Blushwood Berries: These Berries Can Kill Cancer Cells in Minutes

Blushwood Berries: These Berries Can Kill Cancer Cells in Minutes

There’s a berry that kills cancer cells in minutes? Yes, there is! We were skeptical at first too, but scientific research and videos about the special cure have been surfacing all over the Internet. In the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia, blushwood berries are abundant. Although that may sound like a beginning chapter to a Lord of the Rings-type book, these blushwood berries contain an amazing cancer-killing compound in the seeds.

Medical research on blushwood berries began eight years ago and the results are astonishing. Scientists have been extracting the compound from the berries and testing it on dogs, cats, and horses with skin cancer. 75% of cases had success combating the skin cancer, and there were very little recurring signs in that 75 percentile.

So how does a simple berry fight cancer? The compound in the seed is believed to cut off oxygen supply to the tumor. This allows for the removal of tumors without the need for surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. When injected into the tumor, scientists noticed that tumors began to die and shrink within two days. The compound began killing cancer cells within minutes, when examined under a microscope.

The only thing is that the compound must be directly injected into the tumor for it to be effective. This is why it has been most effective in treating skin cancer, head & neck cancer, or cases of melanoma. Scientists don’t believe that it is powerful enough to kill metastatic cancers as of yet.

Natural remedies can be extremely beneficial; we are well aware of that. Why is it that we are only hearing about this berry now? This berry’s benefits have been known for about eight years. Eight years, people! Treatments, which can effectively cure a major disease such as cancer, have to be kept under the radar because mainstream medication and treatment is a multi-billion dollar industry. How would it fair if you could get a berry injection for $100 and be cured? Think about that for a second.

Scientists believe that the treatment is ready for humans, especially since several participants have shown success in preliminary trials. This is why it is always best to explore natural remedies before immediately poisoning your body with toxic medication.



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