Beware of Toothpaste and Dental Hygiene Products!


Yes, beware of toothpaste! Commercial brand toothpastes, that is!


Commercial brand toothpastes contain caustic and toxic ingredients known to affect physical health. There’s a reason why if it’s ingested in large quantities that the consumer is directed to call a poison control center.

Many commercial brand toothpastes contain ingredients such as sodium fluoride, propylene glycol, sodium laurel sulfate, sodium saccharin, polyethylene, Blue Lake #1, D & C Red #30 Lake, and FD & C Blue #1 Lake.

Sodium fluoride (aka Flouride) is a toxic chemical used in rat poison. Teeth do not require fluoride, but fluorine. Fluoride is not a mineral or element, but fluorine is. Fluorine helps prevent tooth decay. Organic fluorine is found in Black Walnut Hulls and Miswak (Peelu), although in very low concentrations.

Propylene glycol is an industrial agent. It is commonly used to keep products moist and is also used in car antifreeze solutions and de-icing solutions for cars, airplanes, and boats.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a surfactant and detergent commonly used in engine degreaser, garage floor cleaners, and car wash soaps. It’s also used clinical testing as a primary skin irritant.

Sodium saccharin is another ingredient in rat poison. In toothpaste, it’s a sweetener.

Polyethylene is PLASTIC.

Blue Lake, FD & C Lake, and all the Lakes are petroleum-derived dyes and known carcinogens. They are used in your toothpastes to give them color.

Sugar alternatives are commonly found in oral hygiene and toothpaste products. They don’t outright use sugar because toothpaste is supposed to fight against the damage of sugar so they use artificial sweeteners instead.

Natural Toothpaste or Tooth Powder Products

There are good alternative brands of toothpaste on the shelves of good health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Trader Joes, Wild Oats, Natural Grocer Stores (Northern California), VP Discount Health Stores, Nature Mart (Los Angeles, CA), Erewhon (Los Angeles, CA), New Frontiers (Sedona and Flagstaff, Arizona), Sevenanda (Atlanta, GA), and Simply Wholesome (Los Angeles, CA) just to name a few.

Good alternative brands of toothpaste include:

  • Ayurveda
  • Nature’s Gate
  • Peelu
  • Tom’s of Maine

Even with these alternative brands, it’s important to read the labels because many natural brands also add fluoride.

Herbs are great for tooth powder purposes. Peelu brand makes a great tooth powder, if you can tolerate the taste. Other herbs that make excellent tooth powders include White Oak Bark, Clove, Black Walnut Hull, Neem, Bayberry, Goldenseal, Witch Hazel bark, and Cranesbill.


Toothbrushes can be harmful if you use the wrong type or size for your teeth or gum condition. Use a toothbrush with very soft bristles. You can also use a towel to clean your teeth. Simply wet the towel and add a little herbal tooth powder to the towel and start brushing and polishing.

Healing Tooth Problems Naturally

For strong and healthy teeth, make sure you get optimal amounts of calcium phosphate, especially if you are pregnant. A developing baby can cause a pregnant woman to lose calcium, which is why many females experience problems with their teeth after pregnancy.

Essential oil of Clove is known to provide relief from tooth pain. Apply a few drops on to a Q-tip and apply to the toothache. This is just a temporary remedy until you can get yourself to a dentist, preferably a holistic dentist (if you can find one).

Many dental problems can be resolved through diet changes including plaque build up, sensitive teeth, gingivitis (bad breath), and stained teeth.

Tooth whiteners are toxic and potentially harmful to your health. Nothing whitens teeth better than Carbon, a/k/a Activated Charcoal. Though a tasteless black substance, this stuff whitens teeth and removes plaque at the same time. The substance is very powerful and also helps to maintain a healthy mouth pH balance.

Dietary Intervention

Eliminate meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches from your diet. Eliminate processed foods or greatly cut back on them. Processed vegan products are better than actual meat-based ones.

