Secrets of Weight Loss


The biggest secret to understanding weight loss is understanding the power of words in relation to your subconscious mind-the mind that does not understand logic or reason but simply belief and imagination.

The subconscious mind is not logical. It feels. It wants to please you.

The subconscious mind is your genie that gives you everything that you want and that you don’t want, because wanting and not wanting or both wishes or desires and the subconscious mind is your genie that answers (delivers) your desire(s) or manifest them.

This is why it makes more sense to focus on what you want (or desire) rather than what you don’t want (or desire). Okay, now let’s apply this to so-called weight loss.

The Truth about Fat

When people say “weight” they are really alluding to “fat,” which the body needs.

Fat is good and necessary for human health. The problem with fat is “too much” fat and the only way to get too much fat is from eating the wrong kinds of fat (e.g., animal fat and fat by-products) and eating too many dead foods (including vegetarian food) that impair the eliminative channels, especially the colon, which then traps waste byproducts in the body.

Weight Loss versus Waste Loss

When people undergo diets of glorified starvation not truly based upon proper dietary and nutritional requirements, they sabotage themselves. People may lose weight, but they are also likely to gain it back. It’s a temporary solution to a bigger issue.

At we simply tell you the real deal in that people don’t lose weight (which is natural and something they are supposed to have), they have simply RELEASED waste – waste residues, e.g. feces, mucus, mucoidal plaque, toxic fluids, etc.

When we release something, it is usually a conscious act, but when we have lost something it is usually an unconscious act, as who really consciously sets out to lose something that they are supposed to have and that belongs to them by nature? The word ‘lost’ has a sense of connection and usually of an emotional nature.

When we release things, they are usually released of our own free will and volition and there is no sense of loss, but freely letting go and for our own good.

People who say ‘I lost weight!’ have set in motion self-sabotage. The subconscious mind seeks to FIND, LOCATE, or RECOVER what has been lost. Remember, weight belongs to us by nature, but waste doesn’t. We have to choose and use our words carefully.

The subconscious mind now finds a way for people to regain their weight (which is really ‘waste’) so the subconscious mind plays a role in people falling off their diet(s) and going on eating binges, usually eating good-tasting junk loaded with “man-made fat”, “animal fat”, and “sugar” which converts into fat in the human body (especially the belly, buttocks, breasts, thighs, and upper back arms of females) but also produces byproducts of toxic waste (constituting the external weight gain).

When we say “loss” or “lost”, the subconscious mind thinks of “loss” or “lost” in a very general sense, e.g. loss of one’s rights, loss of one’s home or car, loss of one’s property, loss of one’s money, loss of one’s lover, etc. and this automatically converts into “retrieval” mode. We want to retrieve what we’ve lost due to the emotional connection of the thing we’ve lost.

To say you’ve “lost weight” is to create a flip-flop effect of “retrieving or regaining weight” in accordance pursuant to higher and inner law that the body’s mind-body intelligence adheres to.

This is the real reason why 90% of people who’ve “lost weight” gain all, most, or some of the waste back.

DHerbs suggests you use the word or phrase “weight release” because you are consciously releasing the ‘unhealthy weight’, which is really “waste.”

People don’t need or have to lose weight. They simply need to release their waste (dietary and emotional) they’ve been holding on to.

Diet fads will never be successful because they are not wholsitic in nature. To successfully “release weight (waste)” one must change their thoughts, change their diet (what they consume), change their lifestyle, and periodically detoxify their body.

When we eat right (for purposes of nutrition and not eye and/or taste appeal) and deal with our mental and emotional issues that are affected by the lives we live and lead, we won’t have to lose (release) weight because we simply won’t gain (hold on to) weight (waste).

This day forward, refrain from seeing yourself (in your mind) as obese or fat (if you are). Start seeing yourself (with mind-sight) how you desire to be so the subconscious mind can help you in naturally releasing unhealthy stored waste. This is called mental science and you must start using this science in addition to watching what you eat and periodically cleansing your body.

Make this your New Year’s resolution (actually, CHOICE) and for all year long.

DHerbs Solutions

Recommended products for naturally and safely releasing waste and toning down your weight include:

Thank you for reading!


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    Q: Good morning. I tried the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and followed the diet. I must say that I am amazed at how good I feel. Energetic and focused but alas, I only lost 3 pounds in the 3 weeks. I am 5'5 and currently at 181 pounds. My body is extremely resistant to weight loss. I have done several different types of detox including the IZO juice cleanse in the last year and had not lost weight. I don't even seem to respond to a very low calorie diet. I do have elevated liver Enzyme levels and a recent blood test showed low B6 vitamin and not proper protein digestion. I exercise 3 times a week and I eat rather health and mostly organic. Please HELP. Thanks


    This means that your body focused on another area that was of more importance than weight release. your mind wanted weight reduction but your body intelligence focused on something else. Go with the flow of the body intelligence and trust it. You apparently have an energetic block that prevents you from physically releasing weight (since you've tried other programs). Consider scheduling a consultation so we can get at the energetic/emotional root of your problem. Simply stop worrying about "losing" weight. Focus on what you desire (to see yourself in the size you desire). Don't focus on what you don't want (i.e. to lose weight).

