he can help these women look even more beautiful on their big day.

Four women reached out to Steve Harvey, requesting help to lose weight before their wedding days. Losing weight is no easy task, especially if the body isn’t functioning like it should. Steve called on his good friend, A.D., to help these women on their individual journeys. By introducing the Full Body Cleanse to these women, A.D. aims to not only help them lose weight, but also help their bodies function optimally.

The Full Body Cleanse also calls for a raw foods diet. This helps the person obtain essential nutrients that may not be found in his/her diet. A person on the cleanse won’t eat any meat, dairy products, processed foods, junk foods, refined sugars, caffeine, or cooked foods. It is a drastic change to only eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts & seeds, but it is the wake up call that the body needs to be healthy.

These four brides to be are ready to start their journeys. Steve has a little surprise in store for the bride who loses the most weight. See what that is in the clip below and tune in to see the reveal of these women in about six weeks.

Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show/NBC



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