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Beta Prostate and Prostate Care vs. Dherbs.Com Prostate Formula

I decided to type this article due to the numerous responses I receive from many male listeners of certain radio shows asking me if “Beta Prostate” is a good product to take. I also get many inquiries about a product called “Prostate Care” produced by Healthy Choice Nutritionals.

Since I get more inquiries about “Prostate Care,” I’ll deal with this product first and more so than Beta Prostate.

Now while I’ve never taken “Prostate Care” or “Beta Prostate” (and I never will), I make my assessment and critique of them based upon my knowledge of ingredients, both natural and unnatural.

“Prostate Care” is technically a drug due to the ingredients used to manufacture it. It contains many isolated ingredients that make it a drug. All drugs are unstable at the molecular level because they contain isolated compounds (said to be standardized), usually alkaloids isolated from a natural source’s other components given by nature to balance and stabilize the substance.

When you extract a major alkaloid from a substance (i.e. fruit or plant) you have created a monster, i.e. drug. Alkaloids by themselves are dangerous as they are unstable. The process of standardization is also not a natural process. Many herbal formulations on the market contain standardized ingredients.

Caffeine is a drug because it is extracted from the coffee fruit by way of the seed (bean). Cocaine is a drug because it is extracted from the coca leaf. No one ever gets addicted to coca leaves because the leaves are balanced and stabilized by a full spectrum of other components, usually nutrients. These other ingredients or components help stabilize the major alkaloid (cocaine) so you get benefit and not detriment (addiction).

Okay, now let’s compare ingredients between “Prostate Care” and Dherbs.com “Male Prostate Formula.”

Prostate Care

Prostate Care’s ingredients include: Zinc oxide, Selenium (Selenomethione), Beta Sitosterol, DIM (Diindolymethane), Lycopene, Bioperine, Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Pharmaceutical Glaze.

Based upon the ingredients supra, “Prostate Care” is not a food. The ingredients are not produced in Nature in a monostructured state as Nature does not make anything monostructured. Nothing! Even oxygen is balanced with nitrogen. Pure oxygen without nitrogen is a drug and thus harmful and potentially deadly or fatal. The oxygen you are given in a hospital via oxygen tank and mask is a drug and that’s why hospitals can legally charge or bill you for it. It’s not the same oxygen Nature gives you and for free of charge.

“Prostate Care” gives you 30 mg of Zinc oxide. Nature gave us zinc but not zinc oxide. Oxides are inorganic substances which means humans cannot digest them. The zinc humans require, especially males (who lose approximately 3 mg of zinc with every ejaculation of semen) is ZINC PHOSPHATE which is organic zinc. We only find organic zinc in foods such as cocculus root, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to name a few.

Zinc oxide is basically a metal that is pulverized, much like the iron pills or tablets doctors prescribe to women which causes a host of adverse reactions or side effects, most notably constipation.

The mineral selenium “Prostate Care” uses is also from an inorganic source. Just as the zinc oxide “Prostate Care” uses does not mention a living food source as its origin, neither does the selenium this product contains. Remember, your minerals and elements if they are to be consumed, absorbed, and assimilated for purposes of nutrition and maintenance and sustenance of life must derive from living food sources or organic sources (plants), not inorganic sources (stones, rocks, or metals).

While selenium is an important mineral for male sexual reproductive health in general, prostate gland health in particular, it must be organic in nature.

While the body will try to use inorganic elements for the betterment and benefit of the body, the body will lose precious nutrients it may have in reserve to attempt to assimilate the inorganic substances and thus tax itself which is insalubrious.

Now what is “Beta Sitosterol?” “Prostate Care” mentions beta sitosterol as an ingredient and does mention that it is derived from plant sources which gives the product a plus. However, it doesn’t mention the names of the plants.

Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol (plant oil). Phyto means “plant,” and “sterol” means “oil.” It is a chemical structure similar to that of cholesterol. It is white in color and waxy nature.

Natural sources of beta sitosterol include pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, avocados, and the herbs saw palmetto berries, pygeum bark, and lycii berries.

Basically, if you consumed these natural foods above you wouldn’t need to consume an isolated or standardized form of beta sitosterol. These natural foods offer additional nutrients in addition to beta sitosterol so you will always benefit eating the whole food rather than a compound containing only a living foods alkaloid.

In the United States, because of our unhealthy and unnatural hectic lives we don’t have the time to eat the necessary amounts of living foods. This is why so many supplements and health products exist in this corporation that you may believe is a country.

