Birthmarks and Little White Spots

Birthmarks and Little White Spots

Birthmarks are moles or blemishes that are present on the skin from birth. The medical name for a birthmark is a nevus. Significant portions of newborns have some sort of birthmark.

Causes of Birthmarks

Birthmarks can either be red or pigmented. If a birthmark is red, the cause is said to be an abnormality in the blood vessels under the skin. If the spot is pigmented, the cause is a cluster of pigmented cells in the skin.

At DHerbs, we feel that birthmarks also have a metaphysical meaning behind them. From that standpoint, birthmarks are indicators of our past lives. They show our past life experiences and in many cases, how we died.

Metaphysical Meaning Behind Birthmarks

Birthmarks take on many different shapes and sizes. According to, different types of birthmarks can coincide with our past life experiences. Certain marks we are born with are signals of how we died in a past life. Marks can signal stab wounds, bullet wounds, or even burn marks. The location of the mark is said to indicate where the wound was inflicted.

In our auras lie the stored information from our most recent past life. According to Roger Woolger, PhD, “When someone is killed violently or dies prematurely, he or she will inevitably have many conflicting and unresolved thoughts and feelings at the time of death…Such thoughts and feelings, if they are present with great intensity when we die, will follow us with undiminished intensity into the after-death realm of the first bardo (Tibetan word meaning “intermediate state”).

White Spots on the Skin

White spots on the skin are called vitiligo. Medically speaking, the cause of these spots is a lack of melanocytes, or the pigment producing cells, in the skin. No definite reason for this has been found, but vitiligo is thought to be an autoimmune condition. The white spots can occur anywhere in the body on both males and females. Since the spots are white in color, they are more noticeable on darker skin tones.

According to, the metaphysical reason for white spots on the skin is a disruption of balance in the soul. The location of the spots indicates that vitality has left that specific spot in the body.

Healing Naturally

There is no direct danger in having a birthmark. If a birthmark changes shape, color, or size it is important to look into the issue and make sure there is no underlying problem in the body. There are few natural ways to get rid of moles, so it is best to be accepting of your birthmark and remember that it is uniquely you!

White spots on the skin are not thought to be dangerous to the body either. There are several natural remedies you can try if the spots bother you. Some solutions offered by include:

  • Vitamin B and C supplements
  • Alum, Natrum Carbonicum, Phosphorus, Sepia, Silica, and Sulfur supplements

Dherbs Solutions

Dherbs offers several great natural supplements that may be helpful in dealing with white spots on the skin.
Remember that birthmarks and white spots are signals of our past. They are not meaningless marks. The past life reason of our present day birthmark or spot should remind us of where we have come from and who we are.

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