How To Make a Natural Pre-Workout Energizer

How To Make a Natural Pre-Workout Energizer

So you’ve decided to start using a pre-workout supplement. Whether your decision was influenced by a friend, fitness trend, or advertisement, the important thing is knowing which supplement to use. While natural pre-workout supplements exist, the majority are pasteurized, processed, and often filled with preservatives and chemicals. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, our advice is to stay away from it.

You may be asking yourself, “What should I use if I don’t know what to buy?” The answer is simple: you can make your own pre-workout supplement! Not only is this recipe replete with nutrients, but it will also provide you with energy for the entirety of your workout. As long as you have a sports bottle, a canteen, or some vessel to drink from, you can make one.

Here are the Ingredients:

Simply put all of the above ingredients in your bottle of choice and shake well. The antioxidants in the berry powder act as mild vasodilators. Simply put: they help widen blood vessels, which creates a natural energy rush. Combine this with the apple cider vinegar, which helps balance the body’s acidity and restore a natural pH balance, and the honey, which has a high glycemic index (meaning there’s a slow release of glucose into the blood so the body doesn’t use it’s stored glycogen for energy), and you are ready to get your pre-workout on. Tackle your workouts with a new, energized excitement!



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