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    Q:, I wanted to update you on my experience with the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN; I am on the third week of the program (almost finished) and I have lost 25 pounds thus far and still releasing weight. Although, I know the program calls for all raw foods; I have had a few days where I did not follow the plan (i.e. I had some cooked vegetable dishes and some Quinoa). Although I know this is a no-no; I wanted you to know that in spite of my disobedience; I have still released waste. I am now ready to know what's next. Would you recommend the full body detox? I am still overweight for my frame...and I am more interested in lifestyle changes than temporary fixes. I have been vegetarian for the last year. Thanks for your wonderful products.


    Great testimony and kudos to you! We would recommend that you continue to detox (FULL BODY DETOX) to release that unnecessary weight (waste). For lifestyle change, Dherbs is the place to be (articles, e-books, videos, etc.).

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    Q: I would like know do your WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA really help to lose weight. Also, will I be able to use this product with my medication (such as high platelets medicine)?


    Yes the Weight Release helps you to maintain reduced weight! We don't recommend the use of herbs with drugs/medication (poisons). Herbs cancel out poisons!

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    Q: Thank you for your responds to my letter. The reason why I want to gain weight is for a health reason not for looks. Society has nothing to do with me gaining weight. I'm 5'11 1/2" almost 6' and my weight is 137 lbs. Now to me I'm underweight for what I used to weight in my 20s. I was 150-160 lbs then but as I'd reached my 30s and having a lot of stress weigh down on me my eating habit as well my weight decrease to 120 - 130 lbs. So as you can see I had lost about 30-40 lbs. So yes I want to gain my weight so I can be happy and healthy. I understand that "gaining weight is gaining waste" if you are doing for the society or physical appearance. But that's not what I'm looking for, I'm doing it for my health. So if there a way for me to put the weight on; do you have a suggestion. I will appreciate it if not then thank you for taking the time to read my letters.



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    Q: I would like to know if the WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA helps you lose weight and also does this supplement comes with a diet plan.



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    Q: Hello I would like to have information about weight loss. I would like to know if there is a pill that makes an individual loss weight like only 10-15 pounds.... will the weight release (loss) work or should I purchase another type. I have a little bit of fat above and below my abdominal area. I am 41 years old. I will purchase the green tea too...what can you recommend I do not want to spend a lot of money.


    We would recommend you purchase the Weight Release Formula, Bowel Motion, which are under $50 total. To achieve the best results, we suggest you improve your diet while on the formulas.

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    Q: I recently completed the Full Body Detox, which I loved. Now, 2 months later, I am very interested in the weight release program. Last year, I lost 40 lbs in 8 months, in the most healthy way (good nutrition and exercise). This year, I slowly started gaining weight back, and 1 year later, I continue to gain weight much more quickly. I am still working out regularly, and eating well. Would you recommend the Weight Release Kit? I am looking to take off 20 lbs at the most. Is that realistic for this formula? However, I want to build muscle and strength as well. Can I maintain the results of the program with the directed nutrition plan, and add white meat for protein (chicken, turkey, tuna). I am also wondering if the formulas simply release excess weight, or can I expect to lose inches and lower my body fat percentage? Thanks for your time and dedication to natural health!


    Glad to hear about your success with the Full Body Detox!

    I would highly recommend the Weight Release Kit and Regimen. NO MEAT though! Try vegan alternatives if you must have something - but no meats!

    You will release weight (waste)! Your weight is nothing but waste!

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    Q: Re: Daily Regimen for Weight Loss, Inflammation, and Staying Regular. Hello, I used the full detox and loved it. I lost 15 lbs and would like to continue using something natural to help with the weight loss. Also, quite honestly I loved the ease of the bm's. Even before I began the detox, I have limited my carb intake and it is almost painful to go to the bathroom now and laxatives can be very harsh on the stomach. So, if you could please recommend a daily regimen of dherbs that I can take that would be greatly appreciated. By the way - though I enjoyed the healthy regimen, I can not do salads everyday so don't even suggest it! LOL Thank You! Weight Loss Inflamation

    A: Congrats on your success with the cleanse, we're happy to hear that you enjoyed it. If you're looking to stop inflammation within the body, continue to recondition your bowels and lose additional weight it would be best for you to cleanse again. It's safe to do the cleanses back to back. A lot of foods contribute inflammation and not being regular in regards to the bowels. If you keep a balanced diet you'll be able to achieve your goals. Raw food doesn't just mean salads. The main purpose for the raw food diet was to benefit from the foods and to give your body a break from the foods it’s accustom to. You’re giving your body everything that it NEEDS. Most people are successful with the cleanse and the diet when you open yourself up to the change. The diet was not intended to be a challenge, it's to benefit from live foods that help your body. If you decide to cleanse again, we suggest embracing the diet and trying new types of raw meals.

