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Melody Trice Opens Up About Her Health Struggles On Steve TV

A.D. Dolphin and Melody Trice appeared on Steve TV on Monday, April 23rd, 2019, to discuss how the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse helped completely turn her life around. Her most recent cleansing experience has brought her weight down to a number that she never dreamed of reaching. All she needed was a healthy plan, and a little encouragement from A.D. Dolphin.


Diet is the common denominator between a huge percentage of illnesses, the most common of which include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Weight was always an obstacle that Trice couldn’t seem to hurdle, primarily because of her food addiction. As she discussed on her previous Steve TV appearance, she resorted to food to comfort herself, and this was only worsening her health. Her doctor told her that she needed to lose weight if she wanted to remain off blood pressure and diabetes medications.


Trice has been on an impressive health journey, and cleansing has helped her change the way she thinks and feels about food. No longer does she resort to food for comfort, and no longer does she need medication to manage her health. In her interview with Steve Harvey, she opens up about how her blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been and that she is not pre-diabetic anymore. This is truly an interview that you do not want to miss.


A.D. hopes to continue helping other people like Melody to naturally overcome their health issues by cleansing. Just as diet can play a role in the development of health conditions, so can it be the way you become a healthier person. Watch the video (below) to hear about Melody’s amazing health journey.


Photo Courtesy of Steve TV


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  • Q: I have been experiencing very trying health issues for many years (over 25 years). The trouble began when my gall bladder was removed 26 years ago. I had mood swings, lack of energy, and severe diarrhea. Approximately 13 years ago I had an additional surgery for an umbilical hernia. Due to pre-op tests, my physician diagnosed me with thyroid disease and placed me on synthroid. This medication dramatically improved the digestive issues I had experienced for many years. I had very loose bowels when menstruating and when I was ill. I am overweight and have dealt with weight issues all my life. Three years ago I had a scare where I thought I experienced a heart attack. I spent three days in the hospital and learned of many health risks. My triglycerides were extremely high along with my sugar being borderline. I have been tested for diabetes on a number of occasions in my life but never show to be. There are numerous cases of diabetes in my family. My mother and one sister are insulin dependent and one other sister is on some form of pill medication for diabetes. At that time, I gave up sugar and began a regime at the gym. The have not eaten any sweets other than what I get in a little ketchup occasionally or some other kind of sauce that may contain some sugar. I have gone to the gym with minimal results in losing weight. I had a total hysterectomy six weeks ago. My regular GP has been on vacation and I've been dealing with one of her associates. This dr. sent me in for glucose tolerance and she has since diagnosed me as Type II Diabetic. She put me on a medication called "Metformin" and has me taking a 500 mg pill twice daily. I have only been on this medication for three days. I have been very careful to eat only what they say I can. I am experiencing the same issues as before with the diarrhea. Last night I was up all night with this and it is like water coming out of me. I am unable to find a physician who understands that I want to lose the weight, but cannot when I'm constantly dehydrated and feeling lethargic. When I have this constant problem, I am not able to do what I need to do for my overall health. Sorry to be so wordy but I wanted to explain the full extent of what I am experiencing. My friend told me to get on this website and explain my issues. He feels that you may be able to guide me in the direction of a natural product or products that can help me to have normal bowel movements and therefore begin doing the physical exercise that is needed for me to reduce my chances of becoming an insulin dependent diabetic.



  • Q: I am a diabetic and I am on several different medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I wanted to know once I started the Diabetic regimen should I continue taking my prescribed medications?


    Please read the article â€CAN I TAKE MEDICATION WITH MY HERBS†Personally, I would stop taking any and all drugs so my healing can begin. Drugs don't heal, only get you addicted.

  • Q: I have a fried who was told he has a heart murmur, and a small hole in his heart that is leaking. He needs to get surgery to get the whole closed up, or else it can get worst. He has severe chest pains, and his right shoulder hurts him constantly. They say it is because no blood is pumping to his arm at a steady rate because of his heart. He does not have health insurance and wants to avoid the medications and surgery. He has lost weight so what do you recommend? Full Body Detox? The only thing with that is it says you will lose 10-50 pounds he cant afford to losse to much weight. Could you explain? And would this help him a great deal? Also me personally would like to do the Full Body Detox just for overall health reasons and it seems to be a great cleanse. Im only 120 pounds will this make me loose a lot of weight? I cant afford it either. Please advise.