NOTE: The United States is not the same thing as the United States of America. The United States is a corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C. and operates under a statutory democracy. It was founded in 1868 after the Civil War that was initiated by England to return the colonies back to its possession after the colonies broke away during the American Revolutionary War. Yes, even to this day the United States is property of England (Great Britain) and executed via a trust by the Vatican Church. And because the United States, Inc. is property of England so are United States citizens (juristic persons, artificial entities).

The United States of America was a constitutional republic formed in 1776 (officially in 1787) that ended during the Civil War (1861, officially in 1868). Unfortunately this is real history you will never learn in any school or college but numerous sources to validate the above exist.

Returning back to the true subject matter of this article: Beta sitosterol helps with prevention of male hair loss, especially when taken with herbs such as saw palmetto and sarsaparilla. I frequently tell males who are experiencing male pattern baldness that the baldness is a sign of a degenerate prostate gland. Just as split ends in women’s hair denote degenerate ovaries, so does a degenerate prostate gland in male pattern baldness. Human hair ties into the endocrine system and thus has a lot to do with hormones.

DIM (Di-indoly-methane) is another ingredient in “Prostate Care” that I would say is a plus to the product because DIM is found in natural plant sources and “Prostate Care” claims its Dim is derived from natural plant sources though the label fails to mention those plant sources.

DIM is a phytonutrient. Phyto means “plant,” and nutrient means “substance that provides nutrition.” DIM is naturally found in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, kale, cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, rutabaga, and turnip plants many Americans do not eat enough of, or, if they do eat them, these vegetables are so overcooked that they are void of nutrition. Any plant or food cooked in heat over 118 degrees is DEAD!

This is why Dherbs.com promotes the consumption of raw and living foods and recommends their consumption doing our major cleanses and regimens such as the Full Body Detox, Weight Release Cleanse, and 10-Day Supreme Colon Cleanser.

Many animals in the wild eat living foods and that’s why these animals don’t fall ill with diseases that are commonly found in humans like cancer. Animals only get cancer and other degenerative diseases when they come into contact with humans, especially when they serve as domesticated pets which is usually against their will.

DIM helps with healthy estrogen metabolism. These days, health professionals have the people afraid of hormones due to the high incidences of various cancers but what most people don’t know is that there are natural estrogens and unnatural estrogens and it is only the unnatural estrogens that are causing problems and that people should be concerned with.

Folks should only be concerned with the unhealthy estrogens of estradiol and estrone, but not the healthy estrogen of estriol. You only get unhealthy estrogen from meat and dairy products, chemical hair processing products, female sanitary products, and a few other products and substances.

Personally, I don’t believe the hype about soy isoflavones or the bad estrogen linked to soy products. I feel it’s a plan to thwart people from becoming vegan and vegetarian. Some soy products are suspect (especially processed soy products), but not all. And NO, I’m not advocating the consumption of soy products nor is this an endorsement of them!

“Prostate Care” also includes Lycopene. Lycopene is a red-colored carotenoid and phytochemical found in tomatoes. Tomatoes are recommended against prostate cancer because of its Lycopene content.

The best tomatoes to consume are organic Roma tomatoes. Roma tomatoes are the least likely genetically engineered tomatoes.

Back in the day my father (and many other Black males, especially those with Southern roots) used to eat sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. However, the only downside of this dish was the use of harmful white table salt (which my father had an addiction to, even sprinkling table salt on his fruit).

The only problem I have with “Prostate Care” here is that it doesn’t mention the source of this Lycopene. A good product would say something like: “Lycopene (derived from cherry tomato).” You see, a food source must always be listed to let us know the source of an ingredient. The problem in the U.S. and many other nations is that we have not been eating food, but food-like substances, and this is where many of the degenerative pathologies are coming from.

Okay, now what is Bioperine? This is a substance derived from the fruit black pepper. It is a standardized extract which means it has been processed and is thus a monster. Basically, Bioperine has been extracted from black pepper (also called piper longum or long pepper). Why not just give folks black pepper to consume?

Black pepper is found in many good male formulas for aphrodisiac and prostate health purposes. Dherbs.com uses the substance in its “Jackrabbit Formula,” a male sex enhancing formula.

Now let’s deal with all the other ingredients “Prostate Care” contains. These “other ingredients” are basically and truthfully BINDERS, PRESERVATIVES, and ADDITIVES which basically means “Prostate Care” is a DEAD product. If you are preserving a thing, it’s because it is dead, and you only have to preserve that which is dead.