Consider going all raw (at least for purposes of healing). As raw foodism may be too strict for many, consider becoming a vegan. Eating fruits and vegetables are great for the teeth and gums. Strawberries are especially good to eat as they clean the teeth. Biting into a strawberry is one of the best things you can do for your teeth and gums.

Drinking vegetable juice and swooshing the juice around in your mouth is also healing for your teeth, gums and mouth.

Cilantro is good stuff if you have or had mercury filings in your mouth via teeth. Mercury leeches and eventually makes it way to the brain, which causes a host of problems, but cilantro can help detoxify the body of mercury.

Alkaline water is the best water you can drink for healing and health purposes. Always drink at least half your body weight in water. For example, if your total body weight is 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces because half of 160 is 80.

Stop chewing gum. For breath freshener, try Miswak (Peelu) sticks, Neem sticks, and/or Licorice sticks – all Nature’s toothbrush sticks..

Switch from drinking coffee to drinking coffee alternatives such as brands like Teeccino, Pero, and Cafix. Coffee alternatives are made from dried herbs, seeds, and fruits. Teeccino brand tastes good!

If you’re drinking coffee for that caffeine high, switch to herbs containing bio-active caffeine such as Yerba Mate, Kola Nut, Green Tea, or Guarana. The caffeine in these herbs is bio-active (alive) and not harmful on the body nor are they addictive.

If you use baking soda to brush your teeth, make sure the baking soda is ‘aluminum free.’

Make Your Own Mouthwash

Avoid using commercial mouthwash and gargling agents that contain toxic ingredients such as ALCOHOL (which has been implicated in cancer of the throat), PROPYLENE GLYCOL, SODIUM SACCHARIN, D&C and FD&C color dyes (petroleum), and SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE.

You can also make your own mouthwash using these guidelines:

  • Base 1: Blend warm water, sea salt, and a few drops of tea tree oil
  • Base 2: Blend warm water, sea salt, and hydrogen peroxide (3% variation, not 35% food grade variation which should be avoided for this purpose).
  • Add essential oils to either base such as Clove, Tea Tree, Wintergreen, Spearmint and Peppermint

Clove and Tea Tree give your mouthwash antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties and activities.

Gargling with a little hydrogen peroxide (top or cap full) is great for oral hygiene purposes, especially in cases of internal canker sores (oral herpes) and periodontal disease. If you suffer from or experience bleeding gums, gargle with hydrogen peroxide and a little sea salt which will help the bleeding to subside.

You can add a little vegetable glycerine to your mouthwash to make it a little sweet tasting. You can also add liquid chlorophyll to your mouthwash solution as well – gives it a nice green color.

Root Canals

And remember, there is no herbal alternative to a root canal. Herbs can’t replace surgery.

If you have a major dental issue, by all means seek the help you need and require. You can deal with the injection of drugs later on.


Related Questions

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    Q: In the past two months I have lost two molars, these molars had mercury fillings. I have poor iron deficiency, due to loss of blood due to having uterine fibroids. I do believe that my molars dropped out due to this deficiency, and stress. I do get tooth pain from the resulting piece of the molar that is still inside of my mouth. I have to take acetominiphen to stop the pain. I read your article in which you said that you have not been to a dentist in many years, and your teeth are just fine. A dentist told me that if I do not have the molars replaced the the rest of my teeth will spread apart. I am unsure what to do. Do I have two spaces without teeth? Do I leave my other teeth spread apart? Do I leave that area alone? Do I get fake stuff in my mouth? I have begun the process of oil pulling to help with cleansing. I don't know how many times a day I should oil pull? I will be purchasing a tongue scraper, and I have begun to floss more often. I need some advice on proper dental care. Also how often should one have their teeth professionally cleaned, or is there a process in which I can learn to professionally clean my teeth myself, rather than paying a dental hygienist.