    Please read the article "I'm Thin, Will I Lose Excess Weight During the Detox." Visit our articles section. You guys have nothing to worry about. You will only release weight if you NEED to do so. Just read the article for more insight and understanding. The Full Body Detox and drinking the Hearty Heart tea will tremendously help your friend. He needs to do something and fast though.

    I'm Thin! Will I Lose Excess Weight During the Detox?

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox
    Hearty Heart Tea

  • Q: Nothing is stopping me except the lack of a workable plan of action, which I am in the process of putting on paper. There is a question that I've wanted to ask you for a while. Do you have or can you put together a sample daily menu of food choices based on what you eat, or what your research has shown to be good? I do have a couple of conditions I want to cure.... I have arthritis in my neck and upper back caused by a whip lash, and I have high blood pressure that I take medication to control. I read the article about controlling disease, and I am interested in curing these conditions. I have started an exercise regimen, and need a diet plan to go along with it. I want to lose weight as part of my healing.

    A: You may want to start with the Full Body Cleanse to begin your healing. In regards to a dietplan, check out the Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual. This manual has a lot of suggesstions and recommendations for a vegan-based, raw foods diet that you will want to accompany your cleanse. When performing the cleanse, following the guidelines of this diet is integral in achieving the results you desire.

  • Q: I am interested in your product but am concerned for the health of my husband who wants to take it as well. You see he is a diabetic and is overweight. He needs to lose the weight and it may slow down the diabetes and he may not have to use the pills. Will this conflict with his medications?


    Our Full Body Cleanse helps to treat every disease and disorder including, diabetes. Once completed, have him perform the Pancreas Kit & Regimen, which will work wonders against his diabetes.

  • Q: I am going to do the full body cleanse and I am a kidney patient on dialysis. I wanted to know if my current medications will hurt me if mix the herbs with them. I currently take clonidine for blood pressure, finasteride for enlarge prostate, metoprolol for blood pressure, diovan for kidney health, dialyvite for blood pressure, and sprionolactone for blood pressure. Do I take the herbs with my meds or in opposite times of the day? I will adhere to your past recommendations and I look forward to the response to these two questions.

    If you’re worried about the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs, you may be especially interested in using a Cleanse to keep your systems clean, clear, and operating at an optimal level.

    Although the argument between pro and anti vaccination can be overwhelming for anyone we recommend doing extensive research on both sides before making a final decision on how to address your health needs. However, if you do choose to vaccinate, we recommend cleansing before and after vaccination in order to prepare and then rid your  body of any byproducts, impurities and toxins as a result of the drugs and help restore their body to optimal health.

  • Q: I am very interested in improving my health and more so now that I have realized my doctors can't seem to help me. I have herpes, and I would love to get rid of it. But being a single mother, sometimes the stress gets the best of you. I have also been experiencing severe itching with a recurring bacterial infection that medication does not help at all. I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and I would also like to loose weight also, especially in my belly area. Can you help me figure out how I can combat some of these issues?


    Sure I can help! First, beginning with the FULL BODY DETOX. Follow this kit up with the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and (you can wait about 7-14 days to start after completing the FULL BODY DETOX). After this kit, perform the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. The above kits will target all of your major concerns. For stress, start drinking Valerian Root tea (1-2 cups daily). Check out some of our inhalers too (ELATION INSPIRANT). There is much help for you, Beloved! Read some of our free â€ARTICLES†too. Many are very inspirational!