Dicalcium phosphate is an INORGANIC compound commonly used in breakfast cereals, dog food, enriched flour, and noodling products. It is also used as poultry feed (food for chickens). Dicalcium phosphate is a pharmaceutical tableting agent as well. I think this sums it for this “Prostate Care” ingredient and should raise eyebrows.

Cellulose is basically fiber. It has no nutritional value and is used for fiber purposes for purposes of keeping the colon clean. If people consumed enough raw and living foods (fruits and vegetables), fiber would have no use today in the health food and pharmaceutical industries as a bulking agent or filler. Cellulose is a major filler or filling agent. When companies don’t want to give you 100% of a substance (unlike Dherbs.com which gives you 100% substance in every herbal product), they add fillers such as cellulose. Cellulose helps to make certain powders dense for capsulating purposes. However, celluose is not digestible by humans.

Now here’s what most people don’t or may not know about common cellulose in use today in many so-called health products (supplements). Most forms of cellulose used today are derived from WOOD or COTTON, two NON-EDIBLE substances! Wood is not food! Cotton is not food! It’s a fabric and people should not be eating fabrics. In fact, cellulose is converted into cellophane and rayon, two harmful agents. And just think, many companies are putting cellulose in so-called health products.

Croscarmellose sodium is a chemical sodium salt and FDA-approved pharmaceutical additive that was originally used in horse dietary pills. It is used for the production of tablets. Its main function is to help tablets disintegrate in the intestinal tract. It is a man-made chemical drug necessary for the production and use of pharmaceutical grade drugs that are in tablet form. If a tablet disintegrating agent such as croscarmellose sodium is not included, the tablet could disintegrate too slowly, or in the wrong part of the intestine or not at all, thereby reducing the efficacy of the active ingredients of a product (drug or supplement).

Stearic Acid is a word I like to deal with as I like exposing things, especially things of a tricky and secretive nature. Stearic acid is usually derived from animals, mainly steer. It is a fatty acid. While it is also found in vegetable sources, most products on the market use the stearic acid derived from animals (steer) as animal slaughter creates many cheap byproducts.

Stearic acid is really STEER-ic acid. It is purposely spelled S-T-E-A-R-I-C to throw you off. But if you change the fourth letter in the world which is “A,” to an “E” you discover the secret source of this fatty acid: ANIMALS, mainly steer (bovine, cow).

“Prostate Care” does not tell you the source of its stearic acid ingredient which would cause great concern for me, especially as one who does not consciously consume animal products or byproducts.

Next we have Silicon Dioxide as an ingredient in “Prostate Care.” Silicon dioxide is basically SAND or QUARTZ (crystal). Sand is not food nor is quartz! You don’t eat this product, not if you are health conscious.

Silicon is a major component of GLASS. Now I know many women are putting liquefied silicon (liquefied glass) on their face for beauty purposes, which is pretty illogical in my opinion but beauty is a big thing with many Western women, many of whom will even die for beauty via cosmetic surgery reportedly like rapper Kanye West’s mother who died on the operating table for a beauty enhancement procedure.

The United States is also known as ‘Plastic Nation’ as Public Enemy and Paris rapped about in P.E.’s latest album produced by Paris entitled “Rebirth of A Nation.”

American females will let surgeons insert all kinds of blunt objects into their noses, lips, cheeks, breasts, and butt cheeks for cosmetic surgery purposes. Today in the U.S., there is a direct connection between beauty (or the illusion of beauty) and self-esteem and self-image, usually low self-esteem and poor self-image. Billions of dollars are made off of these two 3rd chakra attributes.

I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you that silicon dioxide is also a major component of CEMENT! Cement is not food! How does a component of glass and cement help your prostate gland?

Did you know that the beef industry uses cement for purposes of cow feed? Oh yes they do! They feed cows cement to make them heavier on the auction block. I received this information firsthand by Howard Lyman, the Mad Cowboy (who was sued along with Oprah Winfrey back in the late 1990’s for exposing the beef industry on one of her shows).

Next we have Magnesium Stearate. Well, I’ve already exposed ‘stearate.’ Magnesium stearate is the mineral magnesium usually derived from the bones and skeletal parts of slaughtered steer (cows) – and thus another animal byproduct. It is commonly called magnesium salt. Like many of the other ingredients in “Prostate Care,” it is not a food.

Magnesium stearate can be derived from both plants and animals. “Prostate Care” does not tell us what source their magnesium stearate is derived from and this should raise eyebrows.

Lastly, “Prostate Care” uses Pharmaceutical Glaze. You’re probably asking yourself, “What the hell is pharmaceutical glaze?” Well, pharmaceutical glaze may gross you out when you discover what it is derived from.

Pharmaceutical glaze, also known as confectioner’s glaze, resinous glaze, pure food glaze, and natural glaze and commonly used on donuts and candy is an ALCOHOL-based solution of various types of shellac.

The real name of this glaze (in industrial circles) is BETTLE JUICE as the substance is derived from an INSECT (‘lac insect’) called Kerria lacca, a scale insect.

Pharmaceutical glaze is used by the drug and nutritional supplement industry as a coating material for tablets and capsules. It serves to improve the product’s appearance, extend shelf life and protect it from moisture, as well as provide a solid finishing film for preprint coatings. It also serves to mask unpleasant odors and aid in the swallowing of the tablet.

Now how does bug juice help the male prostate gland? It doesn’t! This bug juice called pharmaceutical glaze is for manufacturing purposes only has absolutely no therapeutic or nutritional properties whatsoever.

I don’t know how Healthy Choice Nutritionals, maker of “Prostate Care,” can justify the use of bug juice in its product, but one things for sure, you’ll NEVER see this substance or any other man-made substance in any Dherbs.com formula.

Beta Prostate

Okay, now let me quickly deal with the product called “Beta Prostate” produced by New Vitality.

The minerals used in “Beta Prostate” are all INORGANIC and thus harmful. The Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Chromium, Molydenum, Selenium, Boron, Vanadium, and Germanium are all derived from non-food sources and are thus INORGANIC! The label on the bottle does not tell you the sources of these minerals. That’s how you know they are inorganic. A good company always tells you the source of its ingredients.

Like “Prostate Care,” “Beta Prostate” also uses Silicon (component of SAND, GLASS, and CEMENT), Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, and Stearic Acid. These junk ingredients are clearly used for preservative, filler, and binder purposes.

In addition, “Beta Prostate” uses Silica and Magnesium Silicate. More fillers and binders so that you get more additives and less of a particular substance, i.e. beta sitosterol, which appears to be the only substance in “Beta Prostate” or ‘Prostate Care” that derives from food!

You have to be very careful nowadays because these commercial health food companies will sell you JUNK, JUNK, JUNK all to make a dollar at the health of your expense.

This is one of the main reasons why I created and started my own herb company – to make sure no unhealthy and unnatural man-made chemical ingredient ever finds its way into one of my creations.

When I first started out producing my own herbal formulations I caught so much hell from encapsulating companies because I refused to use cheap ingredients in the encapsulation of my herbal formulas that made things easy for the encapsulating companies. I refused to produce tablet forms of my herbs and stubbornly opted for capsules (containing 100% herbal powder and absolutely no additives, fillers, binders, or preservatives). You can’t make tablets without additives, fillers, binders, and preservatives.

I refused to use cellulose which I was told was 100% WOOD PULP! It was no way in the world I was using wood pulp in my formulas to help make certain formulas denser for capsulating purposes.

I adamantly refused to use gelatin capsules over vegan vegetarian (plant-based) capsules despite the double savings of using gelatin capsules, which are difficult to digest in the human body. Besides, I am against using animals for food purposes (as well as clothing purposes) and gelatin is derived from pigs, horses, and cows.

I was always told about how easy it would be to make my formulas and how much money I would save in manufacturing (encapsulation). I didn’t give a damn about money! I was creating the best, most consumer trusted, integrity-filled herbal company in the country and the world for that matter. I didn’t care about money (making it or saving it). I was interested in only one thing: making the BEST all-natural herbal products and selling them at the most economical prices so people could afford them and thus get the healing they so desired.

When I first started making and selling my herbal formulas, the only competition as far as the Black community was concerned was Fig Tree Products (Dr. Sebi), New Body Products (Dr. Paul Goss), and The Herb and Vitamin Center (which sold Nature’s Sunshine products, owned by Seventh Day Adventists but strongly pushed in the Black community).

The problems I had with these companies were: Dr. Sebi’s products were too expensive and many Black people could not afford to purchase his products and the ones that did and could afford to purchase them spent a fortune which I felt was an injustice (whether they received healing or not).

And like New Body Products and Nature’s Sunshine’s products, Dr. Sebi’s or Fig Tree products didn’t utilize a lot of herbs that were available (mainly due to the price of certain individual herbs which were quite expensive).

Many herbs were claimed to have come from Africa but factually came from right here within the United States.