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    Q: I have already purchased both FULL BODY DETOX and DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. I was going to do the full body first then the colon cleanse as you suggested. I decided I should go ahead and order the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN because; well I want to get rid of as much waste/weight that I can. I feel sluggish, disgusting and toxic! Is it ok if I perform the weight loss regimen followed by the full body detox then colon cleanse? I am going away for a few weeks and this would work out much better for me as far schedule goes... Or is there a particular order I should follow to make my goal much more effective? I am not sure how strict the airlines are and I doubt I can find organic prune juice and undiluted cranberry juice where I am going....


    It's okay that you perform the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN first before the others. The key thing is that you perform all three kits.

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    Q: I am very interested in trying your product but the thought taking so many pills makes me want to gag! I am interested in weight loss and I ordered the weight release Formula. I was interested in the weight release kit but I read in a review that it's about 35 pills a day! There's no way I will be able to stomach this. What would you suggest for me to take in addition with the weight loss formula to achieve max results without all the pills.



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    Q: I am in need of cleansing my body and weight removal! (Removal and not loss because I don't want to find it again)! I need to remove about 80 pounds of unhealthy weight from my body and would like to do so in a natural way. I looked at both your Female Cleanse and the Full Body Cleanse, but don't know which is a better option for me to follow right now? I eat a lot of organic foods, I juice (some) but need to increase my water intake (A LOT). I don't drink much soda at all and when I do it is organic carbonated lemonade. I realize carbonated drinks are not good for us and limit how much I drink. My body lets me know when I have eaten something that is not good for me by causing my hands and feet to swell. To reduce this I drink water. I am allergic to wheat and try to stay away from it as much as possible. I have few ailments and have started working out again (cardio and weight training). I also looked at your weight loss products, but thought I should maybe detox first. What do you think? Any assistance you can offer on your products and which ones I should take is of great appreciation.

    A: The best thing for you is the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse will allow you to remove unwanted weight, while also optimizing your entier body so that you can maintain that weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


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    Q: I recently purchased your FULL BODY DETOX about three months ago. I'm working out twice a week lifting weight and usually riding my bike about 8miles in the same week. I'm still not satisfied with my results in my weight loss effort, but I'm thinking about purchasing your WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA product. I did not loose any weight when using the FULL BODY DETOX product. I did though for the first time in a long time feel very light while using the FULL BODY DETOX product. My thing is I don't what to spend money on a product that still may not help me loose weight. What do you recommend for me?



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    Q: I've been purchasing your products religiously since, but only recently committed the proper eating to my regimen for weight loss. I have been on the Weight Release Kit for a week and a half and plan to follow that up with the Full Body Detox. Is there any other advice you might have to help me? I'm attempting to lose 150lbs in 6 months. Do you think this is realistic? Lastly, how much water intake would you advise? Thanks for your products and your advice in the past.


    Glad you like the products and thanks for supporting me. Much appreciated!

    Releasing 150 lbs in 6 months? Very realistic! I helped Big Boy release 100 lbs in less than 3 months back in 2004, so 150 lbs is very realistic in that time frame. To assist in the process, get a few colonics performed and drink half your body weight in water, i.e. if 200 pounds, cut in half (which is 100 pounds) and change the pounds to ounces (i.e. 100 ounces) so you would be drinking nearly 1 gallon and a half of water daily (as 64 ounces is half of 1 gallon/128 ounces). Also, bathe in hot water and 1 box of sea salt every chance you get (daily). Good luck, Beloved!

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    Q: I have fibroids and need to lose weight. Is it okay to take the FIBRIOD BUSTER and WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA together?


    YES IT IS!

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    Q: If I follow the raw foods diet with the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, I could possibly lose 30-40lbs. Is that safe? How much could I lose if I don’t eat all raw foods??


    You will release weight to the amount you need to release weight and depending on what you eat. Raw foods are best and will give the best weight release!

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    Q: Liquid verses capsules; Which one will allow more weight loss?

