The Top 5 Fitness Tips Men Need To Know About

The Top 5 Fitness Tips Men Need To Know About

Fitness seems to be inescapable nowadays, with crossfit gyms, mixed martial arts studios, fitness models on social media, and online exercise tutorials surrounding you at all times. Despite this push towards a fitter future, obesity levels continue to rise, and three out of four men are either overweight or obese. According the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 50 percent of men do not engage in physical activity for more than 10 minutes a day.

Statistically, a father has a strong influence on what his child eats, and how frequently the child exercises. If the example is to make poor food choices and avoid physical activity, the child is more likely to experience weight problems later in life, or become obese as a child. Alternatively, a healthy, fit father figure will typically inspire the child to be conscious of employing smart dietary and fitness choices in life.

Some guys already engage in regular exercise, but their efforts in the gym are not translating to a more muscular physique or toned body. To maximize your workouts and achieve your fitness goals, apply the following tips to ensure that you have more energy and strength.

Monitor Your Progress

Always monitor your workout progress, no matter if your goals are long-term or short-term. As you catalog your workouts and check your progress, you will be able to know whether or not you are getting stronger or increasing cardiovascular strength. You can do this by writing down reps, sets, distance, and time spent exercising. It can be beneficial to set weekly goals to keep pushing yourself. If you take supplements, notate that information as well.

Change Up Your Fitness Routine

Progress cannot happen if you do the same workout, or series of exercises, day in and day out. Alternating your exercises, circuits, and types of activities keeps you motivated and prevents the body from getting used to the same routine. Add a few strength-training exercises into your cardio workout, take a few yoga classes, try martial arts, and vary the intensity and tempo of your interval training.

Only Workout When You Have Energy

Hitting the gym when you are tired will not be conducive to your progress. It’s better to not workout at all than to sluggishly make your way through a few exercises before you decide to call it quits. If you have more energy in the morning, don’t force yourself to exercise in the evening when your energy is low. Work out when you know that your performance will be at its peak.

Get Enough Rest

This goes along with the above tip because you cannot have energy without sufficient rest. The body does not perform well when it is not rested, which is why 7-8 hours of sleep per night is encouraged. Sleep is also necessary to promote swifter recovery and repair. Don’t think that exercising can take the place of sleep, either. Working out when the body is sleep deprived will not result in positive performance. In fact, you’ll most likely injure yourself.

Log What You Eat

You can’t out exercise a poor diet, and unhealthy ingredients and oversized portions will only hinder your workouts. Take the time to start reading labels to avoid processed ingredients, which can sabotage your health. Try to avoid foods with trans fats, limit your sugar consumption, and steer clear of refined carbohydrates. Always remember that fresh is best, so don’t buy processed lunch meats or pre-packaged meals. Fresh ingredients help to satisfy your nutritional requirements, limiting the need for vitamins and other supplements. Finally, keep track of what you consume before and after your workouts because those meals play a vital role in your progress.

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