Dherbs CEO Talks Cleansing With The Breakfast Club

Dherbs CEO Talks Cleansing With The Breakfast Club

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is not the easiest thing to do. Take it from the CEO of Dherbs, A.D. Dolphin, who had to turn his life around after developing unhealthy eating habits over 15 years ago. He was introduced to cleansing and has been introducing the world to the Full Body Cleanse, Dherbs’ most popular product, ever since. A.D. stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk about how integral it is to regularly cleanse the body and continually eat healthier.

Breakfast Club radio hosts D.J Envy and Angela Yee are no strangers to living healthy. They recently opened a Brooklyn location of the Juices For Life franchise, which was started by Jadakiss and Styles P. The goal of the juicery is to spread awareness about eating your way healthy. If you ate your way into poor health, it stands to reason that you can eat your way out of it by putting beneficial foods in your body. This is exactly the message that A.D. has been promoting ever since he started Dherbs Inc.

A.D. gave each member of the Breakfast Club a cleanse, and they discussed it in great detail. The Full Body Cleanse completely immerses the user in a newer, healthier way of life because that is what it takes to turn your life around. Stay healthy, people!