    A: The difference between the capsule version of the Full Body Cleanse and the Liquid Cleanse is within its potency. The Liquid Cleanse is less potent due the extraction of herbs being converted from plant to liquid form. This information is included on the product page of the Liquid Cleanse.  The capsules are always going to produce better results.  You can exchange the product if you like, it would need to be within 15 days of receiving it.

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    Q: Will the WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA continue to help me with weight removal after the FULL BODY DETOX? And if so, how does it work?


    It depends on what you eat more so than this formula. Just watch what you eat. The formula is just a maintenance formula.

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    Q: I have been having problems with my appetite since I had a problem with TMJ. I had not been able to eat for a while and I lost a lot of weight which would be fine for some but not in my case. I lost too much. I am now having trouble with regaining my appetite and I wanted to know if you had anything that would help to stimulate my appetite. I went to an herb shop here where I live and she gave me milk thistle. That did not work. My doctor has tried to give me 2 different medications to help but they did not work. One was periactin and the other was an antidepressant, which I probably need but because I am kind have depressed about my weight loss and how I look. If you could please let me know if you have anything that will help, or know of anything else out there for this problem I Would greatly appreciate it.



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    Q: Dear Brother, I am 6 feet tall and I am on my third day of the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. I used to be 125 pounds in weight, and I have dropped to 119 pounds. I am a little concerned about the weight loss as I wasn't a healthy weight to begin with. I believe I am underweight for my height anyway. Is this amount of weight loss normal? Also, now I've dropped to 119 pounds and I'm only on day 3 of a 10 day cleanse, should I carry on and lose more weight? I don't want to look like a skeleton! But I want to be healthy. Please advise.


    The article I Highly suggest you read is â€I’M THIN! WILL I LOSE WEIGHT DURING THE DETOX†Your answers lie in this article, Beloved!

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    Q: Hello, I've always heard that people can't "Spot loose" when it comes to weight, however, I've done it but don't really know what it was that cause the "spot weight" lose. My question and dilemma is: I tend to gain weight in my breast area and mid section but no where else. I am apple shaped. I know it isn't good for the heart and I want to loose mostly my breast. What would you recommend eating or not and what type of exercise would you recommend. Thank you!


    Spot losing is a myth or sorts. I'm not saying it can't happen but it's highly unlikely and completely uncontrollable. Your body picks and chooses where it gains/loses weight and they are not always in the same spots. Some people gain weight proportionately and some gain it in certain spots (hips, thighs, breasts, belly). I do get asked this question a lot from women "How do I lose weight in my gut or hip area but not in my breast?". The truth is that there is no real answer for that.  Your own spot loss was probably just luckiness and apararently exactly where you needed it to.

    As far as eating is concerned nothing causes the body to fat more than these two things. One is a high nutrient density, high alkaline, high raw, low fat, vegan diet. The other is juice fasting. Both are extremely helpful.

    Foods know and studied to cause weight loss are beans, greens, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, raw apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, and fruits and veggies. Noe of which have been conclusive in causing the body to lose fat in certain spots of the body.

    I run a highly successful health, nutrition, and fitness coaching company. I have coached many people to a vast number of health goals. Weight loss is one of my specialties. My 6 month program is designed to give people all the tools they need to reach their goals. My six month program includes lessons on weight loss, juice fasting, alkalinity, meal planning and meal timing, and also comes with a 90 day fitness plan. To see if my program is right for you fill out this health form found here ( and claim your free first consultation.

    The best and most efficient exercises for weight loss are cardio exercises. That is however only part of the equation. Learning how to interval train is your most efficient way to burn fat. You may burn more fat at 60 percent of your maximum heart rate but if you interval train where you change your intensity and heart rate you burn more calories in less time and more fat. Also with low intensity cardio the burn effect ends when you end your training as where interval training keeps your metabolism stoked for hours after training maximizing your burn.

    Here is an example of interval training

    4:30 seconds warm up (moderate speed)

    30 seconds sprint

    4:30 seconds recovery (moderate speed)

    30 seconds sprint

    4:30 seconds recovery (moderate speed)

    Continue intervals for anywhere from 20-30 minutes

    The second best way is to do high rep, low - moderate weight exercises. Circuit training where you go from one exercise to another with as little as 30 seconds rest in between sets.

    Here is an example:

    Jumping jacks 1 minute

    Crunches 1 minute

    Pushups 1 minute

    Squats 1 minute

    3 sets of 12 alternating lunge to shoulder press

    3 sets chest press x 12

    3 sets of bent over rows x 12

    3 sets of bicep curls

    3 sets of triceps extensions

    1 minute of jump squats

    1 minute of Lunge and press

    You want to focus more on exercises that move more than one muscle. Focus on compound exercises (squats, pushups/chest press, pull-up/lat pull downs). Also focus on exercises that make you move like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and burpees.

    Hope this helps,

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT