We Acquire Strength in What We Overcome

We Acquire Strength in What We Overcome

People acquire strength in what they overcome. Trials and tribulations do not necessarily shape character; these things simply demonstrate character. Adversity acts as a litmus test to reveal what is already there. From the moment of birth, one’s character is constantly being defined and established. As wonderful as success is, it rarely offers the opportunity to reveal one’s strength of character. Such moments arise only from negative situations.

Character is not shaped, but revealed-revealed through overcoming trials, tribulations, ordeals, challenges, and problems with a sound mind.

Morbid as it may sound, it is very true that what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Hardship gives us the opportunity to learn valuable things about ourselves through undergoing mental, emotional, and physical trials. Such lessons can be invaluable and will frequently help us later in our lives.

Moreover, hard times do more than merely reveal one’s character. They help us become more aware of our personal ethics, morals, and scruples, as well as what we stand for in our life. It’s easy to have theoretical principles. On the other hand, maintaining one’s principles during times of adversity demonstrates great strength of character.

For many people, overcoming obstacles strengthens faith in many different things. Such things include religion, other people, themselves (in terms of abilities, talents, character), as well as solutions (figuring out how to solve or overcome the obstacle). As the obstacles we face become heavier and heavier, and with each one we successfully overcome, our faith in such things gets stronger and stronger. The increase in faith is usually in proportion to the intensity of the obstacle, challenge, trial, tribulation, or problem; so, the bigger the problem, the stronger the faith on the other side after emerging victoriously.

People with positive thinking would argue that we experience problems for two reasons: to overcome them, and to learn from them.

There is no trial, tribulation, challenge, obstacle, or problem too powerful or insurmountable for any of us to overcome if we make up our minds to tackle it head on. With a sound and sober mind, patience, and the courage to keep trying, we become invincible. Try it and see! Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish many great and wonderful things. You are much stronger than even the toughest and most complex obstacle.

If we stay focused on the prize, remain steadfast in our trust and belief in ourselves, decide to persevere and be persistent, remain optimistic, and embrace a positive mental attitude, we are bound to come out on the other side of any trial, tribulation, obstacle, challenge, or problem in one piece, stronger in faith, and victorious.

Every problem has an answer. That answer may not always be simple or easy to find. It may take days or weeks of thinking and consideration. You may need to ask for help or advice from others, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you are in school, many institutions offer counseling services for free or very reasonable rates. If you ask for help from your friends or family, the odds are that someone has already endured your situation or at least a similar one and will be able to offer good insight.

The most important part is to remain positive and keep trying. Most major problems were not solved in a day, or even a week. If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a break. Go for a run or take a long shower. Try to relax and don’t push yourself too much.

Answers can also be found in surprising places. Consider going to the library and cruising through the shelves. You never know where inspiration will strike. And if nothing else, the library is filled with books of motivational stories and about people who have overcome incredible obstacles. If Franklin Roosevelt could be stricken by polio and still rise to the presidency, surely you too can overcome your personal obstacle. Or consider Helen Keller, who managed to communicate with people and the world despite being both blind and mute.

The world is filled with amazing people, and you are one of them! Challenges are not to be feared or even merely endured, but rather triumphed over! Be confident and trust in your abilities. When given a burden, we all have the choice to sink or rise to the occasion. Be strong and embrace the challenge! After conquering the challenge, you will feel strong and invincible. Adversity has not conquered you, for you are only stronger for what you have experienced. The world is yours!

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