  • Q: A friend told me about your site. I began to read about your Full Body Cleanse. I must admit that initially I was very skeptical about the information given to me, especially since I had never heard of your company, but as I read the articles listed on your site I was so amazed and enlightened. A few years ago I was diagnosed with hypertension and just last year with hypothyroid. I've had irregular menstrual cycles during my entire life. For the past two years my menstrual cycle has really been out of whack, it would come on for a few days go off a day and began menstruating again.... this has been for two years. I have had no real intimacy with a man because I was always afraid that my menstrual would start. About a month ago I thought I was having a stroke which was diagnosed by the neurologist as Bell's Palsy. I am 29 years of age soon to be 30 and all of these things have been going on with me. I have tried pharmaceuticals, which I am still on. When my doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroid he figured that the thyroid medication (levothyroxine) would eventually regulate my menstrual. I have been on this same medication for nine months and still no relief. I was once on one hypertension medication (hydrochlorathiazide) but now have to take another one along with this one because it was not regulating my blood pressure(enalapril). I hate medicine and I am tired of being on all of these drugs that I know are no good for my body. Along with those health problems I am an obese woman, of course my doctor says that this could be from my hypothyroid disease so does this mean I will never be able to get down to a healthy weight? I get so frustrated with things because I try to stay on top of my health and it seems like every time I go into see my doctor there is something new. Since the thyroid medication did not regulate my cycle he is now having me checked for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I don't want to risk my ability to have children by allowing these doctor's to do procedures on my body that will make me barren if that is the case. I am also having problems with acne and skin dryness in some areas of my face. My past doctor told me to use Neutrogena Acne Wash daily and the Neutrogena Facial Lotion that goes along with it. I have been doing this for several years so where is the relief? So I reluctantly began to read your articles and was awed, amazed, shocked, baffled. I am very interested in hearing your opinion about these issues that I am faced with and what you would recommend me do. I thank you in advance for taking the time out of your day to respond to this lengthy e-mail.


    You are too young to be dealing with so many health issues. These are all issues that can be eradicated with a proper diet, consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed junk food and animal products completely.
    You should start with the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse. The Female Cleanse will help regulate your menses. You should then perform the 10 Day Colon Cleanser.

    Take the following when you are done with your cleanses: For Thyroid: Take Thyroid Aid and Iron Formula for Hypertension: Take the Cardiovascular and Circulation Aid Formula. For Acne: Take the Blood and Lymphatic Formula and use our Oxy Oil after every face wash. 

  • Q: I have completed the FULL BODY DETOX and I have to say IT IS FABULOUS! My Doctor and I decided that it would be a good idea to do as I was diagnosed with Asthma in March, was prescribed prednisone to control my lung spasms which caused kidney stones and numerous cysts on my ovaries and in my breasts not to mention the 30 lb unhealthy weight gain. We are both VERY pleased with the results, lower blood pressure, healthy weight loss of 26 lbs, the shrinkage of the cysts by more than 2 mm each, easier breathing, and so on and so on :+} She was so impressed She asked for the website so she could order it too along with several of my co-workers and friends. I would like to remain healthy and keep my asthma at bay. I would like to know what would be good for long term health - I am 51 and menopausal so hot flashes and night sweats are here at least for the moment! I also would like to know if you have Lobelia in a capsule form for my asthma, I hear it works wonders. THANK YOU FOR THE RESCUE!


    Thanks for sharing your success with our product! I would suggest a daily regimen (3 capsules each) of MUCUS BUSTER FORMULA, RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMEN , and LUNGS-RESPIRATORY TEA . I'd also perform the RESPIRATORY CLEANSE AND REGIMENat least once a year.

  • Q: I am 66 yrs old and have multiple health problems-HBP, Diabetes and depression. I weigh 240 lbs. and want to get down to at least 190 or lower. My skin at this time on my arms and stomach looks awful. When I lose the weight which I intend to do with your help. Is there anything you can do to help tighten your skin as you lose weight. Remember my age.


    Thanks for the question! That is a very good question at that. 

     To avoid loose skin from weight loss the best thing you can do is lose weight slowly and efficiently. Healthy weight loss is around 1lb to 2lbs per week. Your body always seeks balance and does not respond well to rapid weight gain or loss. Hence the stretching of your skin. It takes around two years for your stretched skin to return to "normal" so be patient. Losing weight fast is a goal most people have and you hear stories of people losing 10 lbs a week and believe that is the way to go. Considering your age it's best to take things slow. Besides not losing weight too rapidly, here are three other tips for keeping skin tight.

    1. Switch to a high raw food diet. Raw food diets are often referred to as "Facelift Diets". People who eat a majority of their food raw (60% plus) look younger than most because of the high antioxidant and phytochemical count in raw plant foods. I have seen hundreds of raw foodists lose weight and cellulite at the same time. Raw food helps the body stay hydrated, refreshed, and repairing rapidly. Fruits are my favorite skin food. Avocados, coconut, bananas, peaches, tropical fruit, grapefruit, berries, etc are all potent skin renewing and correcting foods.
    2. Hydration is the key to elastic skin. A simple test to see if you are hydrated is to pinch the skin on the top of your hand for two seconds and then releasing. If the skin snaps back you are hydrated. If it slowly pulls back to position you need to hydrate. The best way to hydrate is to drink two glasses of room temperature water as soon as you wake up. As maintenance drink 8 ounces of water every two hours. Remove or lessen the amount of dehydrating foodstuffs like coffee, tea that is not herbal, table salt, animal products, artificial sugars.
    3. Take care of your skin now by exfoliating daily, doing salt scrubs, using non toxic and natural beauty products. A rule of thumb is "if you wouldn't put it in your mouth don't put it on your skin". Your skin has a direct pathway to your blood stream so be careful what you put on it. I use coconut oil on my skin daily as a moisturizer and that is it. My skin has never been better.

    Lastly, with your health goals I recommend you have a free online consultation with me. I run a six month health coaching program over skype that teaches a system of health that empowers people to take control of their own health by teaching them all the tools to get their. Some of the lessons in the course are alkalinity, 60-90 percent raw, detoxing and cleansing, juice fasting, plant based beauty, intro to stress relief and meditation, etc. My clients get the results they desire and get healthy for life. To get a free consultation with me fill out the health history form found here: Health forms . I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you have any more questions.


    -Gary Gibson HHC CPT

  • Q: At age 15 I started getting cysts in my sweat glands (under arms, under breasts, groin area). Doctors treated me with antibiotics and creams over the years... it left so much scar tissue...Around age 23 I had my sweat glands removed and at that time I was diagnosed with HS (Hydra denitus supporativa)... the problem went away for about a year, and eventually moved to another place (the groin).. seems to flare up monthly during my menstrual cycle.. Since then, I was diagnosed with kidney disease, I am a dialysis patient with High blood pressure, high cholesterol.. I am on at least 6 medications to regulate my blood pressure, cholesterol, potassium, and phosphorous levels.. Due to all these changes, my libido is extremely low and almost nonexistent.. I have a hard time achieving a climax with my partner...I am married with 3 young children... I've considered weight loss surgery as a way to finally get my weight under control as it has been a huge issue for the last 10 years. What can you recommend that I can take to detox and cleanse myself of all my health issues?? Is there really anything out there to help my situation??


    There's always help! Keep your mind focused and stay positive. Give the Full Body Cleanse a try followed by the Pancreas Cleanse.

  • Q: I want to get this for my mother as she is trying to lose weight and keep her sugar level and blood pressure under control and not be in any danger from taking this. Her sugar was in the 300's and we got her to keep it down between 140 and 180. She was diagnosed with Diabetes last year and is working on eating right. I will order once you answer this. Should she talk to her doctor first or can she try it first?


    It's her choice! What can or will a doctor who has an interest in DRUGS tell her about herbs that he/she doesn't get a kickback from??????

  • Q: Sorry to bother you again but you are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all your information you give us. I am 44yrs old and have 20 pounds to lose. After I quit taking EHEDRINE I started gaining my weight back. I use to take EPHEDRINE to keep the weight off and no longer am able to order it in my state of Minnesota because it is banned. So I ordered some EPHDRA POWDER in hopes it would do the same for me as the ephedrine did but the ephdra powder doesn't SUPPRESS MY APPETITE like the ephedrine tablets did. I was wondering what I could add to the powder to bring out the appetite suppressant qualities in the ephdra powder. I have tried to brew it with my coffee and that hasn't helped either. I really would like to take this weight off and ephedrine was the only thing that helped me and I pray that your knowledge would help me to lose this excess weight. I bought your thyroid capsules and wondering how long before I will notice any energy difference. (I have a hypothyroid which is probably the cause of the gaining weight but the ephedrine helped me with that also). I pray you can


