Secrets of Weight Loss

Secrets of Weight Loss

The biggest secret to understanding weight loss is understanding the power of words in relation to your subconscious mind-the mind that does not understand logic or reason but simply belief and imagination.

The subconscious mind is not logical. It feels. It wants to please you.

The subconscious mind is your genie that gives you everything that you want and that you don’t want, because wanting and not wanting or both wishes or desires and the subconscious mind is your genie that answers (delivers) your desire(s) or manifest them.

This is why it makes more sense to focus on what you want (or desire) rather than what you don’t want (or desire). Okay, now let’s apply this to so-called weight loss.

The Truth about Fat

When people say “weight” they are really alluding to “fat,” which the body needs.

Fat is good and necessary for human health. The problem with fat is “too much” fat and the only way to get too much fat is from eating the wrong kinds of fat (e.g., animal fat and fat by-products) and eating too many dead foods (including vegetarian food) that impair the eliminative channels, especially the colon, which then traps waste byproducts in the body.

Weight Loss versus Waste Loss

When people undergo diets of glorified starvation not truly based upon proper dietary and nutritional requirements, they sabotage themselves. People may lose weight, but they are also likely to gain it back. It’s a temporary solution to a bigger issue.

At we simply tell you the real deal in that people don’t lose weight (which is natural and something they are supposed to have), they have simply RELEASED waste – waste residues, e.g. feces, mucus, mucoidal plaque, toxic fluids, etc.

When we release something, it is usually a conscious act, but when we have lost something it is usually an unconscious act, as who really consciously sets out to lose something that they are supposed to have and that belongs to them by nature? The word ‘lost’ has a sense of connection and usually of an emotional nature.

When we release things, they are usually released of our own free will and volition and there is no sense of loss, but freely letting go and for our own good.

People who say ‘I lost weight!’ have set in motion self-sabotage. The subconscious mind seeks to FIND, LOCATE, or RECOVER what has been lost. Remember, weight belongs to us by nature, but waste doesn’t. We have to choose and use our words carefully.

The subconscious mind now finds a way for people to regain their weight (which is really ‘waste’) so the subconscious mind plays a role in people falling off their diet(s) and going on eating binges, usually eating good-tasting junk loaded with “man-made fat”, “animal fat”, and “sugar” which converts into fat in the human body (especially the belly, buttocks, breasts, thighs, and upper back arms of females) but also produces byproducts of toxic waste (constituting the external weight gain).

When we say “loss” or “lost”, the subconscious mind thinks of “loss” or “lost” in a very general sense, e.g. loss of one’s rights, loss of one’s home or car, loss of one’s property, loss of one’s money, loss of one’s lover, etc. and this automatically converts into “retrieval” mode. We want to retrieve what we’ve lost due to the emotional connection of the thing we’ve lost.

To say you’ve “lost weight” is to create a flip-flop effect of “retrieving or regaining weight” in accordance pursuant to higher and inner law that the body’s mind-body intelligence adheres to.

This is the real reason why 90% of people who’ve “lost weight” gain all, most, or some of the waste back.

Dherbs suggests you use the word or phrase “weight release” because you are consciously releasing the ‘unhealthy weight’, which is really “waste.”

People don’t need or have to lose weight. They simply need to release their waste (dietary and emotional) they’ve been holding on to.

Diet fads will never be successful because they are not holistic in nature. To successfully “release weight (waste)” one must change their thoughts, change their diet (what they consume), change their lifestyle, and periodically detoxify their body.

When we eat right (for purposes of nutrition and not eye and/or taste appeal) and deal with our mental and emotional issues that are affected by the lives we live and lead, we won’t have to lose (release) weight because we simply won’t gain (hold on to) weight (waste).

This day forward, refrain from seeing yourself (in your mind) as obese or fat (if you are). Start seeing yourself (with mind-sight) how you desire to be so the subconscious mind can help you in naturally releasing unhealthy stored waste. This is called mental science and you must start using this science in addition to watching what you eat and periodically cleansing your body.

Make this your New Year’s resolution (actually, CHOICE) and for all year long.

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