    Dental care is pretty allopathic, and you need to make a choice about the piece of molar in your mouth. Are you willing to deal with your teeth spreading. While my teeth have been fine since 1994, I still live with the damage of my past (I have two teeth that were pulled and have empty space where the molars were - I didn't want plastic or anything synthetic in my mouth). The last time I went to the dentist, he did major damage trying to pull my tooth out. A piece of teeth went through my gums, and slightly protruded through my mouth. It eventually healed, but I learned my lesson. So you have a choice to make, Beloved! Only you can make that decision. You don't want to live with pain though! That's why I got my two teeth pulled - the pain was unbearable! I've been fine ever since due to my vegan and raw foods diet. I know brush my teeth with Herbal Tooth Powder and sometimes Activated Charcoal. These help keep the teeth very white and the mouth hygienic. You only oil pull once a day, or if you oil pull more than once, you only do so on an empty stomach.

    Product Links:
    Healing Herbal Tooth Powder
    Activated Charcoal

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    Q: My son who is now 11 has a double bottom tooth meaning he still has his baby teeth along with some of his permanent teeth, this is evident in only my 2 sons. I want to extract the excess teeth. My dentist suggests braces and says nothing can be done as its genetics....neither myself or his father has that issue. Help! We are live food eaters and non diary consumers. 95% of our intake is healthy and my children have never been vaccinated. Thank you.


    This is a dental issue, Beloved, and no herbs can help correct this matter unfortunately. My views on the dentist are expressed in the articles "BEWARE OF TOOTHPASTE AND DENTAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS" and "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE DENTIST BUT I HAVE TO!"

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    Q: I have a question regarding Bad Breath. I have tried everything, baking soda, rinsing with peroxide, Dr. Katz products, changing toothpaste, breath mints, everything you could think of. I don't think it has anything to do with my hygiene I think I have a health problem that my doctors have not been able to find. I really want to know how to get rid of it. My self esteem is affected by it and I am a business owner and the last thing I want to do is have my clients think that I don't brush my teeth. I brush them several times a day and I even carry my toothbrush with me sometimes.


    Bad breath starts in the colon! Read the article "SKUNK BREATH (Halitosis)" on our site in the articles section. It'll give you great insight into this situation. Product-wise, I recommend you perform the FULL BODY DETOX followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE.

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    Q: Hi, instead of using fluoride toothpaste what should I use for brushing my teeth?


    Tom's of Maine (non-fluoride), Nature's Gate, Peelu and Ayurveda

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    Q: My girlfriend is from Indonesia and received the anti biotic, Tetracycline, when she was about 3 years old. When her adult teeth came in, they were grey in color. I think she has only one cavity and she is 33, so her teeth seem to be strong, just an unattractive color. She has tried tooth whitening with no good results. It seems that they turned grey from the inside out. Is there anything natural that she can do to restore the white color that antibiotics robbed her teeth of?


    She has to reverse the damage of antibiotics by cleansing constantly to the duration contrasted with how long she took antibiotics. It's the only way since the problem originates from the inside out.

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    Q: I’ve been referred to your FULL BODY DETOX by my sister. I’ve been joyfully on it for a little over two weeks. I’m scheduled to finish this Tuesday coming up. Everything is wonderful as far as that flows... However, I have this wisdom tooth that decided to creep out of my gums and infect them as well... I'm in excruciating pain... I visited the dentist... He said he can’t pull the tooth until the gums heal.. My sister has me gargling with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, tea tree oil and clove oil.... I want to know if this combination will heal my infected gums? Is this equivalent to what she would call an anti-fungal? I would deeply appreciate all of your wisdom right now? What you recommend now to heal the gums and preparing for and healing from the minor surgery? And Mr. Maatra your herbs and my willingness are healing me in imaginable ways.. My sister has been speaking of you and your influence in her


    Nadia has you gargling with some good stuff! Keep doing what you are doing. The hydrogen peroxide will help heal your gums. KHEMETIAN GOLD (available at Dherbs.Com) can also be used as a gargle. This is some powerful stuff! Read the â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†article as well. Follow the advice in that article! Nadia is an apostle of health! A dear friend whom I love, value, and treasure! A real trooper! You'd all be wise to listen to her. She knows her stuff. A very powerful spiritual soul indeed! life.. We all laughed at her two years ago... She endured a lot... Now she’s got seven of us detoxing... Life is hilarious isn’t she.... Thank you for caring for those you haven’t even seen....

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    Q: I just ordered the OZ OIL, ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL, and the ACTIVATED CHARCOAL powder. I ordered the oil for my herendous keloids; do I apply it directly on the keloids and or consume it internally? Also, I don't see anything on your website for teeth (i.e. strengthening gums, plaque removal). Any recommendations for toothpaste/mouthwash?



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    Q: I have a couple of questions, I've read one of your articles regarding flouride toothpaste. We should use a natural toothpaste but what can you use to whiten your teeth? Also, after completing the detox, is there a recommended way to slowly start eating all foods?


    Using Carbon (Activated Charcoal) is a great way to whiten your teeth.

    Purchase our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual for healthy recipes and guidelines and suggestions for your post-cleanse.

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    Q: I have some concerns about my tooth. The dentist says that my teeth have bone loss and that this is permanent. Is this true?


    It's up to you as to what you believe or choose to believe! For any kind of bone loss, start consuming CALCIUM FORMULA (6-12 capsules daily). Brush your teeth with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL! Read our â€BENEFITS OF CARBON A/K/A ACTIVATED CHARCOAL†article!

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    Q: Can I use the tooth powder for my 14-month old baby? She has 12 teeth, and I don't like dentists. Thank you.


    You most certainly can! It's 100% safe for all, including babies.

    Product Links:
    Healing Herbal Tooth Powder

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    Q: The dentist stated "the nerve in my tooth, is causing my tooth ache". Therefore, the nerve in the tooth needs to be removed. This is caused by tooth decay, and poor dental hygiene (flossing, sweets). I am taking Wild Oak Bark, will this help?


    I can understand what the dentist said, but why not attempt work on your nerves (Nerves Formula and Tea), drinking Cilantro and Parsley juice, drinking other vegetable juice, and changing your diet? Dap some Clove oil on to the toothache (use a q-tip and rub on tooth and gums). Try everything in your power before you give in to dental surgery, Beloved! Brush your teeth with Herbal Tooth Powder and Carbon. Read our 2 dental articles too!

    I Don't Want To Go To the Dentist But I Have To!
    SKUNK BREATH (Halitosis)

    Product Links:
    Activated Charcoal
    Healing Herbal Tooth Powder
    Nerves Tea

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    Q: During a dental check-up today, my 6 year old son was given a shot to have a minor extraction and then prescribed Gel-Kam (0.4% stable stannous fluoride preventive treatment gel) to be placed on a few of his teeth. They warned me not to let him swallow it and not allow him to eat or drink anything for at least 1/2 hour after using it. He is scheduled to return next week Thursday. Do you have any suggestions/alternatives for fluoride treatment? I have no intention of putting the Gel-Kam in his mouth. Further, can you suggest a website where I can find recipes for wholesome lunches for him? We presently reside in Turks & Caicos Islands located in the Caribbean and getting organic is little to nothing over here.


    Give your son CARBON (Activated Charcoal). Mix half a teaspoon in water and stir well. This product will remove the poisonous fluoride.

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    Q: My partner has a serious problem with his gums. He is only thirty three and he's losing most of his teeth. The dentist keeps removing them and he has some implants. What can he take to build his gums up and his teeth stop falling out?

    A: His body is most likely too acidic. He needs to drastically change his diet to more alkaline in order to start healing.

    Also, he should start by gargling with warm water, sea salt and hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day.

    An herbal toothpowder will also help him. A good toothpowder stops gums from bleeding!

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    Q: What Are Some Natural Sweet Treats (Junk Foods) I can Consume? Under free will you can consume what you like, but healthier products are best. You will find plenty of "healthier" snack, treat, and junk foods at good health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, PCC Natural Food Stores, Erewhon, Trader Joes, Natural Grocers, New Frontiers, etc. Just make sure to abstain from salt, sugar, and other harmful chemicals in the products you buy. We list many companies of alternative foods and products (and their website addresses) in our ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL.



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    Q: I purchased the Activated Charcoal to use for teeth whitening, but on the package the instructions were to take a 1/2 teaspoon with water. Can you tell me what taking it is good for besides the teeth whitening? Again, thanks for all of the information you provide.


    Activated charcoal pulls all toxins out of the body, especially heavy metal toxins. The stuff greatly helps to detoxify the body.

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    Q: I am 42 years old. My teeth are not the straightest, but they seem heathy an are white. The dentist recommended that I get braces or a visalign to straighten mainly the bottom teeth. He stated "As we age roots may get twisted and it could lead to problems." I have the 2 bottom canine, that are almost sideways. What would be your opinion be regarding correcting this based on possibilities?


    Great question! I would be able to answer better if I could actually see your teeth. The alignment of our canines protect all our other teeth. They are critical. Two things for sure happen when the canines come in rotated. One, they do not function fully and therefore all your other teeth can get unusual forces placed on them. We call these forces interferences. Secondly the root of the canine can end up very close to the root of the lateral next to it. When this occurs, bacteria can travel down the side of the tooth, under the gum and increase the possibility that you get bone loss between the two teeth (canine and lateral). The bone is very thin between those roots when the canine is rotated. Also, more plaque accumulates because it is often difficult to clean between the canine and lateral.

    These are the reasons I would suggest moving forward with braces if what I am describing pertains to you. I hope this makes sense.

    Thanks, DMO

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    Q: I notice that my 5 year old son as a cavity, and also his teeth are of a grayish color. He does not eat a lot of sweets, and artificial foods. I try to eat food that is organic, lots of fruits and vegetables. My concern is that, he is not getting enough vitamins, protein, and calcium. Is there of particular diet that you would recommend for my child?


    To make sure your child is getting enough nutrients, give the child Children's Nutritive Formula 9, Calcium Extract, and Moringa Seed Extract. (Read our article on Moringa in the articles section of our site).


    Product Links:
    Children's Calcium Extract
    Children's Iodine Extract
    Moringa Seed Extract

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    Q: I was wondering if using baking soda as a deodorant and to brush teeth with was ok? I also purchased your AFRICAN-CARRIBEAN SPRING CLEANSER TEA tea, is it also supposed to make you lose weight?


    Not nessarily, this tea is a potent blood purifier and helps to cleanse the major eliminative channels of the body. Use ALUMINUM FREE baking soda for these purposes!

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    Q: I have metal fillings in my mouth do I have to stay that way or can my teeth grow back. I heard that there are commercial mouthwashes that can grow teeth, but I want the natural way.


    The metal can be removed. However, it will take a very long time for the teeth to grow back or heal, but it can be done! A commercial mouthwash is unnatural and an unnatural thing cannot help the teeth grow back.

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    Q: Thanks for the great web site! MY question is what's the best way to get sodium. I thought un-refined sea salt was the best, but the salt article says "eat this salt only if you must." The great thing about pure sea salt is that it all or almost all the minerals the body needs! So what's the best way to get all the mineral and to stay in balance? Also is there a way to get Epsom salt that is sodium sulfate not magnesium sulfate? Is it a good idea to bath in the "good" Epsom salt.


    You're welcome, Beloved!

    The best way to get sodium is via vegetables (i.e. celery).

    Sea salt is great source of sodium, but its a secondary source as it has to be processed from ocean water. Absent the process, it would not be available.

    But it does provide minute amounts of trace elements.

    In re Epsom salt, I haven't been able to find the sodium one.

    I stopped using Epsom salt many years ago.

    You could bath in the good Epsom salt, but sea salt is far better and more natural.