    You're giving external factors too much power over you. Things never heal us, only placate us. Truly answers lie within. What did Ephedrine have that God did not put in you? Forget about keeping weight off, instead focus on maintaining your desired weight. Why do you need to suppress your appetite? What you suppress in one area will manifest in another area. Suppression does not heal, only hides things and allows things to grow. Your challenge is to cultivate self discipline and maintain your desired weight. Read my article â€EPHEDRA†under articles. Ephedrine is a damn drug! Drugs don't heal, they only suppress! Nature (Ephedra) takes time! My knowledge cannot help you to lose weight, but only stimulate you into taking control of your own life and health, especially pertaining to weight. Your power lies within! It dos not come from outside of self! The Kingdom of God is WITHIN!

  • Q: Thank you for your responds to my letter. The reason why I want to gain weight is for a health reason not for looks. Society has nothing to do with me gaining weight. I'm 5'11 1/2" almost 6' and my weight is 137 lbs. Now to me I'm underweight for what I used to weight in my 20s. I was 150-160 lbs then but as I'd reached my 30s and having a lot of stress weigh down on me my eating habit as well my weight decrease to 120 - 130 lbs. So as you can see I had lost about 30-40 lbs. So yes I want to gain my weight so I can be happy and healthy. I understand that "gaining weight is gaining waste" if you are doing for the society or physical appearance. But that's not what I'm looking for, I'm doing it for my health. So if there a way for me to put the weight on; do you have a suggestion. I will appreciate it if not then thank you for taking the time to read my letters.



  • Q: Good morning. I tried the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and followed the diet. I must say that I am amazed at how good I feel. Energetic and focused but alas, I only lost 3 pounds in the 3 weeks. I am 5'5 and currently at 181 pounds. My body is extremely resistant to weight loss. I have done several different types of detox including the IZO juice cleanse in the last year and had not lost weight. I don't even seem to respond to a very low calorie diet. I do have elevated liver Enzyme levels and a recent blood test showed low B6 vitamin and not proper protein digestion. I exercise 3 times a week and I eat rather health and mostly organic. Please HELP. Thanks


    This means that your body focused on another area that was of more importance than weight release. your mind wanted weight reduction but your body intelligence focused on something else. Go with the flow of the body intelligence and trust it. You apparently have an energetic block that prevents you from physically releasing weight (since you've tried other programs). Consider scheduling a consultation so we can get at the energetic/emotional root of your problem. Simply stop worrying about "losing" weight. Focus on what you desire (to see yourself in the size you desire). Don't focus on what you don't want (i.e. to lose weight).

  • Q: I have been experiencing diabetes for 14 years, using insulin twice daily along with another diabetes control pill (januvia). This has all been to no avail as I continue to suffer from the disease along with hypertension. As someone who has practiced spiritual principles for many, many years, I feel that I am pretty much in tune with my True Spirit. However, I realize that my eating habits and the use of medications are aiding in the continuance of the seeming illness. I would love to try your product but I have for many years suffered from a lost of control of appetite. The only program that has ever really helped to decrease my appetite was Atkins diet, which is near impossible to stay with. I lost weight and the sugars decreased. However, I was not able to continue eating only meats and virtually no fruit or veggies and therefore gained all the weight back. I even has a lap band inserted, which did nothing for the decrease of my appetite and I consequently found foods to eat which would go through the band. Please help!!


    Your situation is psychological and emotional in nature. Our Pancreas kit will greatly assist you (physically) in healing from diabetes. Please read our "Diabetes" article to better understand this insidious disease. You have work to do within, Beloved!

  • Q: Hello Sir. I seek your recommendation for the following challenges I am facing. I tried "Colonix" cleansing system 1.5 years ago and the results were damaging. I had a bowel movement (BM) which I felt travel down my intestine like it was brillo. The result was a BM surrrounded with a thin coating of blood. I was shocked!!! I had always been fairly regular with my BM's 2-3x per day with occassional constipation during PMS time but since that "cleanse" I have been reduced to 1x a day maybe, hard as rocks and I am now a regular user of laxatives(which I do not like at all!!) Aside from that, I have gained 60 pounds and I am having a difficult time losing the weight. Prior to the "cleanse" I had NEVER had a weight problem nor BM problem. I have a regular DR. whom has stated I have no health issues, just the need to lose this weight. 2nd topic: I had an STD when I was 17 yo (37 now) which damaged my fallopian tubes. I have had 2 pregnancies 1 prior to and 1 after the STD, the latter resulted in a total abdominal pregnancy and the pregnancy (20 weeks) had to be terminated. I have not been pregnant since. The DR. removed 1 tube & ovary and stated the remaining tube was damaged. I went on the pill for many years, as not to repeat that experience, and have now been pill free for 2 years, not preventing pregnancy in any way, yet not becoming pregnant. I believe my body can heal itself with the proper natural remedy as I do not trust Western Medicine as a first choice. I have read many of the testimonials and have heard your ad's and believe in your philosiphy for better health. I would like to try your products but do not know where to begin. Please help. Thank you,


    I think you'll find our 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE right up your alley, very effective, and very gentle to your system. Please give it a try to help eradicate your constipation. FYI: It is ideal to detox with the FULL BODY DETOX first and then the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. There is much healing in store for you! Claim it NOW! Peace and Love!

  • Q: I have high blood pressure, sleep apnea and would like to lose weight can you tell me what herbs are needed to cure these problems?



  • Q: Before I knew about your herbs, like a year ago I went to check my reading glasses and the doctor told me my eye pressure was on the limit 120, nothing serious he said but,I should check every 3 months, so the nightmare started, this happened in my country Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I came back to Miami where I live I went to check again and of course after all my nerves and fears to lose my sight, my pressure went to 122, 123, and they found a narrow angle, I was desperate, start to go to serveral doctors looking for opinions, they told me I should have lasik in order to avoid any attack and lose my sight, imagine my desperation, I could not stop thinking negatively, terrible, I did lasik 3 months ago and next months I have to go to control my pressure again, I'm so scare I can't avoid thinking negative thoughts, I also got your Eye Formula already but because I was doing Full Body Cleanse, and now Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, still 2 more weeks, I was told to wait until I finished with the kits, I have pain in my eyes sometimes I know is me who create that, but I can't stop, I don't want to take my eye pressure, because I know they will tell me something else they always find something new, If I knew you a year before I will never do lasik, but now is already done, please I need your advise what can I do to heal my thinking my eyes pain, you are so great, my health have improve so much After Full Body Cleanse, also my daughter she did and now she is doing Anti-Viral Cleanse and me Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, because I believe so much in you, and your herbs you are the only one to help, because I know law of attraction works, I need to stop thinking about my eyes. Please help me, I also got positive thinking drops from your company.


    We suggest that you start reading as many of our free articles as possible to enlighten yourself. Make sure you read our Eye Problems article. This article offers good information. Follow the advice in this article to help improve your eyes. Get rid of your fear as it is harmful and cannot help you one bit. Know that everything is okay and will turn out fine. You must believe this if you desire healing. You can heal, keep eating right and keep taking the herbs. With positive thinking and proper diet you will heal yourself. 

  • Q: For about 2.5 months I have been on the path of taking care of my temple (body). I am more dedicated than I have been in the past. One I was diagnose with so-called diabetes (type II) took the pills (made me sicker than I was) and now my doctor has stressed taking insulin injections. Which I am totally against it. Since I have been taking the Pancreas formula, changed my diet (no meats, juicing, fresh fruits, green veggies (organic))& vigorous exercise (cardio), my A1c has gone from 10.9 to 8.6(should be 6.5) in the span of 2mths. Glucose 137 (should be 70-125) has been high as 238 and higher. However, my doctor insist that my diabetes is not controlled, and will not get better because the pancreas function in type2 diabetics declines as time goes on. Therefore, insulin injection will deter kidney failure, heart attack, body amputations, and blindness. I know our emotions help with the conditions of the disease body. What can I do to continue to lower blood sugars to a healthy level? Lower trigylcerides and cholesterol(lower in the last two months)? My blood pressure is 122/80.


    Performing the Pancreas kit and regimen as much and as often as you can and you'll get your desired results.

    Great maintenance formulas include CIRCUL-AID, PANCREAS FORMULA, SUGAR BUSTER, and BIO-INSULIN.