Therefore, I decided to produce the best compounds and at the cheapest prices that I could without hurting myself. Time has proven that I made the best and wisest choice I could have because today Dherbs.com is #1 in herbal remedies. Our website alone is a herbal and information emporium.

In addition to awesome products and compounds, I decided to give away free health information. I decided to educate consumers before they made a purchase. To me, healing begins with knowledge. You can’t prevent, heal, or understand any disease without first having knowledge of that disease.

Dherbs.com Prostate Formula

Unlike “Beta Prostate,” Dherbs.com Prostate Formula” is 100% plant-based and thus ORGANIC, digestible, absorbable, and assimilable! It does not contain BUG JUICE, STEER BONES, components of GLASS and SAND, or binders, fillers, and preservatives like Beta Prostate does.

The beta sitosterol in our formula comes from the herbs saw palmetto berries, pygeum bark, and pumpkin seeds.

Dherbs.com Prostate Formula” also contains Goldenseal Root, Cleavers, Buchu, Gravel Root, Nettle, Couchgrass, Horsetail, Uva Ursi, False Unicorn Root, and Cayenne which gives the formula a plethora of beneficial activities such as improving circulation in the genital region, reducing and eliminating inflammation; and toning, strengthening, nourishing, and fortifying the prostate gland for optimal prostate health and wellbeing.

In comparing prices between “Prostate Care” and Dherbs.com Prostate Formula “, for $32.99 you get 60 tablets of “Prostate Care” compared to getting 100 vegan capsules of Prostate Formula” for a price of $24.95.

With Dherbs.com Prostate Formula” you get 40 more capsules and save almost $8.

In comparing prices between “Beta Prostate” and Dherbs.com Prostate Formula“, for $32.95 you get 60 tablets of “Beta Prostate” compared to getting 100 vegan capsules of Prostate Formula” for a price of $24.95.

With Dherbs.com Prostate Formula” you get 40 more capsules and save almost $8.

At Dherbs.com, you get the BEST for LESS!

Thank you for reading!

This article compliments of Dherbs.com Additional articles available at www.dherbs.com/articles/

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    The product is STANDARDIZED meaning it has been tampered with. Regular saw palmetto and pygeum do not naturally contain 1000 mg of betasitosterol. They are standardizing it to make it potent to deal with the prostate which they don't want to naturally take care of so they mess with the herbs and make it more potent to deal or treat the prostate gland that they don't want to naturally take care of. It's like products for lactose intolerant. Instead of telling folks to avoid certain things because they are lactose intolerant, they make a drug so that lactose intolerant people can keep on unwisely eating things they shouldn't due to being lactose intolerant. Our formula is NOT standardized, but stabilized and complete, the way you find plants in Nature. It is not necessary to have such a high amount of an alkaloid.

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    We sell herbs (powdered plants) not standardized compounds (beta sitosterol). We don't advertise constituents of plants, just the plants, i.e. saw palmetto berries, pygeum bark, etc. The constituents are intact in the plant. We don't follow the corporate drug lead!

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    Don't believe the hype on Goldenseal. Get educated, Beloved! You've heard WRONG!

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    Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol (plant oil) which can help aid with prostate health. Natural sources of beta sitosterol include foods like pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and avocados. if you consume these natural foods you don't need to standardized forms of beta sitosterol.

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    Male Hormonal formula is male reproductive nutrition.

    Prostate Formula feeds the prostate gland.

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    Beta Prostate is a drug and contains many man-made chemical ingredients. It's better than most products on the market but it is not all natural. I personally would never take the product because I go all organic (all nature). The Beta Sitosterol ingredient is from a plant source not even listed. This should raise eyebrows. Our PROSTATE FORMULA is all natural!

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    Have him take Prostate Formula, Male Health Tea, MSM Sulfur, and Male Hormonal Formula!

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    Q: My darling partner has a prostate problems, hypertension and diabetes these health issues plus a daily neck pain and bodily pain which moves around. His bowel movements are good being 3 times daily and water intake approx. 1.5 to 2 liters per day. He takes 100mg coenzymes Qq10 twice daily, cod liver oil and various other supplements inc. alpha lipoic acid to help prevent nerve damage repair. So far he seems to be managing the ill health without taking toxic drugs. However he stills gets toe pains. I would like his health to be restored. Can you please help me?


    We would recommend your partner try our 20-Day Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse is a safe and effective 20-day herbal-based Cleanse that helps you work toward ensuring that your entire body is functioning at an optimal level: your immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, organs, vessels, and more.

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